Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 90 - 31st March 2013 - Crocuses, Outhouse, River, Geese and a Beaver

Happy Easter. Up a bit earlier and it's pretty nippy this morning, temperature is -2.2 but suppose to be another nice day. Our turn to work breakfast at the Fire Hall this morning, then sometime this afternoon it will be off to enjoy dinner with the family. Not sure what's on the menu but mom always does a slap up meal. The only draw back is no leftovers at our place.
Saturday was even more beautiful then Friday weather wise. Did the quick run to  town early and got groceries and then home for some puttering around. Susan and I walked into her camp by the river (working on some extra exercise to make room for the chocolate), it was a lovely day there - gentle breeze and ripples on the water. I did a little gardening at home and walked around the hood a couple of times in search of wildlife. Always a neighbour or two around for a chat. Lots of exercise, with very little excitement. Poor Larry worked hard all day and was tired by the time he got home last evening.
 The crocuses are really loving all this sunshine.
 On the river.

 Not a great pic, but they are the turkeys from up the road out for a walk. Anyone having free range turkeys for Easter?
 This building brings back memories of cottage days with by great grandmother.
 A Chickadee with some definite attitude.
 Once again Kate and William spent the day lazing around the lake.
Came across a beaver in another cove with a few ducks.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. In fact Kim, we are having free range wild turkey for Easter dinner. There are just two of us for dinner, so I'm sure there will be lots of leftovers!