Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 120 - 30th April 2014 - Squill, Eiders and Gulls

Say goodbye to another month. Hard to believe (especially with the weather) we are going to be moving into the 5th month of the year. Temperature is -0.9 this morning but it doesn't feel that chilly. It should warm up some and be a nice day. My day home so I think I'll get in an early walk, buzz around and do the housework then spend some time outside in the sun and fresh air. That's the biggest thing I miss with being in the office all day - fresh air and sunshine! Hopefully today I'll add a few more birds to this years list - not expecting anything new and rare but would love to see some of the returns from last year.
Tuesday went really well. Managed to get a bunch of old tin type photographs scanned for someone and some other things done around the office. Had good news from NSCC, they are sending me a fabulous student for their job training on Thursdays and Fridays for five weeks. He should be great as he has a great interest in history and archives so I'm expecting to get a lot of things done and the office looking ship shape before the busiest part of the season starts. Mid June my summer student will start so all is good.  All in all I was pretty happy even if it was another cool day in the weather department.
A sea of blue Squill along the front of a house.
 Leaves are budding out.
 Daffodils hide behind a fence.
 Left from last year, maybe not very pretty but I like the texture of it.

Two male Common Eiders in the harbour.
 A seagull lands beside a female Eider.
 There are just too many pigeons along Dock Street.
 A group of gulls in front of the Park.
The Pussy Willows are done for another year.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 119 - 29th April 2014 - Wood Ducks, Daffodils, Chickadee and Chicken

Windy and overcast this morning but not cold, temperature is +4.3. Suppose to clear and turn out fine. I can handle that. Can hear the peepers out there this morning, as cold as it's been I'm surprised the poor things have any strength to peep. Had a restless night and didn't sleep particularly well.  I've got to catch a ride in with Larry this morning which mean earlier than normal - will be  a long day. Oh well I'll get in a short walk around town.
Another cold, damp day - at least it didn't rain a lot must drizzle most of the day.  The good news at the office today was I got off the spammer list and could send emails again. A few more things off the list to do and the office is looking  a little better, will try to wrap the bulk of the cleaning up today. After that I've really got to dig in and get the research caught up. A quick supper of leftovers last night and then off to exercise class - another good workout.
When I was walking over to catch a ride with Nancy, what did I spy but a Wood Duck in the cove. Darn that I couldn't get a good photo.
 A few more feet and then I see a pair of them. This was just punishment yesterday morning. It was overcast, drizzling and this was the best I could do. Guess I got to keep my eyes open on the next fine day!
 Daffodils in the yard on a nice day.
 Just a little Bling on the lake.
 The Chickadees are always obliging.
A couple of Lois & Danny's chickens enjoying a fine morning.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 118 - 28th April 2014 - Chickens, Finches, Robin and Cormorant

More showers today, at least it's mild with a temperature of  +4.0. Monday here we are and make to the work week, like everyone else I'm now saying the weekend goes by way too fast. Think I've got to take a few more days to finish cleaning up and out before I can settle in to catching up on the backlog of research. Didn't quite get everything done last week.
I think we had the biggest turn out yet at breakfast on Sunday morning. Boy was it ever busy, started right at 8 am and didn't serve the last person til just before 11am.  Good to see some of our regulars as well as new people who come out to support us. But my poor feet and legs were sure tired. I did take a short jaunt around the hood, chatting with a few neighbours along the way. It was nice to get out in the fresh air, even if there wasn't any sunshine. Home and housework for the afternoon along with a lazy evening and early night.
Lois and Danny's new Chickens were roaming around or trying to get into the house.
 The Cormorant is back in the lake, saw him a few days ago but he disappeared quickly.
 The yard is filled with Robins these days.
 Evening Grosbeaks were filling the feeders.
 The Purple Finches had to wait their turn.
Even the Song Sparrow stopped for a bite.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 117 - 27th April 2014 - Starlings, Yellow Rumped Warbler and FLicker

Mild this morning, +4.6 and suppose to be a damp day - little rain but not a whole lot. Up early to get ready to work the breakfast.  That pretty well takes the whole morning, as we rarely get home much before noon by the time we clean up after wards. I guess I'll finish off the housework and I bought a pork roast to cook for Sunday supper, hopefully leftovers for Monday.  That sounds like Sunday in a nutshell.
Saturday turned out really nice. Sun came out - dashed behind a few clouds later in the afternoon but still not shabby.  I got out fairly early after breakfast and hit the hood. It was one of those total peaceful mornings on the lake with few neighbours out and around yet. It was chilly at that point and I wore gloves but it warmed up before I got back.  Tried out some pishing (silly bird noises) to see if I could convince some Warblers or a Thrush out of hiding but all I managed was a Blue Jay, a Squirrel and a Crow. Think I've lost my touch from last year - might need to fine tune that technique. After 2 hours of roaming just before I got home I heard a Yellow Rumped Warbler, high in some trees. Got a shot but not a great one, no way was he coming down closer even though he flitted from tree to tree. There will be more, he's the first. Larry worked on the greenhouse he's building - nothing fancy. It's on the side of the wood house made from some old windows he has collected. I managed an hour on the deck to finish my book and enjoy the fine day.
 The Starlings are gathering nesting material.
 Such a calm morning on the lake, you could almost flip the photo upside down.
 A pair of Flickers.
 You can never see too many Chickadees.
 And finally I found a Yellow Rumped Warbler! So happy, made my day.
 Evening Grosbeaks are still around they yard every day.
 I know the Starlings get a bad rap, but when the sun hits them, their iridescent colors are pretty.
 My Daffodils are pretty well all in bloom, just a few left to open. These blooms are splattered in mud from the last rain.
This male Flicker spends a lot of time in the yard, either at the suet, on the feeder or hollering in a near by tree. I didn't realize how long their tongues were til he stuck his out.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 116 - 26th April 2014 - Mayflowers, Hyacinths and a Robin

-1. this morning and a little frosty out there - brrr. On the other hand I could hear the peepers and the Song Sparrows were just beginning to woo one another. So it looks like a wet weekend- tonight and Sunday.  Our turn to work breakfast at the Fire Hall tomorrow morning so I guess that won't matter too much although would be nice to clear in the afternoon. Now that I'm back to work I can't put things off til the next day, got to do what I can when I can. Grocery shopping needs to be done sometime today since the fridge looks pretty bare - except my Easter chocolate (or what's left of it). Chocolate is best chilled. I also need to think a head to what I'm cooking since I'm not home everyday to do meals I like to have leftovers.
I'm beginning to think winter is hanging around in a back corner somewhere. Headed off down the road yesterday morning in snow flurries and wearing my gloves it was so cold. The sun eventually came out but that wind remained very unpleasant.  Maybe the birds have grabbed their long johns and headed back south because I'm sure not seeing much around the hood. Last year this time it was a lot busier. Another corner of the office cleared out today so that was good, but overall it was just ONE of those DAYS! Enough said. I went out after supper for my walk around the hood, rather cold and quiet but I needed that peace to put my mind back together. Larry had his dart banquet so Lexi and I put our feet up, chilled then had an early night.
 There's a large cluster of Mayflowers on the side of the road now, in full bloom.
 Even with the cold weather they are blooming.
Large ribbons of clouds over the lake last evening. The water looks chilly.
 A Robin was the best I could do in the bird department.
 A Hammock swings in the wind waiting for warmer days.
A little yellow in the sky over the tree line of the other lake.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 115 - 25th April 2014 - Roots, Hyacinths, Squill and a Squirrel

I'm up way too early this morning - going to be a long day! Temperature is +1.5 and I hear the peepers outside, looks like the rain has stopped and it will be  a nice day. Means I can get a good walk in before Nancy picks me up this morning. Maybe, just maybe I'll find a Warbler or Thrush along the way.  That would make me happy today. Still have lots to swamp out at the office, maybe I'll start in another corner of the room today.
A fairly good day at work on Thursday. Rained all day, at times hard so I didn't mind being inside. Making some headway with getting things cleaned up and organized. Must be an age thing, I used to be able to work in chaos but not anymore. A few people around and then my newsletter distribution list went wonky and decided to send everyone 5 copies of the newsletter. So I'm sure that jammed up a bunch of servers, since people were then emailing back to tell me this. Ugh! Will sort that out another day and see what went wrong.  Did stations at exercise class last night - a hard but very good workout. I'll be hurting again but what do they say - no pain, no gain.
 This tree still seems to be doing ok, even though the roots are growing out of the bank.
 There were two Song Sparrows but they insisted on hiding from me.
 Squirrel proof ? I think not!
 More Hyacinths - if we have another day of sunshine they should be very pretty.
Working on a new apartment.
More striped squill.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 114 - 24th April 2014 - Mayflowers, Hyacinths and Purple Finches

Going to be another wet day - the red bar with "rainfall warning" is up on the weather sites. Oh well I'm off to work so should be inside most of the day. Just means I won't get a good walk in this morning or yearn for the woods when I look out the window and see sunshine. Another day or two and I'll be settled in at work for the summer.
Lexi and I had a good day home on Wednesday. Did the laundry and some housework. Supper and suppers for the rest of the week done. I got out for my morning walk early, then she and I went a couple times more. Only a few showers throughout the day that didn't last but it remained grey and overcast.  At supper time it poured right from the heavens.
 The Mayflowers were really pretty yesterday morning.
 I'm thinking someone else found them as it looked like some had been picked. Hoping they enjoy them as much as I do.
 A nice plump Robin.
 A few more days and this will be in bloom.

 He's a cheeky little guy.
 Hyacinths are blooming.

She comes to the feeder every day. For some reason she's happy to sit and eat her lunch rather than at the suet.

The Purple Finches are brilliant in the Honeysuckle bush.

Enjoy your day!