Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 29 - 29th January 2016 - Pussy Willows, Ice, Purple Finch and Goldfinches

It's Friday but I've had a too early start to the day.  I read for an hour or so and have another book almost done. The moon is a hazy glow in the sky behind some clouds and only a few stars are visible. The weather has changed - no storm warning for us now - just some rain and a bit of snow starting later this morning. Guess I'll wait and see with my own eyes. However, looks like I'll have some time for a quick jaunt this morning before anything begins. Then it will be a day of catching up around the house and some of my own research.
Another beautiful day with great temperatures and warm sunshine. Since my deck chairs are cleared of snow I took some time at noon to sit, enjoy some quiet time, a cup of tea and a few birds at the feeders. By mid afternoon there were quite a flock of Goldfinches mixes with Purple Finches and the odd Pine Siskin. The Chipping Sparrow comes daily but is not here as long - must have found the other feeders in the hood.
One bud of a Pussy Willow branch did break out, but was covered in frost yesterday.
Love the patterns of ice - so intricate and fragile - like a fancy crystal pattern.
Female Purple Finch and Goldfinches.

A beautiful start to the morning.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 28 - 28th January 2016 - White-breasted Nuthatch, Goldfinch and Downy Woodpecker

Bit chilly out there this morning, but the stars are all shining in the sky and I can hear an owl somewhere up the lake hooting. After the last few warm days the lake is groaning once again. Sounds like another weather system coming tomorrow - afternoon/evening. Guess we better take advantage of today! 
Another beautiful day - snow melting although a bit icy where there is dirt roads. Hopefully won't deter my walking in the hood. Good day in town. Larry and I went to the Diabetic Clinic to help get him on the right track - very useful information and great to have the support when you are facing something new. Hair cut after work -that sure felt good.
White-breasted Nuthatch.

Downy Woodpecker - not sure what's better on the other side of the suet feeder.
The twist and turn of the Wisteria vines.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27 - 27th January 2016 - Snow, White-Throated Sparrow and Goldfinch

Can't believe how much snow disappeared yesterday and last night. I can actually see grass in the yard in places. Hopefully more will go otherwise it will be difficult to walk as it's going to be icy underfoot. Well it's Wednesday and town day - Ugh - Rah! But on an up note I get my hair cut this afternoon.  Going to be a busy day - lots to do with medical appointments thrown in the middle.
It was a beautiful Tuesday - didn't need snow pants for walking in the morning. The sun glistened on the snow. A couple of visitors for coffee broke up the day, worked on a bit of research and a stew simmered on the stove all afternoon. Lots of Purple Finches around the feeders in the afternoon.
The chairs and deck were covered in snow, not a foot track ruined the perfection of the snow.
A little rustic building in the hood.
Located the White-Throated Sparrow at Lois'. He prefers to come out when it's quiet and stays close to their Christmas Tree.
Goldfinch waiting for the feeder to clear for his turn.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 26 - 26th January 2016 - Ice Droplets, Song Sparrow and a Squirrel

Lots of fluffy clouds in the sky this morning - the stars are peeking out from them. Suppose to be warm and mild for the next few days.  Sounds good to me! Stew on the menu today - I always think of it as a winter meal but it's great for leftovers and always tastes better the next day.
Temperatures rose Monday and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. Snow melted from the trees - many of the hardwood are bare once again. Got the grant application done, still another one to tackle - maybe later this week, would like to get that stuff done by the end of the month so I can move on to some of my own things. All the regular birds at the feeders - still waiting for Redpolls but no sign yet. It was a nice day to roam the hood. Exercise class - we'll hurt tomorrow. A full moon and stars brightened the sky last evening.

Single ice droplet hanging from a branch.
The ice looks like glass laying on these needles.
Beautiful morning on the lake.
There's the Song Sparrow peeking out from a tree branch.
And there are lots of Squirrels around!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25 - 25th January 2016 - Goldfinches, Woodpeckers and Grasses

Here we are at Monday once again and the last week of the month.  So where has the time gone - I'm beginning to feel like I'm not accomplishing much so need to kick start myself. Grant application to do today, maybe start the other one so that stuff can get off my list and I can move on to things I want to do. Will get mobile earlier and hit the hood - although it's usual quiet if I go before 9 am. I much prefer the summer months when birds are up when I am. Exercise class tonight.
We were lucky Sunday and didn't have lot to shovel out - only around 4 inches or less here but much more around the coast. We cancelled our brunch reservations and will reschedule for another Sunday. It did turn out to be  a decent day, I did the normal Sunday lunch box preps, Larry put some more wood in the basement and I checked out Lois' feeders for a bit. Did a couple of pans of brown bread rolls and we went to Bonnie's for supper - great time and celebrated the three upcoming birthdays this week.
Goldfinch - I like the way he has his tail fanned out.
Noon day nap in a tree branch enjoying the sun.
The grasses are laden with snow but still stand tall and strong.
There are always several Woodpeckers at Lois'.
Nice to see the Song Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow tolerating one another.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24 - 24th January 2016 - Robins, Hairy Woodpecker and Junco

 Sunday morning - snowing and blowing. We have reservations at the Ole Argyler Lodge for brunch today (I won brunch for 2) but we were planning to go and celebrate a few birthdays. Not sure if we are gong to make it or not. Too early to tell yet, although I hear Barrington area was hit hard with snow. Shelburne County seemed to get the worse of it last night.
Saturday felt like the day before the storm - cold, overcast and rather dreary. We did the town thing for groceries.  Larry put some more wood in the basement from the woodshed. I got a short walk in the hood, but I'm really a morning walking person and the lighting wasn't great. Puttered around the house catching up on laundry etc. Seems to be a good year for those friends who are cross country skiers.
I had 4-5 Robins yesterday afternoon in this bush in the backyard - guess they found some red berries to eat.
It was pretty down along the river yesterday morning.
With snow, frost and ice.
Female Hairy Woodpecker enjoying the bird pie.
Didn't see any ducks in the river.
Junco waiting for the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23 - 23rd January 2016 - White-Breasted Nuthatch, Song Sparrow and White-Throated Sparrow

It's Saturday - grocery day, Larry will probably put more wood in before the next Nor'easter comes this evening. Who knows that that will bring. The weather sites are playing it cautious - not much snow but if the storm moves a tad bit, could be more. A NE wind rarely brings anything good, but hopefully it will miss us. 
Lately whenever I make plans to do things I seem to stray and not get them done. Had every intention of doing a grant application but when the secret codes wouldn't work I tossed it aside until Monday.  Hopefully after over 12 years of doing them it won't take me too long to whip it together. Most of it I have in a Word Doc. and I can copy and paste. I staked out Lois' feeders until my fingers and toes were cold. Mostly the same birds that tend mine although she does have more Nuthatches and the White-Throated Sparrow.  Between the two yards there are a number of Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Woodpeckers (Downy and Hairy) Nuthatches (Red-Breasted and White Breasted), Goldfinches, Purple Finches a few Song Sparrows, Juncos, White Throated Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow.  I've not seen the Evening Grosbeaks for several months, a few Red-Winged Blackbirds and Pine Siskins appear erratically.
 White -breasted Nuthatch - one of my favs. They are such funny little guys.
The Chipping Sparrow is still in our yard.

Female Downy Woodpecker.
Male Purple Finch having a bt of a bad hair day.
Song Sparrow trying to get in my good books after chasing off other birds.
White-Throated Sparrow - hidden behind branches.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 22 - 22nd January 2016 - Ice, Bling and Blue Jays

Guess today I better get some things done. At least one grant application should go over my list and some research. Don't have to worry about supper - leftovers from last night. Maybe I'll spend a little time staking out Lois' feeders. She has a White Throated Sparrow that I'd like to get some good shot of. 
Not a bad day on Thursday although I didn't get done the things I was going to......oh well there is always another day. Birds were busy at the feeders. A Hawk flew through after one of the Mourning Doves but left with no breakfast.  It was a cold, crisp morning to roam the hood. I love when the sun sparkles on the tree branches.  I think that's the only part of winter I like, and of course as much as we complain -  truly nothing we can do about this season. But would we really want to live somewhere that didn't have four distinct seasons - not likely.
My favourite time of day - when the sun hits the ice droplets on trees.
Like sparkling jewels.
No campfires for a while, the gazebo is closed for the season.

Nature's Bling.

Blue Jays puff up to keep warm in the Apple tree.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 21 - 21st Januar 2016 - Squirrel, Pine Siskins and Goldfinch

A few flurries this morning and I'm up way earlier than I should be again. Made headway on the book I've been reading.  I guess it's going to be a day of tackling a grant application (secret codes have arrived for one), a good walk in the hood this morning and probably a little housework. Maybe if I'm lucky there won't be much time for the housework part. 
As  usual I am wiped out when I got home Wednesday evening. Always a rushed day of errands and volunteer work as well as  Doctor's appointments for both of us before we came home. I would have much rather been home roaming the woods and watching the feeders. Although the Harbour view was pretty in the morning as I walked down Dock Street and I wished I had brought Big B. with me.
One of our frequent feeder visitors.
The Pine Siskins hanging out in the Honeysuckle bush. Most of the birds like this spot - it offers a little protection from predators but not much from the wind.
Goldfinch waiting his turn.
The Chipping Sparrow - he's been here a week now.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 20 - 20th January 2016 - Mourning Dove, Juncos and a Song Sparrow

Snowing a little and blowing this morning. I don't know why I get up so early on Wednesdays! My town day, although I hate to go knowing the house will be cold again by the time we get home. I've got a late afternoon appointment and other things to do so guess I better. The snowplow has just gone by, it should make the trip back down before we are ready to go. 
A snowy Tuesday. Most all day and at time white outs. Glad I didn't have to go far - just around the hood with Lexi. Did a little research early, then decided since I spend most of the time gazing out the kitchen window at the birds, I might as well do some cooking. Big pot of Chili, Cinnamon Rolls, Biscuits and Breakfast bake. It was mostly a day to take photos through the kitchen window - the feeders were busy. Juncos are up to eight now which is the most I ever had in the yard at one time. It's quite interesting to watch them all.
Mourning Dove resting on the Christmas tree branches.
Most of the small birds like to rest in the fence. The Juncos all look a bit different - some are lighter than others - I assume this is due to age or sex.
The Goldfinches like to perch.
Zipping along on the fence.
Song Sparrow.

This Junco is so much lighter and browner. Time to do a little more research while I have a flock here.

Enjoy your day!