Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1 - 1st January 2016 - Mourning Dove, Goldfinches and a Squirrel

Good Morning 2016. No resolutions for this chick - just a promise to live, love and laugh and take more chances! I've closed the door on 2015 except to remember that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and those that we lost last year will remain in our memories forever. Hoping to have a good year behind the camera and in bird land. Those are just the hobbies, I'd like to see a better year at work too (thinking positive).  It's pretty mild out there this morning - maybe that's a good sign too. Think it's time to take the tree - from here it goes out near the feeders to provide a little extra shelter for the birds during the rest of the winter. This afternoon we are off to Mom and Dad's for New Year's Dinner. Mom has been cooking all week I'm sure since she's doing Chinese. It will be good and once again we'll come home full.
Grandmother's Journal:  This passage was at the end of her 1976 Journal (I'll dig out a new one for this year)
1976 was a good year. Had two deaths - Aunt Lu Richards, Dad's last sister died in September. She must have been near 80th year. Lee Morton, Dad's only brother died. The last of the Morton family. My mother is the only living Morton of that generation - Morton by marriage. She is 80 years old, very active and good mentally. Drives her car and goes with anyone of the family that asks her.

Mourning Dove - they have an interesting eye ring.

Some days I think we have more squirrels than birds.

 Goldfinches - waiting their turn at the feeder.
Old cast off barrels we ran across on one of our excursions.

Enjoy your day!

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