Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 59 - 28th February 2013 - Birds, Harbour and Houses

Thursday, the end of another month and the temperature is +1.3. Looks like we have a sprinkle of snow before it changed over to rain. The weather stations have a "winter storm watch in effect". This is only a yellow bar meaning they are just covering the backside in case we get something - maybe we will maybe we won't tonight/tomorrow.  Today it looks like rain so far. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of the weekend storms. Some work around here this morning, then I'm off to town this afternoon. I'm going to a funeral for the dear father of girls I grew up with. I spent many hours hanging out in that house with the family during my teen years.
Made it through another Wednesday - thank goodness! They are rather draining that's for sure.  Did get my hair cut and that felt oh so good and much lighter. Had the stuffed peppers for supper, they were good and there's a couple left over for lunch or supper today.
 Always a few gulls along the waterfront.

 A bit of ice here and there but other than that pretty nice.
Houses are colorful looking up John St.

 Lexi was sleeping on the deck, only a few feet from where the birds were feeding. Guess they've  made peace with one another.
It was sunny but still  birds around.

As has become my habit lately, I"m late. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 58 - 27th February 2013 - Lexi and Spring

Wednesday and my day in town, temperature is -4.7. Have a couple of appointments today, other than that not sure what the day will bring, although I'm betting it will be interesting. Hair cut at 4 pm, thank goodness.
Tuesday wasn't a great day. You know the old saying if at first you don't succeed try, try again. I just keep plodding along. Hugs to several of my friends who are having a bad time too, either with the loss or sickness of a loved. They had green peppers on sale this week - nice fat ones so I got a package deciding they would be good for stuffing. Did those up for supper tonight, I like something that can be reheated and I don't have to start from scratch when I'm in town on Wednesdays. Used some of that left over turkey, brown rice, diced tomatoes, cheese, spices, etc. They sure looked good.
Lexi thought she'd like to have some photos taken yesterday. So here goes...

The lake was groaning and moaning yesterday.
Signs of Spring but can't find my tulips or daffodils yet.

I'm moving slow as usual lately. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 57 - 26th February 2013 - Lake and Birds

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I really considered not posting this morning, am what you would say a little "off". Life will perk up and improve shortly, as soon as I feel better. For now I'm going to be a little quieter than normal. I know some people will find that hard to believe.
So yesterday kind of sucked and I think was the longest day ever.  I did make raised cinnamon rolls which turned out great, should have taken them out of the oven a couple of minutes earlier - a few were a little brown on top. But they were nice and high and really delicious with a bit of drizzle on top hot out of the oven. Exercise class last evening nearly killed us I`m sure but guess we will survive to go again on Thursday night.
A quiet day on the lake.

 Can always find a few on the fence.
 Evening Grosbeaks at a neighbours feeder.

Some things seem to survive the winter.

Sorry to be so late. Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 56 - 25th February 2013 - Birds, Sheep and A Donkey

Back to Monday and the work week for most folks. How do the weekends go by so quickly? Feeling rather Zombie like this morning but hoping it passes pretty soon. Shake it off and keep moving, right! Some more of that database entry - hopefully I'll finish that off today. Some research to work on that I'd like done before Wednesday, since the weather is looking decent I'm sure Lexi and I will be around the hood more than once today. Exercise class this evening - thank goodness.
Sunday was grey and rather overcast all day. Waited for snow but it didn't show up so we got some things done. Larry had some burning to do and wood to put in. I did some database entry for a friend, hopefully can finish that up today. Went up the road to my Uncle's as you can see the sheep and donkey below then drove down to the river as someone had said the lone Canada Goose was there earlier, no sign of him but there were a pair of Common Mergansers and a pair of Hooded Mergansers, too far for great photos unfortunately. Larry got his WHMIS course done on line, we cooked a turkey which was excellent. So nothing terrible earth shattering, just a nice Sunday.
 White Breasted Nuthatch - think he's practicing to walking the tightrope!
 Sheep on the farm.

 The Chickadees were so busy today, surprised this one stopped long enough for me to get a pic.
So this is Winkles the donkey who stands guard over the sheep keeping them safe from coyotes.

 A partridge [ruffled grouse] all puffed up on the side of the road.
The apple tree was full of Red Polls and Goldfinches yesterday morning.

Am on my second coffee but it doesn't seem to be helping! Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 55 - 24th February 2013 - The Hawk Beach and Drowned Forest

Wow I slept in 2 mornings in a row, and last night I went to bed super early - feels kind of nice though. Temperature is -4.1 and we are suppose to get a bit of snow today, not a lot just 2-5cm. Larry has an online course to do so I guess I better set him up and give him a hand with that today. He's not in to computers so this should be fun. I've got some data entry to do for a friend so I need to start that since it needs to be done in a couple of days. Sounds like part of our day is filled. Roast turkey for supper with all the fixin's, can't wait. That means creative leftovers coming up this week.
Saturday was a great day! Larry put some wood in the basement then we took off about 11:30 and hit the road for Cape Sable Island. Drove down to the Hawk Beach and walked through the drowned forest [well sort of - it was low tide]. It was chilly, there were a couple of other people on the beach but they were far ahead of us so we were pretty well on our  own. That's the advantage of beaches in the winter time. Stopped in Barrington and shopped at both groceries stores - a treat for sure, then were home bound. No date day would be complete without a meal out - nothing fancy, just fish burgers and taters at Thompson's in Clyde River but they were good and did the trick. We were both hungry after all that fresh air and sunshine.
The Cape Sable Lighthouse. According to the Discover Shelburne County website it is the tallest in Nova Scotia at 101 feet tall.

 Nothing exotic - just seagulls in the bird department.
 Lots of waves and pretty skies.
 Part of the Drowned forest in the foreground.
 More of the Drowned forest. From Discover Shelburne County - 
"1500 year old drowned forest; a broad area of fossil tree stumps still rooted in the original soil.  Exposed at low tide"

 Almost forgot a flock of geese flew over head.

Time to drink my coffee. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 54 - 23rd February 2013 - Red Polls, Clouds and Last years growth

Saturday, temperature is -4.3 but I slept in some so that's a good thing. Once in a while it's nice to get up at 6 am instead of 4 or 5, although it doesn't happen often. Think we will head to Barrington this afternoon and do the shopping, I'm to the point where 2 grocery stores and a few choices would be a nice change. The pantry needs to be restocked. That also means we can take a side trip somewhere to a beach or new scenery and take some photos and enjoy some time together for a few hours. It will be date day! Tide is low around 1 pm this afternoon so we'll take off around lunch time. Larry of course will want to put some wood in the basement but he can tackle that chore this morning.
A cloud filled sky and chilly day on Thursday. Another day of accomplishments or at least I seemed to have gotten stuff done.  Received some good news too, so that certainly helped to pull me out of down state of mind I've been muddling through lately. Maybe it's just winter or all the sadness and despair around or a combination of both but I've felt rather blah for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes you just need something positive to perk you back up again and that's the way I felt yesterday - like yup things will be better!
 I thought of spring as we walked through the woods.
The Red Polls were clustered in the apple tree.
 Great grey clouds over the lake.
 Hopefully things will be green again soon and not brown anymore.

This looked like a great tree for woodpeckers to feed in or others to build nests in.

Well time to check out my scrabble games. Enjoy your day!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53 - 22nd February 2013 - Squirrels, Birds & Lexi

Back to Friday, the end of the work week for many, temperatures are mild this morning at -0.5. Not bad for for nearly the end of February. Looks like I need to do a little work around here today. Not sure how one dog can have so many toys and they are spread all over the place, maybe she's just spoiled - can't imagine it!
She's basically a good dog, sometimes too smart. Larry often asks me how come she always knows what I'm saying but I've spent more time with her especially as a puppy and have always talked to her, better than admitting you talk to your self, right? My grandfather always had a kennel of dogs when I was growing up, a few of those were mine. In those days they were mostly hunting dogs and show dogs, but training from the puppy stage was always important it created more of a bond. He only had one that remained in the house and with him constantly and Tom was smart as a whip.
Yesterday went well, got off my butt and accomplished quite a few things. Lexi and I tramped through the woods. Had a good evening at exercise - it was hard after not being there for a week and I'm sure I'll be feeling it by Saturday. As crazy as it sounds I would like to step it up and add another class, just have to figure when and how.
They are going to search again for the missing fisherman, news reports say RCMP, Coast Guard and  divers are going to check the hull and some of the local boats have left to search as well. On checking things this morning seems the hull is no longer visible, not sure what will happen now. The community is suffering a lot of heartache and anguish, recovery would mean some closure to family and friends I think. Small communities really pull together in times of need and this one is certainly do that. 
 As cute as he is, he's beginning to be come a nuisance.
 Finally the birds had a chance.
 He's back!

 Enjoying a few flurries.
 And watching a mouse on the other side of the fence.
 It was so quiet on the lake.
The cranberry ditches are filled with some water again and frozen over.

Well almost time for the rest to wake up and getting rolling and I've poured my second coffee. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 52 - 21st February 2013 - Trees, Mourning Doves and a Bird House

A new layer of snow on the ground this morning, probably only an inch or so, not much. Temperature is -1.0. Brought a few research projects home to work on, hopefully I can get those done up before next week and out of my hair. That would be a few things caught up on. I'm really ready for a short excursion, maybe a day trip to the beach if the weather is fine on the weekend. I have the feeling of wanting to escape for a brief period of time.
Ugh, I really really dislike Wednesdays! By the time I got home my brain was totally drained. Other people have a lot worse things going on in their life so I won't complain anymore. On the up side the rain stopped before noon and it turned out really mild. Today is another day!
Grandmother's Journal:
20th February 1974:
Hard rain, fog and very mild. Bob home. Me to work. Thunderstorm in Yarmouth. Bobbie up around supper time. I'm trying to diet and very miserable. 
21st February - Nice day, cold. Bridge at Hilda's. Lovely evening not very cold. Bob to M.C. in morning, drove up to house. Roads let up in the day when sun gets warm. I worked at the store all day. 
22nd February - Rather overcast day. I walked to work. Lovely morning. Bob to MC back at noon time as roads are sloppy. [40 years later, the roads are still sloppy this time of year].
A gall or black rot - too high for me to really tell.
Mourning Doves perched, singing their song.
Ready and waiting for spring and the nest builders.
Through the path we go.
A little leftover from fall.

\Time for my second cup of coffee. Enjoy your day!