Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 35 - 4th February 2013 - Logs, Ice, Windfalls

Monday morning and the work week begins again. Temperature is -1.6, looks like it snowed a bit more during the night. Today I'm tackling pie crust. Have the recipe and instructions so I'm all set - right? Lets hope so. I just need to remember to do it quickly so I don't over think and over handle it. I know why I don't  make good crusts but have never been able to correct myself - today I tackle the task with renewed confidence. Guess I better make some cookies for the lunch box too. Will start the last of the student funding grants and get that worked out in my mind at least. I'll review the write up I did from last year and go from there.
I think it snowed all day Sunday and there still wasn't anymore on the ground as when I got up in the morning. Go figure! We tackled the small storage room - took about 15 years of business/personal records out to be destroyed. Purging with your spouse is not always the easiest thing to do but we survived the exercise. So that made a little space, and set some things aside for an upcoming yard sale for work and some other stuff for the garbage. The things we keep. Still more to do but can now actually walk in the room, where as before we just pushed the door open and tossed things in.
 I always find it cool to look through logs.
 Still hanging on.

 My favourite fungi frozen in the ice again.
A wind fall is resting among some other branches.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. lol I so need something bigger to read my blog....I could have swore you had legs, ice and windfalls...and I said OSBBJ this should be a good one :) I rush to work to see what I missed. I had to laugh at your expense because I was years mastering "pie crust" the air would be blue and I would be so frustrated. I always use the tenderflake recipe and after I miss it put it in the fridge for a bit. I am sure the the shore was littered with batches of unworkable pie crust over the first few years :) I have never known you to give up...well back to work nice photos. I especially like the view through the log and what is up with "no birds" lol Have a good day