Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 152 - 31st May 2013 - Chairs, Ferns, Blueberry Blossoms and the Lake

Here we are saying goodbye to another month. Can't believe we are almost halfway through the year. Went to be a little later last night and up a little earlier - can't think that will make for a great day but here goes. Hopefully I won't have to think or be smart this afternoon. Looking like it will be a fine day.
Went to work a little soggy yesterday morning, had a bit of a flash storm - thunder, lightning and hard rain of course while I was getting my tea and walking to the office. Good thing the Beandock has a spare umbrella, but it's warmer and I dried out after awhile. By early afternoon the sun had come out and the temperature had really shot up. Had a good day at work, am making headway on the backlog. Exercise class last night - another painful experience (just kidding - a good workout). I consider not going but put that thought right out of my mind - no good excuse other than the sun was out and I would rather have roamed around through the woods. That's a good thing but sometimes a workout is better for me both physically and mentally. Came home and sat on the deck for a few minutes enjoying the peace and quiet.
 Have moved a chair out to the lawn so I have another view of the feeder and trees, once you sit for a few minutes the birds just ignore you and go about their business.
 Not sure if anyone is nesting here this year or not, seems quiet.
 Yes that is the lake - yesterday morning, thick fog.
 But after supper a much prettier view.
 Looks like it's going to be a good year for blueberries, seeing lots of blossoms.
 Most of the ferns have come out, they look lush along the sides of the road and lake.
Always a few ducks around.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 151 - 30th May 2013 - Cobwebs, Fog, Ducks and Birds

A very dismal/grey looking morning, suppose to clear later today. Then it looks like hot sunny weather for a few days so it will be a weekend for working/playing outside. Back to work, lots to do, hopefully we will get our project finished up tomorrow that the Community College student has been working on as she's done this week. It's been a good work term and I've been happy with her progress. Then I'm on my own for a few weeks til our summer student begins. I'm hoping in those two weeks to have finished clearing up some of my backlog (no such thing as catching up 100%).
Wednesday was an uneventful day and good, weather stayed fine once the fog burned off until almost supper time. Headed out for a good roam around the hood after Larry went to work, lots of walking didn't see a whole lot as the fog was so thick you couldn't see across the lake, but the exercise and fresh air  was good. Took about an hour, then Lexi and I went for a quick jaunt. Did some weeding in the flower gardens, things are coming up including the weeds. I guess next year I better really divide my hostas up, they are getting huge or larger than I want for the bed they are in. A minor amount of housework took place - just the bare necessities. Moved one of the lawn chairs out in the yard where I sat quietly and watching the apple trees and feeder for birds. Once you get comfortable they don't pay much attention to you.
 Lots of cobwebs around, but the soon disappeared.
 Just how foggy it was, the ducks were almost like shadows as they swam a long.
 It was a good day for Hairy Woodpeckers - unless the same ones were following me around.
 The Robins are such a faithful bird, always around.
 Lois' Lily of the Valley.
 The Hummingbirds were back and forth to the feeder all day, they start at day break and finish at dark.
Just something different with wings for a change.

Having a drink from the new bird bath!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 150 - 29th May 2013 - Ducks, Loon, Cedar Waxwings and Lady Slipper

Wednesday has rolled around and it's my day off. Giving rain for this afternoon so I'll be spending the bulk of the morning outside.  Up a little earlier than normal, I can see the red sky (not a good weather sign) over the lake. The big town wide yard sale is Saturday, I think I've got a box of stuff started for the Society's table. Last year it was a great fund raiser so hoping this year we do as  well. I don't see a whole lot of need to do things today so guess I'll just take it as it comes and go from there.
It was a beautiful day on Tuesday. Rather than waste or miss any of it, besides being inside working all day I left to meet Nancy 1/2 hour earlier than normal with my camera of course. Nothing better than seeing a family of Mallards, although I'm not sure who startled who, a loon and a few other male Mallards to start the day off right. It made working so much easier. Even better was coming home and finding the Cedar Waxwings had arrived. So hard to cook supper and get things done inside when you have distractions like this outside. I had started supper, Larry finished it while I ran with my camera. After supper I headed back out again, not a lot to report but it was a lovely evening. Larry and Lexi went to the garden to get some more planting done, with the weather this last week he hadn't gotten much planted.
 The babies were just a running across the water!
 The loon enjoyed the morning sun.
 Some startled Mallards.
 Cedar Waxwings.

Ladyslippers have begun to bloom.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 149 - 2th May 2013 - Lilacs, Grandmother's Journal and Northern Parula

Sun looks nice coming up there this morning, even if it is a little on the reddish side. Looking forward to crossing some more things off my list today. A good Monday - lots accomplished, the weather was so - so, a little on the nippy side and wet at times but warmer to come this week. Exercise class last night - another good workout which finally warmed me up; I was cold all day. Larry built a fire last night hopefully we won't have to make many more.
Thought I'd better check out Grandmother since it's been a while:
28th May 1974 - Trees just hanging. Our drive to bridge, hanging in snow. Must have been 3 inches. Snowed and rained all day. Still on some at 6 o'clock. Still raining. High wind and cold. Worrying about garden and fruit trees. Some were ready to break into bloom. Mother and I to Vocational School, last time to have our hair done. Sorry to see them close for good I understand. Bob and Bobbie to Bridgewater to get tractor mower. Home in early afternoon. Latest date for much snow in history. 
29th May 1974 - To town early as usual. Sun came out this morning. Snow in fields early. Everything well wetted now. Overcast this evening. Bob had new mower going tonight. Kim here. 
So no more complaining  about the weather - it could be worse!
 Lupins are wet with rain, a few sunny days and they will soon be in bloom.
 Lots of dark clouds over the harbour yesterday.
 You'll have to indulge me, I spent some time with this Northern Parula while I was waiting for the girls to pick me up last evening.
 I think he's lovely among the apple blossoms.

 The longer I stayed the closer he got.

Lilacs just need a day of sun.

Coffee time - Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 148 - 27th May 2013 - Sunrises, Cats and Birds

Here we are back at Monday again, can't believe the weekend goes by so darn fast! Not raining at the moment but not sure how long that will last, anyway it's not worth talking about I'm sure. I would like to have a fine day on Wednesday when I'm off. Hopefully we can get lots of stuff cleared up at the office today, the last week for my student so we'll try to put a drive on and finish a few things up. Exercise class tonight.
Glad I caught the sun early yesterday morning (5:45 am) as it came and went throughout the day - out, then clouds and some light rain seemed to be our Sunday. Not a great day for photos although I did try several times. Around 8 am I headed out around the hood, had a great walk but didn't see much, heard birds but they all seemed to be high in the trees and I couldn't find them. Roamed through a few neighbours yards - think they were still in bed, but I'm quiet and just check out the lake and area. So hopefully no one much minds. By the time I got back the family had arrived and Larry took them to the hall for the monthly breakfast. Had a great visit with them and caught up, enjoyed a game of cards, had some lunch and then they were off to Sherose Island for baseball. Ian left with tins of treats which should hold them for a few days or at least til they got home. We'll have him down some weekend so he and Larry can go trouting.
 The sun was breaking through.
 Been several weeks since I've caught it.
 Someone I met on my travels yesterday morning, I see she has a bell on her neck.
 The flag of summer.
 Ellie and I walked together for a while. She's the neighbour's dog.
Larry got my birdbath put together while I was gone.

Not a great photo but apparently this female Hairy Woodpecker thinks our deck posts are tasty. The link below is great for distinguishing between Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers:

Taking it easy on the fence.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 146 - 26th May 2013 - Lilacs and Purple Finches

It actually looks pretty good out there this morning, seems a little breeze but so far looks clear and no fog! I'll take my coffee out on the deck and listen to the birds, they will soon be singing and I like to see if I hear anyone new. If the weather breaks even for a short time  I'll roam the hood with my camera, am sure some new things have popped through the ground or may have flown in on some of these winds.
You can't fight the weather so go with the flow. A good day Saturday, whipped around got laundry done, house cleaned up and cinnamon roll dough rising before heading to town for groceries and bird feed. Bought a bird bath too - nothing expensive just plastic but will do the trick and it was in my budget at Spencer's Garden Centre. Went into baking overload when I got back home and Larry worked outside in his workshop/woodshed all afternoon. Lexi roamed between the two of us. Once I got cinnamon rolls and cookies done I decided I still had some energy left so made a chocolate zucchini cake. That should hold us for a day or two, actually it's not all for us, got a young visitor coming tomorrow who put in a request for cookies but I know he won't refuse anything and is really energetic so it won't last long and I'll send some home to the rest of the family.
 Lilacs are almost all open, Harriett looks good in purple.
 Had a Junco drop in, it's been awhile since I've seen them.
 The Purple Finches were hanging out yesterday as well, he's a pretty guy and likes to sing.
 Cindy gets us to do these fast feet at exercise class some nights, wonder if  Mrs. Purple Finch is peeking in the windows.
 All the ladies stopped in.

Never know where you will see him - on the porch roof.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 145 - 25th May 2013 - Garden Tulips and Wildflowers

Hey it's Saturday, little dampish looking out there this morning. Lots to do today - grocery shopping, pay a few bills, laundry and I have some baking to do. Larry's brother and nephew are coming tomorrow and a request for cookies has been put out there. It's a shame it doesn't clear off, Ian loves to go fishing and it probably won't be fit.  Now to keep Larry and Lexi out from under my feet today, umm.....wonder why kind of an inside project I can set those two at?
So my positive thinking kept clear skies yesterday and the sun actually came out! Since I was in early to work, I decided to take a break after getting things set up and head out with my camera around town before going to the Beandock for a tea. Had a good day at the office and we made a breakthrough on one project. Larry got the lawn mowed last evening after supper (well I should say after Coronation Street), still need to whipper snip but that was a job that needed to be done and it didn't start raining until after  8 pm. I roamed through the woods, didn't see much for birds but enjoyed the wildflowers that are springing forth.
 Spotted this Song Sparrow in town.
 Still some tulips in yards around town.

 I know - I'm creeping yards again but in a good way - I love these decorative birdhouses.

 Looks like these ones have past their prime.
 Lupins on our road will soon be in bloom.
 Lady Slippers are beginning to wake up.
One of my favs the Painted Trillium.

Enjoy your day folks!