Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 146 - 26th May 2013 - Lilacs and Purple Finches

It actually looks pretty good out there this morning, seems a little breeze but so far looks clear and no fog! I'll take my coffee out on the deck and listen to the birds, they will soon be singing and I like to see if I hear anyone new. If the weather breaks even for a short time  I'll roam the hood with my camera, am sure some new things have popped through the ground or may have flown in on some of these winds.
You can't fight the weather so go with the flow. A good day Saturday, whipped around got laundry done, house cleaned up and cinnamon roll dough rising before heading to town for groceries and bird feed. Bought a bird bath too - nothing expensive just plastic but will do the trick and it was in my budget at Spencer's Garden Centre. Went into baking overload when I got back home and Larry worked outside in his workshop/woodshed all afternoon. Lexi roamed between the two of us. Once I got cinnamon rolls and cookies done I decided I still had some energy left so made a chocolate zucchini cake. That should hold us for a day or two, actually it's not all for us, got a young visitor coming tomorrow who put in a request for cookies but I know he won't refuse anything and is really energetic so it won't last long and I'll send some home to the rest of the family.
 Lilacs are almost all open, Harriett looks good in purple.
 Had a Junco drop in, it's been awhile since I've seen them.
 The Purple Finches were hanging out yesterday as well, he's a pretty guy and likes to sing.
 Cindy gets us to do these fast feet at exercise class some nights, wonder if  Mrs. Purple Finch is peeking in the windows.
 All the ladies stopped in.

Never know where you will see him - on the porch roof.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am garden bound today. I have a helper when he returns from church lol my lilacs are slow but four were relocated last year so that might be why. Perhaps I should prune them. Anyway time for a coffee. Have a good day creeping the hood we had 5 deer in the yard this morning. ;)