Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 126 - 6th May 2013 - Ferns, Tulips and Violets

Monday, back to the work week folks. And it's rather chilly this morning, temperature is only +1.1, but we are suppose to warm up and be nice. Lots to do today, including a road trip to the cemetery to double check on some names and dates .Exercise class this evening, so it will be a busy day.
Sunday was another glorious day in the weather department, reached +24 in the afternoon. Now if we could just do something with those pesky blackflies. So it was a day for work, walks and visits. Larry planted the potatoes in eelgrass or rockweed, I'm really not sure which and I don't know the difference. He also started cutting, splitting and putting the wood in the woodshed. Anyone that burns wood knows it's a 12 month of the year job, just the time you get it put away; it's time to start burning it again. There will still be a few mornings or evenings that we built a fire just to take the chill off. Most years it's the first few days of June before we actually turn the furnace off. I did some work in the house, roamed the hood with my camera and some outside work.  Had some great company stop by from Greenfield, nice to finally meet Darrell and Henry, although both I feel like I've known for sometime. Thanks Mike for bringing the family to our neck of the woods! Roast Chicken for supper and an easy evening.
 So I thought I'd give you a break from the birds today. Makes me a little dizzy walking through the woods these days looking up for birds and down for ferns and wild flowers.
The ferns are popping up more and more each day.
 Probably while I'm at work today this tulip will open.
Along with the bird book, I've pulled out my wildflower book too.
 More ferns - I love the way they uncurl.

 The wild violets are in bloom.
 I think it's a Parrot Tulip, must ask Lois', it's one of hers.

These are always cute spring flowers.

I think this is pretty cool - tulip opening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. No birds ha ha love the ferns and I must say they are probably the first things I notice peaking up along the side of the road. I was busy cutting briar bushes yesterday. I think they won the battle but I made a good attempt. Came downstairs this morning and half a mouse to greet me. Miss priss was rather proud of herself. Well time for a tea and then work.