Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 138 - 18th May 2013 - Ferns, Blossoms and Birds

I've slept in a bit this morning - it's Saturday and looks pretty nice out there, temperature is only +3.3 so I'm thinking on the cool side. Not sure about today, it should involved groceries some time, gardening and roaming the hood.
Friday turned out to be a nice day, sun was warm but the wind was cool. By the time we got home dark clouds had covered the sky and it started to drizzle early in the evening. I took a chance and went for a walk, sobeys bag in my pocket just incase it rained. Made it home just in time. Since my bestie is whining about the lack of grandmother's journal this week, thought I best turn back a page in time and see what was happening.
Friday 18 May 1973 - Early up and to town. Overcast but turned out sunny and warm. Washed a tub [of clothes] and to work. Home early being Friday. Mother up for the weekend. Overcast and showers tonight. Still dipping [kiacks] at the bridge. Lots of flies and plenty of ticks.
Saturday 19 May 1973 - Fine day Bob up early. Planted trees all day. Ivy and Jim over in the afternoon. Mother and I took a walk around sunset. Flies bad all day. Ball games RS beaten 3-1.
Sunday 20 May 1973 - Overcast early. Birds singing. Lots and lots of flies. Sun out early morning. Bob still at trees. Mother helping him. Bob worked all day. Bobby, Bettie all there, went down river to Cecil's camp. Lots of fishermen on river in canoes. I mowed lawn all afternoon.
The ferns are getting bigger.
 Looking down the harbour at the Lighthouse.
More of our apple blossoms.

 Myrtle Warbler was singing his heart out for me.
 Harriett and Co.
The clouds were really dark, but by 7:30 it had brightened up again.

 They ducks fly out.
And Lois had a Myrtle last evening too.

Enjoy your day!

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