Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 121 - 1st May 2013 - Sunrises, Lake and Ducks

Welcome to May folks and the black flies...well technically they arrived yesterday but were just being a nuisance not biting yet, sure that will start today.  I guess there are some things we block out when we are waiting for the arrival of spring, one being black flies and mosquitoes. No I'm not complaining, like the weather far too much and will just ignore those few things, they serve a purpose - like feeding birds. So today I get to stay home (insert happy dance!), will get some cookies made this morning, a bit of housework then Lexi and I can hit the outdoors once the grass dries.
Yesterday morning was a glorious sunrise, I didn't catch it until the sun was already above the trees but with the bit of fog and birds singing it was still a sight to behold. Before I left I spend some time sitting on the deck watching the goldfinches - the lilac bush and honeysuckle tree looked like the were decked out in small yellow baubles. I enjoy walking over to catch a ride with Nancy in the morning, gives me just a little longer to  soak up everything around me and hopefully prepare me for the day.  Things started off a little hairy in the morning at the office but smoothed out quickly. Larry did the cooking when we got home while I got a load of laundry on the go and did a few other things. This is how it works in our house when we are both working - we take turns if I haven't already got something done, although I seemed to end up on dish duty again.
 The morning sun.
 Love the mist as it rises up from the lake.

 Starling said goodbye as I left the house.
 A little more bling.
 Lois' Forsythia is looking very good.
 There were some dark clouds last evening but over the lake they were rather interesting.
 Walking on water.
Off she goes.

The other lake last evening, no pretty clouds there.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. tried to comment this morning and couldnt make out the words!! Gotta love Nature's Bling :)
    Have a very productive day did I read something about cookies lol