Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 127 - 7th May 2013 - Geese, Harbour and Daffodil

Tuesday is not starting off all that great, overslept (6am). So Lexi has been barking during the night for the last week, not sure what she hears, sees or smells but it's beginning to grate on my nerves to say the least.
Monday is always such a rushed day, wonder how I can ease it up a little bit. I'll give it some thought - maybe on a Friday. Had a very hard workout last night - think Cindy was trying to kill us all. I know I ate a chocolate bar yesterday afternoon but really! Every once in awhile I need a little chocolate just to get me through the day. After exercise I went home and chewed on raw carrots - they are as delightful as they sound.
 William was in for breakfast, Kate is sitting on the nest (or we hope). She stays there during the whole incubation.
 Swimming into the fog.
 And it was very foggy on the lake yesterday morning.
 Off he goes...
Around the corner till he gets near our house, then he'll fly over to the other lake.
Looking up the harbour.

 I took this one Sunday morning, if you can't get them right side up, try the reflection. These are another pair that have been hanging out.
 Daffodil - up close and personal.

Sorry it's short this morning but need my coffee! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Short but sweet lol...not to worry you managed to give us an idea of what your morning and day would be like. Anxious to see some pictures of Kate!