Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 122 - 2nd May 2013 - Lake Reflections, Birds, Gull and Daffodils

The morning is already starting off warm at +5.1 and I see the sunrise beginning. Off to work this morning, not sure what the day will bring, I do know I'm getting a haircut after work which will be great (meaning this weekend I need to add some natural color) and exercise class tonight.  It's a long busy day for sure.
It was fabulous having Wednesday off - what a day! Got down to business first thing in the morning and by 9:30am, had made a potato salad, pasta salad, cookies, run and unloaded the dishwasher, swept the floors, made the bed, done a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. Lexi and headed over to the lake to see what we could see, pretty quiet but the lake was crystal calm and had wonderful reflections. Also fortunate to run into neighbours who have returned from the sunny south to the sunny south shore!I think she brought the black flies across the border! A little yard work - planted some grasses that Lois and given me, that would be tall ornamental grass not the kind you smoke before anyone gets any ideas and did some weeding. So I felt I deserved a little R & R on the back deck with my book and camera, then off for another walk, visit with neighbours and home to get supper going. Somewhere around noon I actually dug out a pair of shorts, temperature was +21.8, that's short weather! Yeah it was a good day. Maybe I appreciated it more because  I'm back to work today.
 The White Breasted Nuthatch stopped by.
I love a calm day where the reflections are just perfect.
Shelly's Daffodils are looking very pretty.
 More reflections
 At least Harriett didn't fall this time - I've named her [or him].
 A lazy pair of male Mallards.
 The Female Purple Finches dropped by yesterday afternoon.
 She didn't seem to mind that I was sitting on the deck.
 And a gull passed by - unusual in the country.

 The ever faithful Robin.
Time to mow the lawn, good thing we got gas for the ride-on the other night. Still have to buy a new push mower for doing around the edges of flower beds, etc.

Time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you to the cookie fairy! I tried to post this morning..I was a robot and tonight my blackberry closed down as it said too large lol. Anyway you must have taken an extra synthroid you sounded hyper or was it that you spent wednesday at home. Lol. Okay beautiful photos iam warming up to the birds but a ways off from joining the bird society ;). Get a job where you can work from home I miss our hands free talks ;)