Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 244 - 31 August 2012 - The Lake and a Fallen Leaf

It's Friday!! Rah! Another month is ending.  Long weekend, blue moon tonight - all sounds great. Have to finish putting together research this morning for someone coming in before lunch. Then I can move on to a few others on my list. Oh yes and need to make a few phone call regarding our Big Book Fair being held at the end of September. Time to get that rolling and go through some things for our next on line auction. Sounds like the day is going to pass by pretty quickly.

So yesterday was an awesome day at work! Everything went well, people in, got the work done I wanted to. Life was good! I think it's the change in the air temperature or maybe that blue moon is working with me. Never can tell. I did have to go back for a meeting at 7pm and didn't get home until 9, so pictures are pretty slim this morning. Got company coming on the weekend, will enjoy an evening with some very good friends...but don't say anything - I haven't got Dorothy's birthday present ready, will have to take it when we go to their place, hopefully in October. By that time it will be ready to take their Christmas present! Friends don't mind when you are slack. Or at least I hope that's the case. They just accept you for who you are!
The morning was beautiful!
Just a little bit of mist rising from the lake.
Sticks and Stones are really showing through in the lake now.
Looking across the harbour at Island's Park, sure is a pretty place to camp!
I'm beginning to see a few colored leaves falling to the ground. The look of fall!
Well I hear Lexi trying to wake Larry - he's not going to be happy since his alarm won't go off for another 15 mins. Time to get moving.  Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 243 - 30th August 2012 - Daytime and Evening on the Lake, Mushrooms and A Moon

Thursday - morning is a bit cooler than we are used to but feels very good to be able to sleep better again. Temperature is +11.8. Another busy day, a meeting first thing, then a consultation with a client, back to town this evening for another meeting. 

Lexi and I had a good day yesterday. Got all the bedding washed, dried and back on the beds, made chocolate chip cookies, did some housework, cooked a roast for supper. The cookies didn't really do it for me, I had the urge to make pizza but had no cream cheese. Next week I'll make it - yes girls you will get some - maybe Tues morning you can raid Larry's truck! It felt so much like fall. A few leaves turning, cooler breeze, warm sun. This is my favourite time of year, can feel a clean crispness in the air.
Thought I would check and see what Grandmother had to say:

30 August 1972
Beautiful fall day still warm but cool in the house with the windows open. [ I didn't pull out her diary before writing, coincidentally 40 years ago the weather was similar] Ivy and Jim over early this morning. Brought some eels, corn fresh and cooking apples. Only stayed a short while. One of the Murphy boys and girlfriend dropped in to see the place. I felt miserable and laid down and read and slept all afternoon. Drove over to Annie's after supper. Going to town in the morning. Beautiful evening, should spend more time outside evenings.

31 August 1972
Beautiful day and up early and went to town. Saw buck and doe before 9 o'clock over by Salmon Creek. Did shopping, didn't stay too long. Home around noon time. Very dry. Bob watering trees and garden. Drying onions each day. Bobbie & Bettie and kids up. Kim packed her clothes. [End of summer and time for me to go home, no doubt.] I'm knitting dolls sweaters for Kim's doll.
This was today on the lake - just splendid!
Hope she hasn't got any ideas about going canoeing!
Along the forest bottom, we find more mushrooms.
And berries, some have seen a better day.
And more mushrooms.
Last evening the lake was pinkish. Sat on Lois' deck waiting for the moon to come up.
No moon, might as well go home and try over by our place.
As I got home - there it was high in the sky - how did we miss it??
Well time to drink my coffee and get things underway. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 242 - 29th August 2012 - Wildflowers, Funky Hummingbird, Hole in a Tree

Day off! Rah!! Maybe I spoke to soon, when I think about the work that needs to be done around here. A good plan would be to get everything done early this morning then Lexi and I could just chill out and enjoy the weather and take some photos around the neighbourhood!

Tuesday went right along as planned. Got my number chrunching done [budget - yuk], the research report finished off and another one started. Rained off and on all day. Hated to leave home in the morning, it had thundered a bit and poor Lexi was not very happy about me leaving. She's really afraid of the noise. She seemed to have recovered when we got home supper time, probably forgot about it faster than I did when I saw that pitiful face looking at me through the window in the door as I left.
Not sure what these yellow flowers are, but they really brighten up the corner where I see them.

A closer view.
Tree tops among the clouds.
Kind of a funky looking hummingbird, but really pretty once the sun goes down and he lights up.
Butterfly and Bumble bee share the end of the butterfly bush.
Think this hole is getting larger, wonder what lives there?
Well must go look through the cookbooks and decide what to bake today. Although right now I'm feeling like something fast and simple. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 241 - 28th August 2012 - Dark Skies, Ducks and the Harbour

Tuesday, showers and thundershowers forecast for the today. We can use it, things are really dry.  So much to do today, but think I can get it all done and still be smiling at the end of the day. Well that's my plan anyway. It's a long weekend coming up, so that will sure be nice and I think a full moon as well. Lots to look forward to. Haven't seen the hummingbirds for a few days, so I'm guessing they have all gone south now.

We are closing up another month but you wouldn't know it for the weather. Still very warm, although the humidity has pretty much disappeared. Had a good day yesterday, guess it must have been all that positive thinking early in the morning.
The lake had a strange look about it yesterday morning.
The canoe sits on the bank waiting to go in the water.
On the runway...
And we have lift off.
The flight was cancelled - they decided to hang around.
Like the grasses that grow along the edge of the lake.

Not to be out done, the harbour looked pretty good yesterday morning too!

Well time to sign off and get things done. Enjoy your day!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 240 - 27th August 2012 - Blooms, Watering Can and the Lake

So we are Monday bound and back to the work week. Slept like a log, so should be in good spirits today.I'm thinking that poor Monday gets a bad rap, not his fault that he's the first day of the week!  Lets start this week off with lots of wonderful positive thoughts, as negativity breeds negativity. Even if we think things are terrible we are always better off than many. Good family and friends. I have lots to get through today and the rest of the week promises to be busy.

Sunday was exhausting. It was our turn to work the Fire Dept. breakfast - probably would have been one of the busiest if the power had not  gone off 2 hours in to it. A lot of people that we had to turn away hungry, but nothing we could do about it.  The boys went to the wharf mackerel fishing, home for lunch off again to play elsewhere. Of course my job seemed to be kitchen and cooking related! Oh well it was all fun and we got a big job done this weekend. So happy with that, and the water pressure is so much better! Headed to bed very early.
One of my roses, still blooming.
Apples are looking good.
A little Queen Anne's Lace.
Still have lots of these daisies.
Watering can got a lot of use this summer.
Beautiful day on the lake as usual!

 Almost time for the rest of the household to get up, but I need another coffee, so off I go. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 239 - 26th August 2012 - Sunrise

It's Sunday, we are up at the normal work day time. Have to get ready and to the Fire Hall - it's our turn to work breakfast. No sleeping in for this household today [well only our company can and that depends on Lexi]. Have enjoyed having them here, seems Larry never gets to spend much time with his brother and we loved having Ian here. He's grown up a lot but still has enough child in him to be interesting and entertaining.

Saturday was a very busy day. Chris headed to New Ross to pick Ian up at camp early and we went to town for groceries and the plumbing supplies - pipe, fittings etc. Got back home and cooked up potatoes and pasta for salads, getting the kitchen cleaned up while I still had water. Chris and Ian arrived before lunch we had a bite to eat and the boys got busy running pipes, and whatever they were suppose to do. So by supper time, the basement, kitchen and laundry room were completed. No more cooper pipes! Bathroom will get done on another weekend, it requires a lot of work, floor needs to come up to find the pipes, new sink and a shower. Oh yes a window has to be moved to put the shower in. So we'll plan that for later. Next on the list of fun things to do ... time to put the wood in the basement for winter. After supper they all went fishing for bass - catch and release but they had lots of fun.
I snuck out of the house shortly after 6am and headed down to the lake to catch the sun rising.
My lone early morning companion - Mr. Loon.
Beautiful colors in the sky.
Love the mist as it rises up from the water.
The paddle boat sits quietly in the early morning light by the dock.
This little fellow popped in after awhile.
It was time to head back up to the house. It was nice to spend a few minutes enjoying the lake at the nicest time of day. This is one of the reasons I love living in the country.
Well folks, time to finish my coffee and get moving. Need to be at the hall soon. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 238 - 25th August 2012 - Tomatoes, Dory Man and Sunsets

Saturday -  up a little too early. Enjoying a cup of coffee and quiet time and Lexi starts barking and growling upstairs. Just what you want when you have company, who unlike me is probably sound asleep. There are days that Lexi is not a princess. I don't know what the problem was but she was standing looking out my shoe room window. Probably a deer roaming around. Off to town this morning for groceries and a trip to King St Tim-B-Mart to pick up supplies.

A pretty good day at work yesterday but I'm glad the week is over. My brother in law the plumber arrived in the afternoon, so guess what we are doing this weekend? So all evening Larry and Chris have been measuring, counting and making a list of what they will need to pick up in the morning to do the job. It's really like having two little boys playing.  We are running new pipes throughout the house. We've got the old copper pipes and you know we've sprung a few leaks so now is the time. Sounds like we might just get the basement, laundry room and kitchen done this weekend. The upstairs bathroom is another whole story. Floor needs to be ripped up [pipes are under that] and I want to put in a new sink and a shower. So my job this weekend is probably food and paying the bills.
Larry brought me home these four tomatoes from the garden, they really are huge. They'll rippen up in the house.
It was beautiful on the lake yesterday morning.
A dory man in the he must be lost.
This pair of ducks are like sillhoutes flying over the lake.
Sky over the other lake was a beautiful pink.
Shades of yellow.
Even saw a couple of beavers.
A sliver of moon sits among the tops of the trees.
Behind the trees  you can see the brilliant colors as the sun says goodnight.
Well I think that crazy dog may have calmed down and gone back to bed. An exciting day in Sherri's life today - finally the time has come for her daughter to be married. Best of luck my friend. And Best Wishes for a long and Happy Marriage together Jacki and Shane!
Enjoy your day everyone!