Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 51 - 20th February 2018 - Red-Winged Blackbirds, Gulls and Common Eider

Raining this morning which means it's mild and should be most of the week. The snow is just about gone from the yard. Well the long weekend is over and I need to get some things done around here.  Think I'll make a pot of soup with biscuits for supper the next couple of nights.  I'll set up the Whirligigs and start painting those. And I'd like to get the sewing room finished off. That should fill my day! Trivia tonight - always a good laugh. We went for a drive yesterday, mostly along the shore down the Sandy Point road and to Locke's Island -  a few wharves in search of ducks, loons etc. Red-Breasted Mergansers, Loons, Eiders, Black Ducks, Gulls, Red Neck Grebe and  Guillemot. Mostly not a lot of shots as there is no such thing as getting closer to them when they are in the water, but I did get a few photos that weren't bad. Back home in the early afternoon, then off to exercise class last night.
 Nice flock of about 16 Red Winged Blackbirds are around.
 Common Eider with a crab for lunch

Monday, February 19, 2018

Day 50 - 19th February 2018 - Ice, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Canada Goose

Happy Heritage Day  (I think that's what the holiday is called)! It's a relatively new holiday for us, some provinces call it Family Day. I'm still not sure I even care about a holiday in February, would rather have one in finer weather but they've made it a statutory holiday which means everyone gets it so all is good!  Chilly out there this morning, but promises of a sunny day with temperatures going up and staying mild all week. Owls are hooting back and forth down the road but not close.Got the lunch preps done yesterday, some laundry, fun things like that around the house. Larry did a little clean out too. Snowed hard all morning, about 6 inches down, but after lunch the temperature popped up a bit and things started to melt, trees are bare again now and I see a patch of green grass under the fir trees along the property line. Maybe later this morning we'll get some birding in.
 Love the ice this time of year, sparkles and shines when the sunlight hits it.
 Spied this Canada Goose on Saturday right in town.
Red Breasted Nuthatch.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Day 49 - 18th February 2018 - Ducks, Ice Baubles and a Downy Woodpecker.

A little dusting of snow over night, but the fine stuff is coming down again this morning. Anyone's guess how much we will get - somewhere between 5 and 15 cms or so they say. It will be a good day to do lunch box prep, catch up on the laundry etc. Larry is off tomorrow so it might be a birding day.
Saturday turned out to be a fine day and once the wind died out in the afternoon the sun warmed you up nicely. It was a busy day too.  Did the grocery shopping with a brief stop to check out Diane's ducks in town, then a long the waterfront and down to the Industrial Park. Home, lunch and then made some snacks for Larry's outing, while he put wood in the basement. I got some marvelous spring purging done when Jake and Adam stopped in. They left with a number of kitchen chairs, end table, lamp and promises to return for a table. Larry went off to the smoker and I headed down to Margie's to help her recover a computer chair before the girls arrived for Chase the Ace. I even managed to get out for a quick walk.
 Most of the ducks were napping in the morning sun.
 The ice along the lake looked like crystal baubles on a chandelier.
Female Downy Woodpecker.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Day 48 - 17th February 2018 - Ice, Loon and Common Eiders

Brr...it's cold and windy this morning, but the sky is filled with stars. Today looks like a pretty good one except it's colder than the last few but tomorrow we have some snow on the way. Depending on what site you look at it could be 5-10cm or up to 15cm. Love that we have options, no two weather sites can agree on anything. The roads might be a bit slippery this morning if any water is left on them. Friday was a good day except a wet one so I didn't get out walking before we went to town. Lunch out and got our tickets for Chase the Ace tonight. Played Aggravation last evening and  I won - every man (or woman) for himself since there was an odd number of us. Today - it's groceries and a few errands. Not sure if we've got time for birding. Larry is off to the Smoker tonight so I'll whip up a few nibblies to send with him to Mike & Maureen's. He always goes there first and I'll go play Chase the Ace with the girls.

Common Eiders

Enjoy your day!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 47 - 16th February 2018 - Red Breasted Nuthatch, Brown Creeper and Ice

Rain has started falling, still mild  and no wind yet. Thursday was nice, it felt like the calendar had been fast forwarded to early April and spring was on it's way. Had a good Sorning in town and was home by early afternoon. No spring cleaning and none will get done again today.  Monday I best get to it so when spring does finally arrive I can get out and be ready for the arrival of the Warblers and other  birds migrating before it's time to return to the work season. Maybe if the weather is good on Saturday we'll get out somewhere - see a few Ducks, maybe a Snowy Owl. Now that Larry's got a good hip again, there will be lots of birding in our future once again. Once again it's Friday - Thelma and Louise day and Friday night club.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

Very bad shot of a Brown Creeper. They are always fun to watch going up trees while the Nuthatches go down.


Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 46 - 15th February 2018- Ice

Mild and foggy out there this morning. The weather is wacky! Although days like this make it easy on the woodpile. The dirt roads sure take a beating - thaw and freeze, soft and ruts. Not much fun on those. I continued with the spring cleaning on Wednesday, my sewing room is beginning to look better however the downstairs hallway is a disaster. Eventually they will both improve. I have to keep chanting - purge, purge, purge - but it's not working out that well. I don't consider myself a hoarder - jut have too much stuff. Took a walk with Big B in the hood, the ice in the ditches and swamps is so interesting- swirls and lines, reminds me of blown glass. Did a seafood quiche for supper - we don't call it quiche (Larry says he doesn't like quiche), I call it seafood pie (he loved it). So much for a name. I'm off to town this morning to do a few things, home early this afternoon.


Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day 45 - 14th February 2018 - Grandmother's Journal, Loon and Common Eider

Happy Valentine's Day!  A few stars in the sky, no wind, chilly and the Owls are calling up and down the road this morning. They aren't close today but I can hear them in the distance. Tuesday was a day around the house, worked on the spring cleaning - slowly, made red velvet cupcakes to give away, a roast for supper and took a quick jaunt around the hood to check out the water level. It had come up another foot from where I stuck a stick in the sand along the shore. Should start to recede today.
Grandmother's Journal:
14 February 1977:Overcast most of the day. Bob to MC before noon and back. Very icy this morning. Barb came for lunch. Up to Dentist this afternoon. Kim here for supper, off to Young Peoples and back for the night.
15 February 1977: Beautiful this morning. Bob home today. Drove his brother Lew around to take pictures for his new book. Picked me up at noon.  Mother and I got our hair done this afternoon. Real nasty by 3 o'clock, snow and rain. Mostly snow. Kim stayed home tonight to play badminton.Quiet just the two of us.
16 February 1977 - Bob took me down to Mother's early. Off to MC, he had lunch down at Campbell's hill with Jackson, Scotts and Jackson's friend. I played bridge at Maizie's this afternoon. Good game. No good for hunting, too much snow to do much around MC property.
 Low Tide
 Common Eider
Loon diving for lunch

Enjoy your day!