Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 181 - 30th June 2014 - Moth, Iris' and Piping Plovers.

Here we are at the end of another month. Back to work today, then the next 2 off. Holidays during the week aren't that bad. It will be like another weekend in the middle of the week. Going to be a busy week even if it is a short one - Cruise Ship is docking in Shelburne for the day on Thursday. Exercise Class tonight - I probably need it badly, have been eating too much junk this weekend.
Sunday was a great day - warm and sunny again. We took in the breakfast at our Fire hall in the morning, then home to do some work around. I went for my jaunt around the hood and friends from Upper Clyde stopped for a visit. Late afternoon we headed to the beach to catch the tide going out. Great walk and the best part of the trip was seeing three Piping Plover chicks. Oh wow they were cute. Met another birder, nice to put a face to a name.
 This beautiful Hyalophora cecropia moth was on the side of the hall when we went to breakfast.
 Mom Spotted Sandpiper has moved her chicks closer to the beach. I even saw Dad hanging around.
A field of Iris'.
 Wild roses.
 My beach bum!
 Mom Piping Plover and the three chicks.

Saw a few Willets too.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 180 - 29th June 2014 - Spotted Sandpiper, Butterfly Bush and Kingfisher

Looks like another beauty of a day coming our way. The sun has cast a pinking glow on the clouds in the sky. It's lovely out there with all the birds singing. No idea what today will bring, more wood for Larry I'm sure, a little housework for me and then hopefully we can disappear somewhere for a few hours this afternoon. Have a yearning to go to the beach and see if there are any shorebirds around.
A beautiful day in the hood. Saturday was great even though we didn't get too far. Larry worked in the woodpile til lunch time. By then it was too hot. After grabbing a bite to eat we headed to town to do the grocery shopping, but first visited with friends for most the afternoon who were camping at the park. Nice to see so much activity there, lots of people were camping this weekend. Everything from tents to big rigs that had pop up screened - in sunrooms on their roof. Some of these campers are fancier than houses. After supper we took Lexi and went for a walk up some back roads in the woods, first one we nearly got run over by an ATV. I really have a strong dislike of those machines and wish they would outlaw them or burn them all. I can't understand why people can't enjoy the woods instead of destroying it. And to boot, there were 4-5 young fellows on it with no helmets.
 My catch for the day - Mother Spotted Sandpiper ...
and at least 2 chicks, maybe 3. I didn't want to disturb her too much. I just let her "distract" me away from where the little ones were.

 A perfect morning on the lake.
 A few Chickadees were nabbing breakfast.
 Frog bubbles!
 A White Admiral butterfly.
 My butterfly bush looks great, I'm thinking the Humming Birds might like it too.
 Sheep Laurel.
Kingfisher who at least stood still, but was still too far away.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 179 - 28th June 2014 - Foam, Blue Jays and Butterfly

Here we are at the weekend again, almost 6 months have gone by as well. Before you know it Christmas will be right around the corner! Think Larry will work in the wood for a while, I've got to do catch up on laundry and stuff, but will roam the hood. Groceries at some point. Tide isn't low until close to supper time, would rather catch it in the morning, but I have the urge for a beach sometime this weekend. Been a while since we've gone to Hemeon's Head. Maybe that will be our spot today.
It sure was a busy week. Lots of people and lots of work accomplished. Had a group visit us yesterday afternoon and they all seemed to be happy which made me happy.  I do enjoy helping folks find their ancestors and do research. It was a warm day with a bit of breeze, so I went out for my walk after supper. Nice evening in the hood.
A little foam along the shore line.
 This tree seems to grow well even though it hangs over the bank into the water.
 Not sure who this guy is but he's sure pretty.
 Clematis in bloom.
Butterfly and Beauty Bush.

Blue Jays hiding from me.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 178 - 27th June 2014 - Queen Anne's Lace, Cobwebs and Daisies

It's Friday, dark out there this morning, but I can hear a loon up the lake singing his mournful song. Going to be another busy day to end the week off. Have a tour group visiting this afternoon from Boston, so I will need to be on my toes. Weather looks like it's going to turn around and be a fine day, hopefully the weekend will be nice as well.
So squash in chili is an acceptable ingredient. Oh yeah, since I've gotten older I've been doing stupid things. The other day I took squash out of the freezer instead of tomato sauce - we had some yellow tomatoes sauce, so I keep telling myself that's how I got them mixed up. I tossed it in, just don't tell Larry, he doesn't like squash. A very wet day in town yesterday, rained really hard at times, usually when I was out but like I've said - we need rain. Exercise class last night - she must have been punishing me - both steps and the ball - my two greatest dislikes. Mostly because I'm scared of falling off them. I'm a klutz on a good day.
 Fruit are beginning to set.
 Moth and other bugs living off the Daisies.
Queen Anne's Lace - delicate and light.

 Yesterday morning the woods were full of cobwebs.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 177 - 26th June 2014 - Bee, Woodpecker, Nests and Dogbwood.

Looks like rain on it's way, foggy out there this morning. Rain's not a bad thing, keeps the forest damp and the gardens growing, too bad it couldn't rain at night and clear in the morning. One of those things we can't do anything about. Better on a Thursday than a weekend. Back to work - lots to do as always.
A good day in the hood. Lexi and I roamed as is part of our normal routine. Most of the time it was really warm, every once in a while the dark clouds would roll in and then leave again. It was windy most of the day which was ok too. Did a little housework, made a chili for the next couple of nights for supper but didn't work too hard.
 Bees are busy.
 Woodpecker - wondering where to start.

 I've forgotten the difference between Damselflies and Dragonflies.
 Dogwood blooming in a neighbour's yard.
 Red-Eyed Vireo nesting. I didn't get too close or for too long. Didn't want to disturb her.

 We came across a Snapping Turtle laying eggs on the beach.
 My Butterfly bush is blooming.
This is our telephone pole, It's a baby Starling. They've been nesting in the downstairs apartment of our power pole for several years.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 176 - 25th June 2014 - Moth, Daisies and Sheep Laurel

We've rolled around to Wednesday - hump day as many call it. Suppose to have drizzle early this morning, but it's not doing anything yet. Today I'm planning to get out and roam the hood - well that's what I usually do I know, but have a few spots I want to hang out in longer and I've got knew bug spray to help with the mosquitoes and black flies so I should be able to perch longer in one place. Oh yeah, have to do some housework too - but not too much if it turns out fine. Also need to plant the Spirea that Lois' gave me for my birthday.
Tuesday was my birthday - had a great day even though I worked. Nice to have so many friends and family that wished me a Happy Birthday. Another year older - but am fortunate to be able to enjoy life as there are many who can not. Got a new bird on my walk yesterday morning - a Chestnut sided Warbler. Of course I didn't get a good photo of him. When I downloaded my pics last night all I had was his belly - darn leaves an branches! But I did get several good visuals and heard him sing. Now to go back and stalk him!
 A large moth on the telephone pole in the morning.
 Daisies and grasses on the side of the road. So tall.
 I love the mornings on the lake, with their peaceful reflections.

 Danny & Lois are all set for Canada day, with the flag out on the end of the dock. Sign of summer!
Sheep Laurel, I think.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 175 - 24th June 2014 - Frogs, Yellow Warbler and Sailing Boats

Beautiful morning out there, the sun is rising over the tree line of the lake - all red. Looks like another nice day on the horizon. The birds are singing. Lexi barks half the night, not sure what disturbs her - the deer that visit the yard during the night or the cats that are fighting. This time of year we have windows up and she can hear all the night time activity, during the winter not so.
The office looks amazing, the girls did a great job on Saturday cleaning and re-arranging. A few people around researching as well as some email requests - I never really get caught up, I'm sure. Oh well that's how it goes. Exercise class last night - Tabatas - one of my favourite in the exercise love hate relationship .

I can't help stopping to see this guy every morning on my walk.

 Yesterday he had company - maybe a girlfriend! The reflection makes her look like she has an extra eye in the water.
 And look what I found in the middle of town - Yellow Warbler.
 Mossing in the Harbour.
It's beautiful with all the boats in the morning.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 174 - 23rd June 2014 - Magnolia Warbler, Pitcher Plant, Beauty Bush and Damselfly

The weekend went by far too fast, here we are back at Monday.  Summer student begins today at the office - going to be a busy week. Am curious to see what changes and cleaning the girls got done when they were in on Saturday. Looks like we are going to have another sunny day.
A good day at home on Sunday, some laundry a little housework a good long walk around the hood and some much needed deck time. It was a beautiful day, although the clouds turned dark and rolled in several times and I thought it would rain but it didn't. I did get some clipping done around the flower beds and a few weeds pulled, but I'm a lazy gardener overall. Larry worked in the woodpile and went fishing later in the afternoon - good thing we had other plans for supper since all that saw were Pickerel. Not a fish I want to eat.
The very evasive Magnolia Warbler.
 Mother and her babies out for a morning swim.
 The Pitcher Plant is such an interesting plant.
 Cheeks are full as he hides beneath the underbrush.
 A branch from Lois' Beauty Bush - I can see where it gets it's name from.
 Laying eggs, I think. Lexi and I didn't disturb her.
Clouds rolled across the sky.

Enjoy your day!