Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 121 - 30th April 2012 - Family Visit, Birds and Flowers

Brrr.... it's chilly this morning! The temperature is -1.2 but feels colder. I am sure it will warm up. It was a great weekend and now it's over, back to Monday. Oh well, can't do anything about weather or the week days, so we will be glad to have jobs and weekends. I'm hoping before the end of this week I can finish getting the centre cleaned up, re-oranized and ready for the season. Today is also the end of the month, another one gone but our year end as well, so there's work to be done for that, book shop inventory etc.
Yesterday turned out to be nice, but not overly warm. Sweatshirt weather, not T-shirt weather like a few weeks ago. But  we can live with that, it will warm up again. Chris and the boys arrived yesterday morning, Larry headed off to breakfast at the hall with them. I stayed home, turkey in the oven for supper so someone has to tend it. Then I made some cookies, they were planning to go fishing after breakfast and growing boys won't last long unless they have continuous nourishment! Apparently one of them did, most of the cookies didn't quite make it to the brook. They both got wet so it was a change of clothes and in the dryer their wet ones went. Hey that's the fun of it, right. Got all the work I was going to do done, new Mantra - "Life is for Living".  Too many people are dying lately so, you need to get out there and do what you want to do. Housework and all that stuff can get done on a rainy day. Going to work is one thing you have to do, but take a little time out to enjoy life!
Looks like the Evening Grosbeaks are sharing a joke.
An old standby - the BlueJay. Colorful and noisy [although I would still like to see one of those Indigo Buntings!]
Another visitor has joined the party!
Another of my tulips, I think this is different variety than the other two. Should have kept the wrappers that they came in when I planted last fall.
Barb's Helleborus. They are really pretty, love the white.
A closer view of one of the flowers.
And they are still hanging around. Having a nap on the rock this evening.
Larry built a fire this morning in the furnace, kind of need that right  now. Well I suppose I need to finish off my coffee and get a few things done before it's time to head out to work. The sunrise is beautiful through the trees this morning and I can just see glimmers of it on the lake.
Enjoy your day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 120 - 29th April 2012 - The Canada Geese

Well a slight change in the temperature this morning, it's -1.6. They did say we could have a chance of frost the next few nights, looks like they could have been right. On the other hand the sun is once again rising before I did, and it looks like it could be a nice day rolling in. The wind has died out and I'm sure it will warm up. Need to finish up the housework, Larry's brother and his two boys are coming for breakfast at the fire hall, then they will all do some fishing for a few hours. I'll stay home and tend the turkey that's going in the oven this morning and do my work. Hopefully can get the rest of those bulbs planted. This afternoon Larry, Lexi and I will head out for a few hours.
Yesterday did not warm up.....brrrrrrr! After a couple of loads of laundry I decided to bite the bullet and plant my bulbs, after putting about half of them in the ground I no longer had any feelings in my fingers so gave it up and went in to do some housework. Larry came home and we decided it would be the time to move rose bushes, did I mention it was spitting S [not allowed to print any 4 letter words that come from the sky!] One went well, the other we had to dig up part of the back yard, through wisteria roots and fir tree roots to get it all, but we managed. Hopefully they will survive. They are some Explorer roses that I had planted a number of years ago, nice and hardy for our winters [all joking aside] and require little maintenance. Following more cold fingers I decided to go for a walk through the woods, haven't been that way for a few days. 
 I took a few photos on my walk, a few  new little flowers in bloom, but then I came to the lake, saw the ducks and started snapping some of them. They were swimming around. Swung my camera  to the left and WOW this is what I was looking at through my viewfinder!

I nearly peed my pants! Two Canada Geese up front and personal! Right there in front of me. I just kept taking photo after photo.
Maybe I'm too easily made happy, but boy this was the highlight of my day!
Ah, they are so cute!
A little action - must be the male showing off!

We took a drive to Upper Clyde yesterday afternoon, Larry to fish, me to take more photos and Lexi to have a good run. It was rather cold and windy, I was dressed with cap and gloves. I took lots of photos but will save those for another day when it rains and I can't get out. Today you will have to suffer my excitement at the Canada Geese! Tomorrow I'll post more variety!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - 28th April 2012 -Planting, Work and Having a fun afternoon

Well daylight started to come without me this morning, yes I slept until 6am.......lazy Saturday already? I did have two late nights (10:30pm), for you night owls I'm sure it's a laugh but I go to bed almost with the sun and get up before it. The temperature isn't quite as warm as we've had most mornings, it's only +2.7, hope it warms up. Kind of dismal looking out there. I'd like to get my new bulbs planted sometime between today and tomorrow. Maybe later today we'll take our cameras and head out on a little excursion, see if we can find some of these birds that I've been seeing photos of that aren't quite so common around here. I'm thinking I need a few bird feeders in the yard. But where to put them that I can get good photos.....and Larry doesn't complain about mowing around them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot I better do some of that dreaded housework too, can't put that off until Monday anymore!

I am glad the week is over, not used to being in the office on a regular basis. Wow I had forgotten how tired I can be on Friday night! Of course last night Larry picked me up from work and we went out to Barrington to do our grocery shopping, so didn't get home until after 6:30. I think that finished me off. First thing I did was put my pj's on when I got home - like comfort food they are my comfort clothes. Then I made a cup of tea.
Pretty and pink!
Our friendly Mallard out for a little swim.
On Dock St. - Coyle House [red], Shelburne County Museum and Cox's Warehouse.
Forsythia Bush in full bloom.
Not much in the exciting line this morning, hopefully today will be a fuller day of photos, maybe it will be a drive through the country, hard to say where we may end up. If I'm planning to do that better get another coffee and tackle some of the work around here or better yet take my turn in scrabble with Susan! And I do believe I have some Water St. chapters to read this weekend...... I'll start those this morning!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118 - 27th April 2012 - Wind, Rain and Redcoats

I'm tired this morning, was late getting to bed (late for me) so am dragging my backside this morning. The temperature is +10.5 and I can hear the wind and rain battling out side even if I can't see it yet. Hopefully today will be as good as the rest of the week at work. Am finally getting back into the swing of it again. I think we'll go to Barrington after I get through this afternoon and do our grocery shopping and pick up the last of my two cupboard door knobs, they call the other week and they were in. Since the weather looks decent for the weekend, maybe we can squeeze some time off from yard work, housework to take a drive and see if we can find some of the birds that everyone else is seeing. I've also got my Vessey bulbs to plant.

Beautiful day yesterday, got lots of work done at the centre with my very able volunteer Adam. Today we should get all of those books up on the shelves. We've received a number of reference books which have to be accessioned, inventoried, etc. They are all most done. Rah!
Took some photos at the Bean Dock for their new Facebook group, nothing like pictures of food and happy people enjoying lunch to put people in the mood!
Last night was photography class, and Cheryl suggested we head down to the waterfront to do some photos - learn a few new techniques and practice some old ones. What fun! Although it did cool off quickly.
I like the shadow from the lamp post against the barn.

The steeple on Cox's Warehouse against the very blue blue sky!
An anchor on Dock Street. I've not quite mastered this new technique of flash fill, more practice!
The flags blowing in the wind on either side of the Fisherman's Memorial.
Just as we were getting ready to leave, we heard the sound of the re-enactors coming down the street - perfect photo-op!
They are around at lots of events and festivals throughout the summer, so check them out if you have a chance.
I'm betting they were warmer in their wool suits then I was, and we headed back.
So folks, I'm the one saying thank goodness it's Friday. Yes, I know I snickered at you all winter, but this week I'm happy to see Saturday on the horizon and appreciate her even more, having worked the week!
Enjoy the Day, stay dry!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 117 - 26th April 2012 - Strange Skies and Pink Flowers

It's Thursday morning and the temperature is +3.5. Daylight is coming and it's suppose to be a fine day. Off to work today, my brain didn't quite want to wake up. Funny how when you don't need to get up early it's not problem. Am hoping to get a few more days at the office before people really realize I am there. I've had the odd few through and phone calls but not like it normally is yet. Today I have some help coming, a young volunteer, Adam for a few days so that will make a difference to getting things back to rights for the busy season. It's also coming up to year end, so that means inventory, etc.

Considering yesterday didn't start off the greatest, it improved immensely.  I spent several hours doing paper work, but got it all done (I've been putting it off for a week or so), so that felt very good. Then I did all the standard housework stuff and got that down to a dull roar. Getting into the swing of my work week again. Lexi and I went out for a couple of walks. The sky was dark then light then dark again off and on all day. More NS weather! We did have a few showers in the morning. Larry came home quite wet; where he was working it rained hard in the afternoon. I am so jealous of all the photos I've been seeing of indigo buntings - guessing the wind and rain drove them a little off course as they are not native to here, but oh they are so pretty! Maybe on the weekend we can get out and find some odd and exotic birds, hopefully they haven't left by then.
Took these photos of the lake around 8:30 this morning, was the sky ever strange looking!

Can't quite decide if the sky is beaming something up or not!
The Pink Hyacinth is now in full bloom too.
I think this is an Azalea.
Up close....... I think the theme is Pink today!
And of course are Mallards, who have been shy lately.
So there is no doubt about it, this morning I need an extra cup of coffee. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 116 - 25th April 2012 - Lovin' NS Weather - From Rain to Sun

At 4:45 am the day is already a bummer. It's mild again +4.9, more rain forecast for today. Woke up at 4, thanks to #1 dog child, who is sleeping away on the living room floor now, not sure what was her problem. It's my day off, and I have plans to get lots done. Made my coffee, flipped on the laptop to see what I had missed in the world of Facebook and take my turn at Scrabble, it's down. Must be all the "great" [not] timeline changes they are making lately, which most people are disliking, maybe they all just finally went nuts.
It was wild windy and raining when I left to catch my ride yesterday morning. This is the one time I can say, glad I had all those chocolates after Christmas or I may just have gotten airborne. At 4'11" there is a possibility that the wind could catch me! Certainly a quiet morning, with lots of work accomplished. By lunch time the sun had come out and I was somewhat overdressed with my muckers and jacket.
The harbour was still hazy/foggy but you can see some sunshine bling on the water.

The pigeons on Dock St. I really really dislike these birds  and when the whole flock flew at me/over me, I ended up crouched down on the street. It could have been worse, if I hadn't had my camera around my neck I would have landed flat on my stomach in the middle of the street. No, there is no humour in this story! Donna laughed as she watched me knowing my fear and she usually has  control over the things!
And around the corner were some more pretty daffodils in a yard. I just leaned over the fence to get a closer shot. They look to be nodding off.
Some lovely yellow chairs in the corner of another yard. Even in Town I can creep around a little bit. I bet someone was enjoying the sun and harbour view in these last week.
I like the color of this tulip, a deep burgundy, can't wait to see what the rest look like.
A Japonica bush. Looks almost like apple blossoms.
As I looked a little closer I found this Chickadee among the branches. By then my lunch hour was over and it was time to head back to the office.
After supper I went for a short walk and couldn't believe the things that were starting to bloom/changes in the path since Sunday. The little white violets are in full bloom. They are so much tinier than the purple ones.
Delicate, small and very pretty. This time of year it only takes a few days for things to green up, leaves and flowers to pop out. Larry mowed the grass after supper for the second time this season!
Well I guess I might as well get this day moving forward, I'm sure I will crash and burn this afternoon.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 115 - 24th April 2012 - Rain and Wind

I can still hear the wind roaring and assume it's raining too, but it's dark so will have to wait on that one. At least it's mild, more like down right warm +15.5. With this kind of weather I will get use to being back in the office again, no longingly looks out the window wishing I could be in the garden at home. It's a good week to start back.
Yesterday went well, which really surprised me. Now if the rest of the week goes the same way I will have accomplished a lot. It's usual quiet the first few days until people figure I'm back and then ........but oh well, that's the point of me being there. Managed a photo on the way to catch my ride with Nancy in the morning. I'm lucky enough to be able to catch a ride to work. Here in the country we don't have the public transport system that the government is always telling us to use, but we do make do most of the time. Around supper time the wind was blowing hard and it was "raining cats & dogs". First day back and by the time Coronation Street came on at 6:30 I was ready for I didn't go! I guess it's the structured day that wears me out more. At home I can switch around, go for a walk, etc.
The lake was rather grey and foggy this morning.

Not sure how well you can see this,  but it appears our little woodpecker now has room to turn around in his telephone pole house. I'm thinking there is a nest being built.
I like the fungi that grows on the sides of trees, some of it is colorful and has kind of neat designs.
Lots of rain droplets on this daffodil.
Mrs. Woodpecker - notice no red on her head.
I guess today will include my "muckers" or rubber boots. Muckers are put out by Clarks, I bought them a couple of years ago in Boston and they are so comfy and good for wet days like this. They are a low (not quite to the ankle) rubber boot, similar to the ducky boots that everyone use to wear but more stylish.  I like them and they are comfortable enough to wear all day. I am not keen on wet feet all day even when it's mild. One thing I'm lacking in my wardrobe is a good rain jacket with a hood, so the next time I hit Frenchy's that better be on my look for list. I haven't been there in ages and it's almost time for some new spring/summer clothes. $40. and I can outfit myself without feeling guilty if I don't wear them forever.
Must get a move on. Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114 - 23rd April 2012 - Rain Drops and more

Another warm morning but not quite like yesterday, today the temperature is only +9.7. Still plenty warm. As is the norm, it's dark out still and I can't tell if it's raining or not. Back to the Monday grind with the rest of the working world. As I have sat back and chuckled at comments on Facebook all winter about Monday, I will now be making the same remarks! It's not so bad, have to work sometime. Pay day will be better anyway, or at least I hope so! I still put in a fair amount of hours during the winter months from home as things still need to be done, now it's just more structured once I get back in the office and I get paid. I enjoy the work, but a small non-profit organization means you have to wear a lot of different hats, and fundraising will be a big priority this summer. So if you see me or one of our members selling tickets, etc. stop and buy some it's a great cause and we do lots of good work with genealogy and our local history.
Yesterday I whizzed through the house quickly, doing dishes, laundry, floors etc in the morning. Since it had stopped raining, thought I better go out and catch a few photos before it started up again. Whereas, Saturday I wanted big beautiful blooms today I was interested in rain drops on those same flowers. It began raining again on the way home from my walk, Larry and Lexi got home shortly after. The rest of the day was good for inside. After finishing off a few things, Lexi and I curled up on the sofa with the fuzzy burgundy blanket and a book and snuggled for a while before it was time to get supper under way. More or less a lazy afternoon and evening.
Tulips and Daffodils.

Rain drops - they look like beads on the tulip petals.
Lupin leaves are growing quickly.
And with rain and spring......bugs arrive, oh yes the black flies are wicked too!
Evening Grosbeak enjoying some seeds that have fallen from the feeder above. He seems quite dark so I'm guessing he hasn't quite got his summer coat on yet!
His lady friend, not quite as pretty.

I just checked the weather for the week and looks like we are going to get lots and lots of rain between this evening and tomorrow. And that rain on Monday folklore may come true....... Time to get things moving. Wish me luck!
Enjoy your day!