Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 90 - 31st March 2013 - Crocuses, Outhouse, River, Geese and a Beaver

Happy Easter. Up a bit earlier and it's pretty nippy this morning, temperature is -2.2 but suppose to be another nice day. Our turn to work breakfast at the Fire Hall this morning, then sometime this afternoon it will be off to enjoy dinner with the family. Not sure what's on the menu but mom always does a slap up meal. The only draw back is no leftovers at our place.
Saturday was even more beautiful then Friday weather wise. Did the quick run to  town early and got groceries and then home for some puttering around. Susan and I walked into her camp by the river (working on some extra exercise to make room for the chocolate), it was a lovely day there - gentle breeze and ripples on the water. I did a little gardening at home and walked around the hood a couple of times in search of wildlife. Always a neighbour or two around for a chat. Lots of exercise, with very little excitement. Poor Larry worked hard all day and was tired by the time he got home last evening.
 The crocuses are really loving all this sunshine.
 On the river.

 Not a great pic, but they are the turkeys from up the road out for a walk. Anyone having free range turkeys for Easter?
 This building brings back memories of cottage days with by great grandmother.
 A Chickadee with some definite attitude.
 Once again Kate and William spent the day lazing around the lake.
Came across a beaver in another cove with a few ducks.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89 - 30th March 2013 - The Lake, Max, Crocuses and Geese

Looking like another nice day on the horizon, temperature is +0.6. I've really got to start getting up earlier (never thought I'd say that) but 6:30 am is too late to get my coffee, wake up and catch that early morning sky at it's best. Off to town for groceries this morning - not looking forward to that, you know things will be nuts, stores closed yesterday and tomorrow! Then I'm home for the rest of the day, going to do some yard work and roam the hood with my camera, life can't get much better than that!
Good Friday was truly a beautiful spring day. Larry and Lexi headed over to Upper Clyde. As I was bringing my mirror downstairs to take with me to the Jewellery Party (which was great) I tapped the end of it on the step and it cracked - one straight break across. Not a great start to such a nice morning, put some scotch tape over it - considered duck tape but only had grey no fashion colors. After that  I thought a walk in search of ducks, geese and whatever else I could find might be a very good idea. The lake was flat calm, not a ripple - not much in the way of ducks either! It was still nice. By the time I got back to our driveway I heard the geese honking and flying over head. Guess I was at the wrong lake! Throughout the morning you could hear the sounds of spring - chainsaws, bush cutters, etc. It's the last weekend to burn and the first fine weekend to clean up lawns and winter debris. I tried again after supper to find the geese and ducks - geese no problems, the mergansers were around but not co-operative even though I laid in the bushed behind rocks.
 Nothing I like better than reflections in the water.

 You really can't get anything prettier than a spring morning on the lake.
 More reflections.
 Max was out prowling at the same time I was. He seems to have a demonic look about him.
 Found a bunny in the hood.
 One of my crocus' has a visitor.
 Love seeing them all in bloom.

 Not a great pic, they were really not co-operative - Male Common Merganser - probably the husband to the lady with the bad hair do.
 This bunch of crocuses weren't quite open.
William and Kate, think they hung around all day - um... think  you two should be building a nest, don't you?

Time to get on with the things. Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 88 - 29th March 2013 - Sunrises and Mergansers

Brr, it feels a little chilly, temperature is -1.7 but looks like it will warm up.  I've had a well earned sleep. Seems kind of strange to actually see the sun starting to rise when you get up rather than my habit of waiting an hour or two for it. Looks like it will be another beautiful sky, I'd go catch it but at least one cup a coffee before running around in the morning.  It's a holiday so most businesses will be closed, families will be home for the long weekend, governments, banks and schools also have Monday off but not regular people.  Larry and Lexi will head to Upper Clyde for most of the day, I'm home then off to day in the afternoon.  Not a terrible exciting day but a good one I hope.
Thought Thursday was going to be a beautiful day, temperature went up to +7 before lunch. Lexi and I took an early roam around the hood and I was lucky enough to spy a female merganser hanging out with a pair of Mallards. Now I know I'm becoming obsessed when I crawl through the bushes and hide behind a rock with just my head and camera lens over the top to get photos. Lexi was good she just sauntered around, waded in the water and sat beside me. I think she's an Aussie duck tolling dog. Patience is indeed what it takes as today I finally got some shots I was happy with. When we walked back later on it began to hail, the ducks had left so we went back home and rebuilt the fire in the furnace. Made  cookies for the Stella & Dot party, did laundry and other mundane things around the house. Exercise class last night was a hurtful affair.
 Nice shades of pinks an blues.
 The sun is glowing behind the treeline.
I startled a pair of ducks in the cove, but I like their flying silhouettes against the sky.

 Can't say she's beautiful but she does have a certain striking look about her.
 She was hanging out with these mallards.

 She's got quite a hair do!

If I want to chase sunrises, definitely got to get this coffee gone. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 87 - 28th March 2013 - Spring, Foam, Moss and Ducks

Temperature is +1.0 but doesn't  feel like it. Suppose to be an ok day I think. Today I've got to bake cookies for our "Stella & Dot" Party that we are having for a fundraiser on Friday afternoon. If you're free everyone is welcome. Oh it's a line of jewellery and from what I've seen very nice. So hopefully we will get a lot of orders. Might go back to editing the manuscript some today too, unless it turns nice and warm out - then I'm back to the flower beds!
Wednesday was a wet miserable day. That was the weather, my day overall was just bad, bad, bad! I prefer to just forget the middle of the week and move on to the next day. I am always mentally and physically drained. I think part of the problem is I try to get a lot done and then get disturbed and don't get anything done I need to. I'm like a mouse on a while going around in circles. Home, leftovers for supper and feet up in front of the tv for the evening. No photos yesterday so I drummed up a few from the last few days.
Lilac bush is budding out.
 Water's been pretty choppy in the lake making up patches of foam.
 Moss really covers the old stones along the stonewalls on neighbouring properties. Most of them now are hidden through parts of the woods.
 A good spot for critters to hide or maybe birds to nest.
The finger tips of the lichen reach out in the wind but never quite leave the tree.

 Not sure what he's doing, but it was fun to watch.
Take off or landing, can't remember which.

Time to get mobile. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 86 - 27th March 2013 - Spring Flowers, Chickadees and Geese

Wednesday, temperature is +1.5 and it's spitting snow. I thought it was rain since Lexi was wet when she came in but Larry tells me snow, suppose to turn to rain and will just be a messy day. Wednesday always seems to be the yucky weather day! Being a short week, need to get a lot done today in town. The stores will be nuts - it`s the end of the month as well as a holiday weekend, look out.
Another sunny but cool day. If it wasn't for the wind it would be down right nice out. Worked on some research which just felt like I was chasing around in circles, not sure if I accomplished anything or not. Some days are like that.
Had a request for Grandmother's Journal, so lets see what was going on a few years ago.
25 March 1974 - Beautiful cold day. Cold wind. Bob to MC to work on fields. Russell's crowd went up the river for 2 days. Sidney up for supper. Ruth and I out for a walk, saw something unusual in the sky. Long narrow very bright light. Looked like lighted up fog or mist behind it. Something like smoke behind it in a cone shape. Never saw anything like it before color of stars but very very bright lighted up the whole sky around it. Came towards us very very fast then went away or disappeared in the distance (or just went out). Rather scary.
26 March 1974 - Nice morning, sunny very cold. Became overcast very raw. Bob drove me to work, he and Tom to MC. Catherine, Bing, Mother and I to Barrington. Had summer, home 5:30. Catherine not feeling well. She came home from Russia yesterday sick. Had pneumonia while she was gone.
 The sky is full of clouds lately.
 Truly spring has arrived.

 The chickadees are faithful visitors to the feeders.

If you look really close you`ll see mayflower buds - Yahoo!
Kate & William were back yesterday, but if they are lazing around on that rock all day I don`t see how they can be building a nest!

Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 85 - 26th March 2013 - Sunrise, Wood Ducks and Bling

Tuesday, the temperature is 0. and they care giving a chance of flurries - I don't even want to hear about that! Temperature is suppose go to +6 so it should be fine. Today I'll finish up a few things that I need to get done before my town day tomorrow. Hard to believe that we are coming toward the end of another month. This means I that I'll probably go back to work in less than a month. When the weather starts to get good I usually go back, oh well, nice to be home to tend the fire all winter.
Another sunny but chilly day on Monday. So Lexi and I enjoyed brisk walks rather than leisurely ones, oh well picking up the pace is really much better for us. There is a general consensus in the hood that the loons are back, several neighbours have heard them so this too is a sign of spring. The flower beds have once again shed their blankets of snow and the tulips and daffodils are popping up at quite a pace. I started editing the manuscript yesterday morning, got some done and will continue later this week. Of course being Monday I made chocolate chip cookies. Those are not my weakness so I'm ok to have them in the house. Exercise class last evening as usual Cindy worked us hard, probably this afternoon I will start hurting!
 I love early mornings over the lake as the sun is coming up.
 Just a hint of color over the tree lines.
 A girl can find a little bling just about anywhere.

 A little attitude here.
 The Wood ducks - I'm a little obsessed with trying to get a few decent photos of them.
 You can see the sand through the water.
 They are swimming away from me.
 Mallards flying off into the sunset.
A female Mallard is their guardian I think.

Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!