Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 70 - 11th March 2013 - Blue Skies and Water, Bulbs pushing up through the Ground

Monday and the start of the work week again, unless you are in the school system, then it's March Break.  Temperature is -0.9 this morning, little nippy but suppose to be a nice day.  Can't decide whether to make bread, cinnamon rolls or just cookies today. No, I'm not making all three! Exercise class tonight.
Wind died down and the sun stayed out yesterday. Temperatures went to +13 at least. We stayed pretty close to the homestead, Larry working on a wood shed addition and I continued in the flower beds. Managed to get one more cleaned out really well and two more semi done. I see more springs of green coming up, can't wait to see flowers after the long winter. Truthfully the only month I really find long is February, which is the shortest month, I know. It's the month of less activity and usually the most bad weather if we are having any, and this year it seemed like every Friday or Sunday in February it was a snow storm. It was nice last evening to still see daylight at 7 pm.
Each day more and more ice is leaving. Today was perfect blue sky with blue water.

 More little green things sprouting through the ground.
 Had a few left over oranges which we sliced up and put out for the birds, chickadees and nuthatches weren't interested but I'm sure the morning gang will be.
 I went across to the other the lake after supper - still quite a bit of ice in that one.
 The sun was making her departure behind the trees.
 Shining across the ice.
Tulips and daffodils, I think.

Coffee time! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Go ahead make all three things!!! jk nice t osee the new growth and the promise of spring :)