Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 83 - 24th March 2013 - Droplets, Ducks and Snow Flurries

Milder this morning, temperature is +0.2. Seems I have no tv - not sure what the problem is but will probably need more than one coffee to fix this issue. Satellite seems to be working, but no picture or sound - sounds like the tv itself to me, wondering how old (doesn't matter I don't want to buy a new one right now), thinking 12-15 years. Not going to worry about it right now, will tackle it later.  So I'm not sure what else will be on the agenda today, maybe some of the things I didn't get done yesterday. Kind of hoping Larry and Lexi will disappear again and I truly will get things done today!
Another chilly day, but with flurries off and on. Quick trip to town for groceries and gas, then home. Larry and Lexi headed over to Upper Clyde to do some work and I enjoyed the rest of the day in solitude. Instead of doing a lot of work around the house like I should have, I headed out for a long walk. Nearly froze since I wasn't really dressed for the wind but I survived. I also spent some time laying on the back deck taking photos of the water dripping off the eaves. So in other words, I goofed off a lot. Then after supper I trotted around the hood again. I've gained a few winter pounds so need to get get rid of them as quickly as I can.
Water dripping from the eaves of the house on to the deck!
 Love playing around with the camera.
 They are tired of snow too and breaking out!
 I'm not taking any more traditional snow flurry photos the rest of this winter!
Playing around with a bit of food coloring and water in a vase,while the drips from the eaves did their magic.
 More snow flurries.
Wood Ducks in the foreground. Wish I could get a closer look.

Did a little photo editing with this one - pretty cool I think.

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

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