Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 74 - 15th March - Boats, Ducks, Royalty and Clouds

Friday - work week is almost over for most as well as March break. Woke up to snow on the ground this morning (and it's still snowing), temperature is 0.4 but the house is chilly. Didn't bother building a fire again in the evening so it's cooled off. I know this won't last on the ground long but everything was looking so nice and greening up. And yes I also knew we would still get a few flurries here and there but a girl can always dream. Well probably won't be much of a work around the yard day so inside I'll hang and get some things done. Weekend looks better and a little warmer. Happy Birthday to my Dad!
Thursday was one of those days that kept dragging us outside - beautiful blue sky and blue water. Very little ice is left now, just a bit around the coves and shore in some spots but you can see it disappearing quickly. Loons will return any day now. Didn't see the geese, Lexi and I may not have our timing right. I did get some things done around the house and some work on a couple of research projects. Of course there is always spending some time in the kitchen window watching the birds. I had to run over and see if the geese were around before going to exercise class last evening (just as well we had spaghetti and I ate too much as usual) - of course they were. Lois has officially named them  Kate & William - well they are the Royal Couple of the lake! Hopefully we can start picking out baby names too.

 Boats will soon be able to get back in the lake.
 They were a little far away - by Mergansers in the cove with the Mallards this morning.
 The Mallards fly off. I loved the colors that show up in their wings and head.
In to the clouds they go, but they'll come back.
 Nice to see the reflections in the water again.
 My first bloom of the spring season!
 Kate and William - hope they go real estate hunting today and find a nice place for a nest!
Lovely fluffy clouds and blue water.

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy birthday to your Dad!!! You just had to go to work and trump me with the geese and now you have Royalty....I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!