Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89 - 30th March 2013 - The Lake, Max, Crocuses and Geese

Looking like another nice day on the horizon, temperature is +0.6. I've really got to start getting up earlier (never thought I'd say that) but 6:30 am is too late to get my coffee, wake up and catch that early morning sky at it's best. Off to town for groceries this morning - not looking forward to that, you know things will be nuts, stores closed yesterday and tomorrow! Then I'm home for the rest of the day, going to do some yard work and roam the hood with my camera, life can't get much better than that!
Good Friday was truly a beautiful spring day. Larry and Lexi headed over to Upper Clyde. As I was bringing my mirror downstairs to take with me to the Jewellery Party (which was great) I tapped the end of it on the step and it cracked - one straight break across. Not a great start to such a nice morning, put some scotch tape over it - considered duck tape but only had grey no fashion colors. After that  I thought a walk in search of ducks, geese and whatever else I could find might be a very good idea. The lake was flat calm, not a ripple - not much in the way of ducks either! It was still nice. By the time I got back to our driveway I heard the geese honking and flying over head. Guess I was at the wrong lake! Throughout the morning you could hear the sounds of spring - chainsaws, bush cutters, etc. It's the last weekend to burn and the first fine weekend to clean up lawns and winter debris. I tried again after supper to find the geese and ducks - geese no problems, the mergansers were around but not co-operative even though I laid in the bushed behind rocks.
 Nothing I like better than reflections in the water.

 You really can't get anything prettier than a spring morning on the lake.
 More reflections.
 Max was out prowling at the same time I was. He seems to have a demonic look about him.
 Found a bunny in the hood.
 One of my crocus' has a visitor.
 Love seeing them all in bloom.

 Not a great pic, they were really not co-operative - Male Common Merganser - probably the husband to the lady with the bad hair do.
 This bunch of crocuses weren't quite open.
William and Kate, think they hung around all day - um... think  you two should be building a nest, don't you?

Time to get on with the things. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Dang flies lol. Have a good day (maybe see you at the grocery store)