Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 63 - 4th March 2013 - Birds, The lake is Breaking and Pussy Willows Beginning

Monday morning folks, time to get back to work. I know, every Monday we wonder where the weekend went. Temperature is +1.7 and we have a chance of rain showers or flurries, sounds like yesterday's weather forecast. For me it's back to normal today, Lexi and I at home and Larry's going with the guys to take the boat for launching. So some baking, minimal housework, research and roaming around the hood. Sounds like a great day to me!
The days are definitely getting longer, morning comes sooner and evening later. I think the time springs ahead within the next week or so. Sunday was drizzly and the sun peeped in and out but never stayed with us for long, the air was warmer though and the snow is melting which is a bonus. Soon we will see more greens popping through. Larry has been going over and over the seed catalogue for months now, so I guess I had better put in the order this week. Most things we plant directly in the ground but there are a few like tomatoes and peppers we like to start in the house and transplant. One year I ordered early which meant in his excitement he planted early and a month before they could go in the ground we had 3' tomato plants. 2-3 dozen of those take up a lot of space even if they are on the deck during the day being hardened off. So now I try to hold off as long as possible.
 I know some of you might be tired of the birds, but before too long these ones will be gone and hopefully new ones will replace them. For now they offer some color during the drab months.
 I played around with this one a bit.

A serious looking guy.

 The lake looks like it's beginning to break up.
 First sign of spring - pussy willows are starting to open.
Everyone is enjoying the feeder.

Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!


  1. Lol I admit not a huge bird lover but you are tight they bring some colour and the "serious guy" is kinda cute! Have a good day .....I am off to work shortly

  2. Beautiful photos! Evening grosbeaks are some of may favorite birds. They are so beautiful! The Redpolls are also so cute!