Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 86 - 27th March 2013 - Spring Flowers, Chickadees and Geese

Wednesday, temperature is +1.5 and it's spitting snow. I thought it was rain since Lexi was wet when she came in but Larry tells me snow, suppose to turn to rain and will just be a messy day. Wednesday always seems to be the yucky weather day! Being a short week, need to get a lot done today in town. The stores will be nuts - it`s the end of the month as well as a holiday weekend, look out.
Another sunny but cool day. If it wasn't for the wind it would be down right nice out. Worked on some research which just felt like I was chasing around in circles, not sure if I accomplished anything or not. Some days are like that.
Had a request for Grandmother's Journal, so lets see what was going on a few years ago.
25 March 1974 - Beautiful cold day. Cold wind. Bob to MC to work on fields. Russell's crowd went up the river for 2 days. Sidney up for supper. Ruth and I out for a walk, saw something unusual in the sky. Long narrow very bright light. Looked like lighted up fog or mist behind it. Something like smoke behind it in a cone shape. Never saw anything like it before color of stars but very very bright lighted up the whole sky around it. Came towards us very very fast then went away or disappeared in the distance (or just went out). Rather scary.
26 March 1974 - Nice morning, sunny very cold. Became overcast very raw. Bob drove me to work, he and Tom to MC. Catherine, Bing, Mother and I to Barrington. Had summer, home 5:30. Catherine not feeling well. She came home from Russia yesterday sick. Had pneumonia while she was gone.
 The sky is full of clouds lately.
 Truly spring has arrived.

 The chickadees are faithful visitors to the feeders.

If you look really close you`ll see mayflower buds - Yahoo!
Kate & William were back yesterday, but if they are lazing around on that rock all day I don`t see how they can be building a nest!

Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. kate & William basking on the rock....and Grandmother's Journal what more could a girl ask for. Do you suppose they witnessed a UFO?