Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 65 - 6th March 2013 - Signs of Spring and Birds

It's Wednesday once again, temperature is +0.1, but feels nippy and I see a few snow flakes on the back deck. Off to town - errands, volunteer work, etc. Hope it's a relatively quiet day, have some things that I would really like to get cleared up.
Even though yesterday started off with snow flurries (apparently I was wrong in my choice of weather), it didn't take long to warm up and the sun tried to poke through, but it was mostly overcast. I did take a stroll around the flower beds and saw more green popping through the ground. Where there was nothing 2 days ago I see tulips and daffodils coming through today. Ah the sight of spring. No matter what we get for weather now, I know it's not long lived. The chickadees are beginning to sing their spring song too. I spent a good portion of the day going around in circles doing research or it felt that way. It's a family that will lead me down the garden path and all around, not sure if I'll get it sorted out or not, but will see how it goes. Nice pork loin for supper with potatoes and veggies.
Our sporadic visitor the Blue Jay.
 They spent most of their time at the other feeder today.
 Back and forth they go.
 The Nuthatches are usually upside down. We sometimes refer to them as the "Clown" birds.

 Spring is here - bulbs are sprouting through the ground - and by the looks of things I need to do some bed maintenance and clean up.

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

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