Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 66 - 7th March 2013 - Gulls, Sunflowers and a Pigeon

Temperature is +0.7 this morning but felt a lot colder, windy outside - but what's new. Didn't sleep quite as well as I have been, so am sluggish moving. And a little slow getting things written and posted. Oh well, once the time changes this weekend I should move back in to my normal time zone - I hope. Since it doesn't look like it's going to be a really fabulous day outside, I'll probably fill my time with research, laundry and some other things that need to be cleaned up around here. Of course Lexi and I will be out and around the hood, checking to see if the ice is making any more headway breaking up. Once it starts it doesn't take long to float down to the river.
So it was pretty darn windy and cold yesterday in town - what happen to my Spring?? It was another tiring Wednesday and I was darn glad to get home at supper time. Brought a bag of stuff to work on at home over the next few days that I didn't get finished up.
Checking in with Grandmother's Journal today:
5th March 1974 - Very mild, very high winds in morning until supper time. Bob home working. Ruth some better today, Jimmie coming down with flu.
6th March - Beautiful day. I walked to work. Bob to M.C. Roads muddy. Home at noon. 
7th March - Ruth's birthday. Beautiful. I walked to work. Bob to M.C. took lunch and back at noon, roads rather muddy and slippery.
8th March - Beautiful morning. Windy all day. Bob took me to work. To M.C., Classy down to Elmer Atwoods. Took her to Oren Perry's. Nothing done at M.C. he planned to work on. Quiet in store, this past week, last week end good. Everyone down home had colds. Mum not feeling well. [Classy was one of my dogs and a runner - was nothing for her to escape her pen and go 10 miles or more down the road to the nearest house]
 Seagulls on the waterfront.

 I've watched these sunflowers all winter and they are still hanging on. They've weathered wind, rain and snow.

I am not a big fan of the pigeons - but this one was a different color.

Well time to finish off my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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