Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 60 - 1st March 2013 - Boats, Birds and Grasses

Welcome March, what will you bring?? Think it might be a case of  "in like a Lion...out like a lamb". It's -0.1 and snowing, only suppose to get 10 cms but once again - Who knows! Schools have been cancelled in this area so kids are once again happy with a long weekend I'm sure. Not sure what to do around here today - some of the same old thing - laundry, housework, etc. Larry's home with me so will have him underfoot as well.
Yesterday we went to town around noon so Larry could help get the boat they just finished out of the shop and ready to go. I went to my friend's Dad's funeral. It's sad to say good by to someone who was such a good person and loved by so many. Hopefully as time goes on they can take some bit of comfort in all their memories and the memories of others. Exercise class last evening and it was good to have a work out both my body and mind needed it.
The finished product.
As she comes out of the shop.

Ready to roll, but I think with the weather today she won't be going far.

I suspected bad weather on it's way when I saw all these Evening Grosbeaks hanging out yesterday. I usually get a few every day but only the large flock before and during bad weather. I'm thinking the birds are smarter than the weather people!

 These grasses near the lake hang on all year round.
The sassy little squirrel sits high in the tree nattering at me!

Once again I'm late but before too long I'll get back on track. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos Sista, must say that is a nice looking truck hauling that boat lol. Today is much easier to comment I had difficulty even on the blackberry playbook seeingthe numbers and the letters. It is nice to be home and know that my Big Sista is not in jail "lol" rest easy i saved some money just in case you needed bail money. Might see you ove the weekend but will be talking to you....I have lots of photos to download from my camera :)