Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 75 - 16th March 2013 - Snow, Birds and the Royals

Brr... it's cold this morning, temperature is -6.6. Since it's Saturday, we'll head to town for groceries - or maybe head out to Barrington and have choices in two stores. I went through the flyers yesterday quickly and think a road trip might be good. Will take the camera, never know where we will end up. Other than that, not sure what will become of the day.
So yesterday we had snow - I was all hopped up for spring and all I saw was white flakes coming down. By supper time it had left the trees but there was still a bit around the yard. Still made me kind of cranky though. Since I couldn't have much of an outdoor day I put my energy into some spring cleaning and whipped around the upstairs, floors, ceilings, walls, picking up and tossing out. It wasn't a huge job since I had done a decent job in November and I really like to do cleaning when the windows can be open but I was in the mood for some physical work. The last few days it's been nice to walk with a hoodie and sneakers but it was back to boots, coat, hat and gloves. We did make the trek around the area several times - thank goodness the ice is just about gone out of the lake, at least that's nice to see. The Royals were back, seems they've found some prime real estate in the area but being royals have not told anyone where it is - they value their privacy. It's nice that they visit us commoners regularly. Fingers crossed we get a royal brood this spring.
 Everyone was sharing.
 My morning view, yesterday.
 I see some buds coming on my wisteria.
 The goldfinches are starting to get a little brighter.

 A little bit of ice along the shore in some spots.
 Kate & William.
Their entourage in the background.

Guess I better soon wake up the rest of the family. Enjoy your day!

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