Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31 - 31st January 2012 - Out of the Darkness Comes Light

A cold morning, the temperature is -8.5. Perhaps it was a good thing I got up at 3:15am and caught the furnace before it went out. A few more logs on the fire. I awoke from a nightmare around 3, perhaps I would have gone back to sleep, but then I realized I was in the middle of dream, so sleep would not return. What's more disturbing is that it's the second night in a row, but I didn't remember that until after I was awake. One thing I have discovered this morning is that as an adult, the nightmare was just as real as those you have as a child.  So it was easier to get up; finish the book I was reading and do some computer work. A nap will probably be in order this afternoon.

The temperature has dropped to -9.3 and it's only 8:15am! The sun looks good and may warm it up some. Thought I would chase the demons away with some nice light, so put on my winter boots [big green ones with felt liners], threw on a hoodie, jacket, my orange toque and mitts over my pj's and headed down to take some photos in front of a neighbours house by the lake! Truthfully I wouldn't make a fashion model on the runways of Paris in this get up! I would have stayed longer but was losing the feeling in my fingers and my socks were coming off!

Larry says he's finishing up most of the cupboard today - currently it has walls and one door! I've almost completed Karen's latest section on Water St. so I guess I will move on to my report.
Here's what I saw this morning:

Just enough glow for the trees to reflect in  stripes of water and ice.

The sun is coming up further and the soft glow is getting stronger.

A branch glistening with ice; the sun rises a bit more.

Still a little darkness in the cove, but getting brighter on the other side of the lake.

The sun is round now and throwing a straight path through the lake.

Too bright now to shoot directly into the sun, so I've used it to cast light from the side.

As I was posting the photos and thinking about the night and morning, a quote came to mind "Out of the Darkness Comes Light".
Enjoy your day and the sunshine - let it lift your spirits!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30 - 30th January 2012 - Weather and Work

The temperature is -0.4 and dropping this morning, a light dusting of snow on the deck during the night. Here we are once again at the end of another month, where has the time gone. I'm not enjoying my normal quiet time this morning. Lexi was nattering away at Larry right after I got up [and I slept in this morning] so they were downstairs too. I tried to convince them to go crawl back in bed after they came in with the paper, but nothing doing.

I plan on doing some research for my report today, some book work for the Fire Department, more laundry [not sure where that all comes from] and maybe tidy up a few things. My report is not moving along as fast as I'd like it to, I have most all of the material, it's just a matter of putting it together. I tend to get distracted and off course, following up someone I am not really working on. The other day I lost 2 hours tracking down an illegitimate child in the 1890's, who really didn't fit into the scheme of things but was there so..........  It's like old newspapers I get distracted very easily going through those, but it's so fascinating the information that's contained within them. Prices of the day are always a hoot compared to what we pay today, well maybe not funny, rather sad how far your dollar would go even 25 years ago not to mention 125 years. 

Focus, focus, forgot I had some Water St. reading to do today as well, have zipped off a few emails in that regard, hopefully some info will come back or contacts. Fire Department books are balanced for another month. Larry has been working hard on the kitchen cupboard this morning. Glad I took a short walk this morning, it was warm and mild, but the sky has turned gray now, although the temperature is up to +5.  Guess we will get rain.

Signs of spring with a bit of winter in the background!

The wet thin layer of ice seeps through the light dusting of snow we had during the night.

I was just about to post this when I looked out it was hailing, +5.8 outside and this is coming down
These came down in a matter of a few minutes, got to love Nova Scotia weather, if you don't like what's coming out of the sky wait 5 minutes and it will change!
Enjoy the afternoon!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29, 29th January 2012 - A Herd of Ducks

A mild morning, temperature is  +2.3. We are all up early this morning, our turn to work the breakfast at the Fire hall this morning. Hoping we have a good turn out. By the time we get cleaned all back up it'll be lunch time when we get home. Maybe it will just be a lazy afternoon, who knows.

It was a very busy morning  - I think we had around 90 people to the breakfast! I must be thinner after all that running. So what did I do after - tossed a load of laundry in the washer - we do tend to smell like a very large strip of bacon after doing the breakfast! and went for a walk over to Lois & Danny's. A beautiful day with the feel of march winds, their bird feeders are always busy, but we found more than that today. As Lois said "A Herd of Ducks"(this put us  into such laughter I couldn't take any pics for a few minutes)  in the lake we [meaning Danny] counted 32 mallards, what a show they were putting on, swimming along the edge of the ice since most of the lake is open again, playing on the ice. Today was the day I wished for a Canon Rebel with one of those big long lenses! All in all I did get a few good photos from a distance with my fuji [which most days I truly love].  Here goes:

The take off - they are gone again!

Seems like Sundays are made up of mostly photos, but thats probably ok, since I sometimes get tired of talking [anyone that knows me - do not say a word!]. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28, 28th January 2012 - Lemon Pie and Stuff

Still mild +2 when I got up but in the last hour it has dropped to 0.9. I can hear the wind howling but not sure about the rain. This old house stands firm against the wind, solid as a rock. We used to hear the windows rattle on occasion but since we finished replacing all those a few years ago, not a peep!

Today will be a trip to town, a few errands, a few groceries, then I'll meet up with Laura and we'll go out to Susan's to plan the Society's fundraising for the year. Susan has made lemon pie and scratch me backs, since we will need sustenance to do this work. It should be a good afternoon. Hopefully we can come up with good ideas, and can find some volunteers to help out with them. Will take my camera along just in case something catches my eye.

We had a great afternoon - got lots of plans made for the year. Probably even a few for the following year. And the lemon pie was awesome! Cookies were good too, but I love lemon pie - guess that could be considered my helping of fruit for the day?

Here's a photo.
Oops..... sorry that's the empty plates, well take my word for it - it was good!

There was a run off over the bank on the side of the road, but I'm afraid I didn't do a great job of capturing it.

So overall not a particularly productive day at home, but sometimes thats ok. We did have a good afternoon at Susan's and I think accomplished alot, including a few giggles!
Enjoy the rest of the day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27 - 27th January 2012 - Thoughts of Comfort Food and more

The temperature is -2.8, and it sounds like it will be a messy day. The weather stations are calling for snow, freezing rain/ice pellets then lots and lots of rain. I think it will be a repeat of last Friday.  6am and it's snowing - that very fine stuff that only means trouble. Today is Larry's birthday, made a cheesecake yesterday afternoon and I'll do a blueberry sauce to go with it. He's requested a seafood pie that I've done before with scallops, shrimp, crab [whatever I've got for seafood] a bit of dill, leeks, a sauce in a puff pastry shell. It's really tasty and rich. I'll put that together this afternoon and bake it later. If the power should happen to go out he may be eating the turkey soup I made yesterday! I should dedicate a few hours to my report this morning, then it's all the standard stuff - dirt and dust - yuk!

Lunching on home made turkey soup, perfect for a day like today. Comfort food for a stormy day. Soup seems to warm you from the inside out, guess that's probably why when you were sick it was a favoured food. Personally when I don't feel well I like chocolate pudding and/or gingerale. Both of them seem to perk me back up and settle my stomach. You can never go wrong with chocolate. I'm sure it's true since I have friends who feel the same way! Sometimes I dream of the food we ate as children - mom always cooked from scratch - homemade bread, donuts - we loved those holes, pies, cookies, cakes ....... oops those are just sweets! I can remember visiting someone and having oreo cookies, didn't know that there was such a thing - actually I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  We only had homemade cookies at home! Ha! I certainly appreciate those now. I am a decent baker, but still can not manage to do shortbreads like Mom does, even though I use the same recipe, and forget pies, those I've never been successful doing. I'm pretty good at most other things that come out of the pantry. And I enjoy baking, it's relaxing. But there is nothing like sitting down to Mom's home cooking...... it's the best.

The snow stopped, ice pellets/freezing rain and now I think it's started to turn to rain.

So last night I took a few photos of the sun going down, knowing that today was not going to be a day I want to take the camera out sluffing around.

Just a little glow on the lake from the setting sun.

So if you are at work, drive carefully going home this afternoon, the weekend is here! If you are home, ummm...... why not curl up with a good book this afternoon and a hot chocolate!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26 - 26th January 2012 - Looking Through the Past

Cooler this morning -1.1. Larry was up and had Lexi out and said it was windy and cold, so the temperature will probably drop. I sent them back to bed, I like my morning time alone and they don't really like to get up that early unless he's working. Took creamcheese out to soften so I guess I'll whip him up a cheesecake for his birthday this week. This morning it's going to be spent working on my report for a while, laundry and I'll get  a turkey soup underway. I think this afternoon, Larry and I will go up to the Hall and set the tables, etc. up for the breakfast on Sunday. It's our turn to work this Sunday. We are so fortunate - there are 3 "teams" so we only had to work every third month. In volunteer organizations it's a great thing to have enough people to be able to do that. Our breakfast is from 8am - 11am and is a full meal if you've never been, try it out.

Another great event going on next month is the Black Loyalist Heritage Society Annual Chocolate Festival and the Floral Presentation by Neville McKay on 2 Feb from 1-3pm. I see from the posters that seating is limited so call the girls at the office about tickets. I think you will enjoy the afternoon, I know I have in the past.

I spend a lot of time looking through birth, marriage and death records, but these days it's usually for other people and their ancestors not my own. The report I'm working on is a branch of my own family tree. Other than just dates and places lots of info can be gleamed from those records. For instance I discovered that my gggrandfather could not read/write, he signed the delayed birth registration for his son with his "mark" an X. My greatgrandmother died from breast cancer, this I knew but not that she had only been diagnosed 6 months before and had surgery.  I discovered that from her death certificate in 1951. There were deaths from TB, one small child [age 4] died of appendicitis. Some of these we rarely hear about anymore. In many ways we have made great strides in medical research.  Many records always give us an occupation, in my family most were fisherman, not unusual in a small coastal community, or a religion and ethnic background ( I have lots of Scottish, English, German and Irish roots). All these little tidbits of information help us envision who those ancestors that we never met were. Photos of course are wonderful but sometimes not available so the more we can find out from reading other than dates the more we will know about them and perhaps our selves.

Now some of you may think that my photos are rather morbid today, however, I know others will not. Cemeteries are a great source of information. Not only that, but look at the craftsmanship of the stones especially the very old ones, newer ones are done with more modern technology, but the older ones, some of those were actually done by hand. This is the cemetery not far up the road from us, one set of my grandparents rest here, and I think it's a nice little country setting that they would have enjoyed. I did stop today for a minute and see them, and caught them up on a few things.

My Grandfather R. probably took on my first cemetery visit and told me all about the relatives who were buried there, what they were like and what they did. I remember those afternoons fondly.

So if you've got a few minutes, stop and visit a relative or a friend, no matter where they maybe.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25 - 25th January 2012 - No Complaints Today!

Still pretty mild out there, +5 when I got up but it's dropped the last hour to +3.8. Wednesday has rolled around once again and I'm off to town. Lots to do at the centre today, clean up some things I didn't get finished last week, answer emails/queries, return phone calls, etc. I never get everything done that I want, but that's how it goes. Not to worry, it will be there next week! I don't think any of us ever go to work thinking......ummm what will I do today? Just doesn't happen does it!

The kitchen floor is coming along great, one more piece of cushion flooring to pull up and that's under the fridge. I think today Larry is planning on putting some wood in the basement from the woodshed, he and Lexi both need a break from the floor. Lexi doesn't like the noise of the sander and the shopvac, Larry's knees need a rest from crawling around on them. Last night he started making measurements for the new cupboard addition. I want one of those nice sections in it that I store my numerous cookies sheets in, so that they just slide in and I don't have to root around under a cupboard and lift baking dishes etc to get at them. Not sure what else I want under there but perhaps I'll have a look around pinterest and see what great ideas are out there.

What a great day! Tied up some loose ends, started something other work and touched base with a few people, getting more info/photos for Water St!! YAH! Picked up a few things at Sobeys so I can make Larry a special birthday supper later this week, and then home. This evening - pj's, tv & zip!

I love this building, the Old Post Office. Build on the corner of Water and John st. in 1908, it's made of Shelburne County granite. If I ever win the lottery big, this is the building I will buy!

Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24 - 24th January 2012- Making Headway!

No cold temperatures this morning, the thermometer is reading +7.1 and even though it's dark out I can hear the rain on the deck. By the time daylight comes and I can see out the windows, probably most of the snow will be gone again.
Thanks to a friend, I think my brain block of yesterday about the online source citation is cured. Friends are great! Today I'll tackle some more of that and finish reading another section of Water st. that Karen sent me late yesterday. Of course there is also the regular things to do - laundry, run the broom around etc.- "light housekeeping" as I like to call it.

Larry's making great headway on the kitchen - the flooring is almost all up and glue scraped off the floor boards, but he's got a lot of sanding left yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll pick up some paint color samples when I'm in town. Sherri - do not say a word, I am painting the floor boards! And I think the cupboards as well. So far this DIY stuff is pretty easy, but then I'm not doing much of the work, just giving direction. We've also decided on an addition at the end of the kitchen cupboard - like an ell with a counter top, some cupboard space underneath for storage and perhaps some stools for seating. I'll move the table over to the adjacent room with the china cabinet. I could use a little more counter space especially when I'm baking and who couldn't use more storage!

Whenever I get into these reno projects and DIY stuff I think fondly of my Grampie H. A man who never raised his voice, rarely had anything bad to say about anyone and could do anything with nothing. He was the one I called when we first bought the house and had problems or wanted to do/change something and needed help. "Yup sis, I'll be right down" was always his answer. He told me one time how he made Christmas lights when they lived in Sandy Point years ago; not sure how they worked or why he didn't burn the house down but it did! Probably during war time when things were tough.  And he always had a good yarn to tell, sometime with a few embellishments but that just made them better. I wish I had written down more of his stories, as many of them were about life in Sandy Point as he was growing up and the people around there. I think it's a mistake we all make, not getting those stories down, we really never remember the whole story in years to come, only bits and pieces.
Things have gone well today, making great headway on my projects and the floor. Time for some lunch. It's rained hard all day so you will get a photo of my favourite subject. I think it's ok to cheat a bit, since most days I post several photos.

This is Lexi, our Australian Shepherd.  I took this last fall, not sure if she's looking at the ducks in the lake or not. Now she'll have to wait til spring to see them again.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23 - 23rd January 2012 - Taking a Break from the Report!

The temperature is -13, another cold morning, but looking at the weather forecast it's suppose to get milder this week; I see rain in our future - not that anyone is surprised by that! Back to the work week folks; how the weekends fly by.

Today, I've got to get down to some serious work on Water st., some research for folks and another project I need to work on  since I want the first part off my plate within the next few weeks. I find it a little difficult to get moving on that one, but I really need to make some headway. It's a 20 pages report thats required, then marked and an exam to follow. Sort of like being back in school. I'm working on my certification as a genealogist and I find this a bit daunting even though I've been doing it for a number of years. I guess it's just the studying part that wigs me out; when we have spent years away from an envirornment like that it's hard to get back into it. It shouldn't disturb me since I've been doing the work on a daily basis and it's nothing I don't know............I hope!

I think I've had brain blockage today, my work has not gone well. For some reason I can not seem to figure out the right way to do online source citations! Have ordered a book on citations so when that comes I should be ok. So for now I'll add the barebones, but today I've had enough, me and it needs a break from one another! I'm sure everyone has days where they need to walk away, be it from bookkeeping, a project around the house, whatever. Sometimes just by leaving it for a while and coming back later it's all crystal clear. That's my plan today. I have lots of other things to tackle.
I did take a short walk, the skies are turning grey and it's getting overcast and the wind seems to be picking up, guess our snow will soon leave us. It certainly has gotten milder, the temperature is reading +2.3.

I like this little bench, it sits all alone in the snow
next to a neighbours driveway, lonely waiting for
spring to come again and someone to sit on it.

When the water is lower in the lake you can actually walk out to this little rock island, but for now it is surrounded by ice. It looks to be mostly made of rocks, but I guess there must be a little bit of ground there to hold it all together and for the trees to grow.

Back to work, enjoy the rest of your day, for those working - the first day of the work week is almost over and you've made it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 - 22nd January 2012 - Gone to the Birds!

My digital indoor/outdoor thermometer has gone hinky and only showing dashes for the outside temperature. So either the battery is gone or it's too cold to register; I'm thinking it's the first one. Will get some new batteries in it later today. I'm believing it's pretty cold though, best guess is  -12/-13.  From  other local experts I learned it was actually -15. Brrr cold!

So I've done a little work on Water St. a few things around the house and decided to go for a walk around lunch time. I had a write up started this morning about Sundays, sunday school, etc. but decided to save it for another week. Walked through the woods with my camera and visited with Lois and Danny for a while. The birds were just going nuts over their feeders. So today instead of a lot of words, I'm going to use mostly pictures to tell my story!

I like the way the shadows of the trees play across the path.

I heard this fellow and finally found him up in the tree above my head!

Tracks in the snow, I wonder who was ahead of me!

Both of my grandmothers enjoyed watching and listening to the birds, so I think they would have liked the photos today.  I know I got carried away but........... anyway, enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21 - 21 January 2012 - A Very Dull Day

Another cold morning, temperature is -11. Yesterday afternoon it finished snowing and the sun came out, was rather pretty - the sparkle on the snow. After shovelling out some dirt, dust and catching up on the laundry I went out for a walk and stopped to visit and have tea with a friend, catching up on this and that. A quiet evening in; reading and watching tv with an early bedtime. Morning came too early so I finished the book I fell to sleep reading last night.

Either today or tomorrow, we'll make the pilgrimage to town to pick up the weekly staples of bread, milk and whatever else we may be out of. Karen sent me a draft of one of the Water St. blocks so will read through that and see what else we need for info and who we can contact. Some days are just so exciting! Our Hall is having a games night this evening but it's not really my thing, I enjoy playing cards, but at the kitchen table with four people, not at the hall with a large group. I find the noise level bothers me and I can't hear 100%, so I'll probably stay home. Larry will have to go to work so he'll be there. At this point, I guess the day is rather open to see what happens.

We did go to town, picked up provisions; got gas and went to the post office. On the way home we saw a huge owl fly across the road and land in a tree where he sat ......... no I did not have my camera! Probably one of the few times I haven't taken it with me lately. Hindsight is 20/20. Home again, had some lunch, answered some emails and returned a few phonecalls. More info on Water st. coming in. Great! It started snowing again this afternoon, so I took the baggie cam to get a few pics. You aren't getting anything fantastic today as it's difficult to take photos through a ziploc bag successfully. I think this is probably the dullest day I've had in ages, maybe this evening I'll curl up and read the latest Water St. section Karen sent me and polish off that box of chocolate with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Winter flowers?

Snowing on the lake today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 - 20th January 2012 - Remembering Snowdays

Hey it's only -5.6, an improvement from yesterday, and it's Friday once again for you Monday to Friday working folks! A definite countdown to the weekend. Today I've got to catch up with some of the work around the house since I seem to have been on the run most of the week. Dust, dirt and laundry will always wait for you - it never seems to go away on it's own. Larry's making great headway on the kitchen floor, looks like he's got it almost 1/2 done - that it itself is creating more dust and dirt, but I'm not complaining since it was my idea and it will look so much better when it's done! On my wish list after that is a small island or ell off the end of the kitchen cupboard if I can scrape up some cash flow for that project. Ummmmm he just might have some of the necessary supplies in that workshop of his and I've got a gift card from the Hardware store so it just might happen. I'll check out some ideas on Pinterest later. If you haven't been on Pinterest it's kind of interesting and neat, I'm not right with it yet, but lots of people seem to be addicted all ready. It's a site full of pics of ideas and likes - everything you can imagaine - recipes, weddings, home diy, photograpy and so on posted on boards and you can "repin" things of interest to your own board.

It started snowing around 8am, so now everything is covered, a nice clean coat of snow. The flakes are getting a bit bigger, but still coming down pretty quickly.

Do you remember snow days as children? Mom would dress each of us in our snowsuits, mine was either red or burgundy, the boys had navy and green or brown. They consisted of bibbed snowpants with a jacket, then boots, mittens and hats [always
handknit - never store bought] and then your hood was pulled up and tied under your chin. Out we would go three little rolley pollies to play. Build snow men, make snowballs and roll around in the wonderous white stuff. However, seems to me it wasn't long and someone would have to pee, back in the house and undo all the gear! You would get more worn out from dressing and undressing than playing! I don't even know if they make snowsuits like that anymore. But it was fun and even better if  school had been cancelled!

Now I'm going to send my two children out to play ...... and get back to work! Enjoy the day

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 - 19th January 2012 - Meeting Day

The temperature is -8.9 this morning, hard to believe such a difference from yesterday morning. I woke up at 5am, feeling much more refreshed and better than when I went to bed last night. A new day! I enjoy having and hour or so to myself in the morning, the peacefulness of the house, although I do like to see the sun come up earlier, but before you know it that will happen. It gives me time to reflect and plan the day, have a cup of coffee and get my brain around the day and do some computer work; sometimes just catch up on my turns of Lexulous and Scrabble with Susan. Even as a child I don't remember sleeping in, always an earlier riser. My brothers on the hand could sleep half of the day away and never wanted to get up for school. As I got older I could burn the candles at both ends, rising early and going to bed late, now it's the old saying - "early to bed early to rise".

This morning I'm heading to the Deeds office to do some research for our Water St. book, so Karen will have some more info to process and write up on the weekend. Then I've got a meeting at 11:30 with 3 other great gals - Kim, Susan and Rebecca who all work with other organizations. Last year we partnered and produced Community Talks, this year we are doing the same.  They are an evening of talks by guest speakers featuring various topics and open to the public to enjoy. Lots of fun.

This afternoon I have to be back home for a teleconference with a board [Council of Nova Scotia Archives] I sit on. So a day of meetings. Technology is a wonderful thing, Some months we meet in Halifax and other months to save travelling and money via teleconference from the comfort of our offices or homes.  So that's pretty well my day mapped out.

Pleased to say the day went well, did a little research, had a great meeting, then another great meeting! Today was a much calmer day, happy to report.

The lake was pretty this morning as I walked over to catch a ride in town with Nancy. It was brisk but a good morning for a short walk since there was no wind then.

A lone marker in the harbour. Brrrr that water looks cold and the wind had picked up on the water front later this morning.

The Shelburne County Museum - part of the Museum complex which includes the Ross Thomson House and the Dory Shop. They are both closed for the season but the Museum has winter hours and has some great displays. If you're looking for something do to - check it out! This is where I had a meeting this morning. The photo's a bit dark, but it's located on Dock Street.

Enjoy your evening, looks like it's going to be another chilly night, snuggle up and keep warm!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18 - 18th January - Glad the day is over

The thermometer is reading +8.6 this morning. Another typical winter morning?? And it's Wednesday again, my volunteer day in town. This week feels like a write off anyway; yesterday - Yarmouth, today  -Town, tomorrow back to town in the morning - will spend a few hours researching at the Deeds office, then a meeting at 11:30, back home for a teleconference at 1:30. So how much will really get accomplished. I feel like this month is slipping away just like last year did.

I am really late finishing up today, but it was a stressful day. You know how somedays just get worse and worse and you would rather close the door and go home and hide under a rock. That was my day! A situation re-occurred and I dealt with it, maybe not how it should have been done, but  I did. I stuck by my guns and there are those who are not happy, however, it had to be finished. I'm sure everyone has days like that, thank goodness they don't happen often! Enough said, I now need to move on and hopefully forget it or rather learn from it.

On a brighter note Larry got back to the kitchen floor today and almost has a 8' x 8' piece done. Looking good!

This building on Water St.  is Shelburne Furniture and Appliance. For many people who are from Shelburne, they can remember it as Cox's Store. A wonderful store that carried everything from groceries to furniture to dry goods, fine china and building supplies. Some year before that it was the house that my paternal grandfather lived in as a child with his parents and siblings. They had a store front as well. Imagine having to cut wood to heat a building that size! Before that it was referred to as the Kelley Block - where Capt. William Kelley and his family resided, which also housed a store.

It was really windy on Dock st. lunch time, looking across to the Islands park, a few sea gulls can be seen on the reef in the harbour.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17 - 17th January 2012 - Road Trip

The temperature this morning is much different than the last few days +1.3. Looks like we got  a bit of snow during the night, but the weather reports are giving rain for today. It sounds like it's changed already and has started to rain. Satelitte signal went out for 1/2 hour, and when that came back the internet went out, both are back. Technology is depended on the weather no matter what they may tell you!

I see lots of people enjoyed the Betty White Special last night celebrating her 90th birthday. Wow can you imagine being that smart and looking that good at 90, not to mention still working! That will be my mother, she enjoys working and will probably still be at that age too. All the power to her!

Lexi is going to get her needles this morning, every time I tell her she's going to see Dr. Tom her ears perk up and she looks at me. Apparently she has forgotten that the Vet's is not her most favourite spot to visit. She like him and the girls at the office but not keen on the fact that everytime she goes there they poke and prod at her. It's a road trip and she enjoys those, until we get into the town - she hates the noise, busy streets, etc. She's strictly a country girl. What a trip up, the back road was snow, ice & rain covered til we got to Carleton, and where was DOT - didn't see any salt trucks out and about! Of course we were late but I called from the Hardscratch road and told them we were on our way. Tom was pleased with her neck after it had healed from the abcess in December, she warmed up to him and gave him a kiss and she got a treat after her needle. Now all she needs is her Lyme vaccination in a few months - we have too many ticks not to!

A few photos from the road trip - not terribly exciting but.........

The co-pilot - she watches the road very closely incase she needs to take over the driving and on occassion gives her opinion of how slow the driver is going!

Part of the Clyde River.