Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 274 - 30th September 2012 - Great Blue Heron and A Sparrow

Sunday has made it here again, last day of the month too. Ah they are still giving rain for today - heavy at times. Temperatures are mild at +17.2. Would have enjoyed some sunshine today - beginning to feel moldy! The water has certainly risen, where it was low last month we'll soon be having flooding issues.  Feel like I might be coming down with something - cold last night, not right up to snuff this morning. Hoping this passes quickly. Lots of housework to do today as I was gone all day yesterday. Bridal Shower this afternoon. Other than that I see nothing exciting on the horizon for me.
Between events yesterday we drove over to Islands Park to visit friends who were camping there. These are the ones with the camper which looks like a mobile home - and girlfriend don`t be shaking your head you know it`s true! The wedding was lovely yesterday - I think the rain knocked off long enough for them to get some outside photos. Hoping the couple will be happy for many years to come. It had been a long day so we grabbed a few groceries and headed home early.
This guy was fab - Great Blue Heron. I wish the weather had been better so I could have gotten a little closer.
I'm definitely going back over some time this week to try to catch him again.
This was a cute little guy, sitting on my fence outside the kitchen window.
Front view, I never know the names of these little brown birds - maybe a sparrow of some sort.
Umm...looks like one of our exercise class poses.
Evening on the lake with a few ducks in the foreground.
Well folks that's it for me. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 273 - 29th September 2012 - Sunrise, Mist and Ducks

Woke up to the sound of rain on the windows, guess the weatherman is right on this time. Perhaps it will be a good thing as it means people won't be able to work out side and will come to our Book Fair. Hoping it will clear some for the wedding we are going to at 4:30. They've moved it to inside but outside photos are always nice. Fingers crossed everything goes well today! My favourite time of year and this is the second Saturday in a row we've had rain - yuk.
A Happy Birthday to Cindy today and a belated Happy Anniversary to Karen and her hubby. Another year girls!
Friday was definitely chilly in the morning when I headed down to the lake to catch the sun coming up, but as usual it warmed up. Got everything I needed  ready for the Book fair, packed it up and we loaded it all in Susan's little car. Full to the gunnel's as they say! Larry loaded ours up with what we had at home last evening as well. I went down to the lake last evening to try to catch the moon but there was too much cloud cover, although I did see it high in the sky when I was on my way to bed. There's always next month, right!

One of my favourites from my early morning jaunt.
The sky was streaked with pink.
On my way to meet Nancy, this is what I saw -
The ducks were in the lake - I think these two are in love!
Rising over the mist.
Floating across the mist as it rises from the lake.
So that was my morning before I even got to work. No wonder I couldn't seem to get settled all day, dreaming of mist.
Just a little warning, since it's going to be a really long day, I maybe a little late tomorrow morning. Time to get a few things finished off. Enjoy your day!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 272 - 28th September 2012 - Lexi, Mushroom, Ducks and Flowers

A too early morning again, and I can't even blame this one on Lexi. It will be a long day. I seem to have way too much on my mind lately, hopefully that will pass soon. Today will be full, have to get things that we need organzied for the Book Fair tomorrow. Hoping we get lots of people out and it's a great fund raiser. We are certainly in need of great fund raisers! As a non-profit organizations we are constantly having to raise money, so I'd really like to see a good turn out for this event.

A little rain yesterday morning, then it cleared off quickly and turned into a beautiful day, hard to believe it's almost the end of September. A pretty good day at work. Skipped exercise class last night, had some things that I needed to do and knew I would never get through them all if I waited until after and we had company arrive.
Lexi checking out something in the the ferns along the path.
I can't help myself - another mushroom.
Over the fallen tree she goes.
The forest Hosta is still doing well.
The tame ducks enjoy a paddle around.

Lois has new flowers in bloom! A Fall Crocus?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 271 - 27th September 2012 - Sunrise, Butterfly and Duck

Thursday, already where did the rest of the week go, felt like it was just Monday. That's the problem - time flies so darn fast. It's a mild morning and almost the end of September and we haven't lit the wood furnace yet. I can wait a while. Love the wood heat in the winter, but there really is no such thing as little heat. Some night we'll come home from work and it will be time. Usually in the fall you need it the odd evening or morning to take the chill off, especially if it rains for a few days which we are expecting. Our old house tends to be cooler inside some days than it is outdoors during Spring and Fall months. One of my primary winter jobs when I'm home - tending the fire. More exercise up and down the basement steps.

Lexi and I had a good day yesterday. I started off with catching the sun rising - always a good beginning to any day. Remember those of you who aren't early risers - I got these shots between 7:10 and 7:30am. Not all that early! Got very little housework done, some laundry, but did make 5 dozen mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing - yum. Larry will drop some off to the girls this morning. Turkey casserole for Thursday night supper and Lexi and I managed a few jaunts around the neighbourhood.
Beautiful colors in the early morning sky.
More colors - I like the pink and purples.
The lake was perfectly calm with trees and sky reflections.
And the sun began to light the sky turning everything hues of yellow and gold.
Just coming up behind the tree line.
Coming above the trees, with a halo above it. Who could have a good day with a start like that. Nature at it's finest.
This pretty fellow was fluttering around while we were out in the afternoon.
I see just a bit of color in the trees but not much.
A little bit of blur, but I like watching them as they rush through the water to take off.
Well it's that time of the morning, another coffee and the rest of the house will be awake. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 270 - 26th September 2012 - Fog, Clouds, Moon and a Plane

Wednesday and my day off. I'd like to thank Lexi this morning for pushing me out of bed before 4:30am, not sure what was up with that dog but needless to say I'm up and she's back to sleep. Will be a long day, but I guess I have lots to do. Some housekeeping, baking perhaps - any suggestions?, and a few phone calls for work. Need to track down and contact one of the prospective speakers for our Community Talks in the Spring and I have to go through some of my books and see what I have for the Book Fair on Saturday. Sounds like the day is going to fill up pretty quick.

Yesterday was a good day overall, it came - it went. I know, I shouldn't feel like that, but was tired when I got home for some reason. Sometimes an overly busy brain is more draining than physical labour. Lexi and I went for a quick walk after supper while Larry did some Fire Hall work, then they went for their evening drive and run.
I keep forgetting to mention a blog I really enjoy: For a "Normal Joe" as Darrell refers to himself, he has some great ideas on cooking and recipes to share.

Thick fog on the lake in the morning - this one's for you Karen!
By the time I got to town the Harbour was clear.
Flat calm and clean, amazing what 15 minutes can do.
Lexi and I went for a walk after supper, plane was flying overhead. Wonder where it was going?
And the moon was in the sky, which reminds me it's full this weekend.
As always, a lovely evening on the lake.
Love living close to the lake.
Well I must have a little bit more of "me" time before facing things. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 269 - 25th September 2012 - It's All About the Clouds

Tuesday - still dark outside this morning of course and the temperature has dip down - +6. Not sure what's on the agenda of fun things to do today. I'm still a bit behind on research requests, so hopefully I can cross at least one of those off the list.
I dislike saying this but in 3 months it will be Christmas. Oh wow, so much to do before then. Think we'll just put that thought away for a few more weeks.
Yesterday turned out nice, got lots done at work with a minimum amount of interruptions. That's the key - to get on to something and being able to finish it off. Exercise class last night - more pain and agony (just joking - somethings do hurt though). I keep going because I have to, not that I really want to and I figure it will just become a part of my lifestyle after a while. Even though I do a lot of walking, I need something else to tighten up and strengthen those muscles which have gone slack with age. They always say honesty is the best policy! That's what I keep telling myself. My bad knee really dislikes jumping jacks and rope skipping so I kind of take it a bit easy on those. Larry got some pickled beets done last evening.
The clouds were weird and wonderful on the way to work yesterday morning. You could see the dark ones moving away.
They are lifting to blue skies.
I love the lake in the morning.
The sun begins to move through the trees and sparkle in  the water.
The top of the old town clock in the clouds.
I think this looks cool, almost a line dividing the sky.
Guessing he lives somewhere along Dock Street.
Guess it's time to finish my coffee, Larry and Lexi will soon be out of bed.  Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 268 - 24th September 2012 - More Mushrooms, Ducks and Max

Monday morning - how come today I feel like I could have slept in? Oh well, not like I really would. Back to the work week folks. I'm thinking it promises to be a busy week. Have our Book Fair coming up on Saturday - it's a big fundraiser for us so hopefully there will be a good turn out as well Larry and I have a wedding to go to later that day. I have a friend heading to Halifax early this morning for surgery, I'm thinking of her  and hoping everything goes well.
Yesterday was a day of finishing off odds and ends. Larry put more wood in the basement and harvested some  veggies from the garden. I'm wondering if this garden will ever stop growing! HA!HA! Got some beets cooked up for the freezer and tomatoes for sauce last evening. The weekends go by way to fast!
Thought it was time to check out Grandmother's Journal and see what was going on a few years ago. And I know it will make a friend feel "warm & fuzzy" as she's been a bit down lately and needs a little pick me up.

September 22, 1972
1st Day of Fall - Rain started around daylight. Rained real hard when we left for town 10:30. Big mud puddles on our way down. Most gone when we came back. Went to Dentist - coming along good. Boys wanted to come up but both of us are not feeling up to par. Felt real mean not to have them. Got home 3:30. Had early meal both had a nap as there is a game. Don't know why I'm always hungry. Had good meal.
September 23, 1972
Another beautiful day. Did usual Saturday work cooking and cleaning up. bob did some mowing around, usual chores. I cut a little wood. Listened to Red Sox's game - terrible 7-1. Got cleaned up, went through Purdy Hill Road to Ivy's. Came home early as Bob wasn't feeling well. Gave him tuna sandwich that seemed to knock him out. Real cold when we got home. Covered Peppers and Tiny Tims [tomatoes]. Pick them Sunday. Didn't go to bed early as I was worried about Bob. Knitted on mitts until after 1 o'clock.
I know you are probably tired of mushrooms, but I think they are cool and before too long they will be gone.
Not sure what this little fellow is but he was in a neighbour's driveway.
I liked the texture and the contrast between the wood and the acorn top.
The ducks were enjoying a rest on the rock yesterday afternoon.
Something has disturbed them and they begin to head for the water.
This one is huge - almost as big as a dinner plate!
Do you ever have the feeling you are being watched? I did and he popped up and continue with me on my walk. He's Max the neighbour's cat.
Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!