Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 251 - 7th September 2012 - Clouds and Spiderwebs

It's Friday and the weekend is soon upon us. Potluck supper tonight to go to - made a zucchini chocolate cake before I went exercising last night. So that's looked after. Tomorrow night I think we have a card game we are invited to. Another weekend filled up. Need to get through the day - have CBC visiting or at least they called a few days ago to say they would be in. They are doing a program on community culture. Wonder how I can make 10 lbs disappear and grow 6" taller - oh well I am as I am!
Busy day on Thursday, but got through some more things. So I made up my mind and went to exercise class last night. I survived, I think, however, the girls tell me that the the feeling of hurt will come on Saturday. Apparently it takes 2 days to really be in pain. They are a great bunch and you can go at your own pace if you are a newbie, she drills the rest pretty hard! Wonder how long I can play that newbie card! I wanted to take my camera but that was frowned upon, so today's photos are actually a few days old but that's ok.
Another beautiful morning on the lake.
Spider webs hang from branches. You have to catch the light just right in order to take them. They really are quite amazing.
The skies were a bit like this today.
I laid on the beach the other day and took these next few upside down.
Sometimes it's good to look at everyday things in a different way.
Time to move on, the rest of the family is up and mobile too. Enjoy your day!

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  1. YIpppeee you went to class...I am so proud of you (play the newbie card as long as you can lol) It will be good for you....spending time with REAL lets face it you spend alot of time with "dead people"
    Enjoy your card games I am sure the zuchinni cake will be a hit :)