Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 245 - 1st September 2012 - Skies, Ducks, Windows and A Shoe

Saturday, the long weekend and a new month. Company coming this afternoon, will be a nice evening spent with good friends. Have to get some housework done this morning and go grocery shopping. Dorothy says she's bringing dessert for supper so that's off my list, although I don't mind baking.
Yesterday was pretty good, but one of those days where a nap in the middle of the office after lunch would have been nice. Think it must have been the humidity creeping back in. Blue Moon last night, I missed it earlier but saw it just as I was getting ready for bed peeping out from the pine trees.

A familiar look at the lake yesterday morning but I don`t think I ever get tired of it.
Very quietly I watched from the bushes along the road.
And away they go!
Off over the lake into the sun.


Nice spot for lunch and a view of the lake.
Umm... guess someone lost a shoe!
Probably shouldn`t be taking photos through people`s cottages, but I just liked the look of it. You can see the lake through the back window.
The sun bobs behind clouds last evening.
The clouds had turned darker and the sun began to go down. I missed the Blue Moon, but that's ok.
The ducks were flying by again last evening. Off into the sunset this time.
A little me time this morning before I wake Larry [Lexi has been up roaming around, but I think she's gone back to bed too]. Time to do a grocery list and have another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Enjoy your visit and dorothy's dessert beautiful moon last night not as blue as I expected but a blue aura around it have fun I had a surprise laat might lol around 10 the newlyweds. Lol