Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 268 - 24th September 2012 - More Mushrooms, Ducks and Max

Monday morning - how come today I feel like I could have slept in? Oh well, not like I really would. Back to the work week folks. I'm thinking it promises to be a busy week. Have our Book Fair coming up on Saturday - it's a big fundraiser for us so hopefully there will be a good turn out as well Larry and I have a wedding to go to later that day. I have a friend heading to Halifax early this morning for surgery, I'm thinking of her  and hoping everything goes well.
Yesterday was a day of finishing off odds and ends. Larry put more wood in the basement and harvested some  veggies from the garden. I'm wondering if this garden will ever stop growing! HA!HA! Got some beets cooked up for the freezer and tomatoes for sauce last evening. The weekends go by way to fast!
Thought it was time to check out Grandmother's Journal and see what was going on a few years ago. And I know it will make a friend feel "warm & fuzzy" as she's been a bit down lately and needs a little pick me up.

September 22, 1972
1st Day of Fall - Rain started around daylight. Rained real hard when we left for town 10:30. Big mud puddles on our way down. Most gone when we came back. Went to Dentist - coming along good. Boys wanted to come up but both of us are not feeling up to par. Felt real mean not to have them. Got home 3:30. Had early meal both had a nap as there is a game. Don't know why I'm always hungry. Had good meal.
September 23, 1972
Another beautiful day. Did usual Saturday work cooking and cleaning up. bob did some mowing around, usual chores. I cut a little wood. Listened to Red Sox's game - terrible 7-1. Got cleaned up, went through Purdy Hill Road to Ivy's. Came home early as Bob wasn't feeling well. Gave him tuna sandwich that seemed to knock him out. Real cold when we got home. Covered Peppers and Tiny Tims [tomatoes]. Pick them Sunday. Didn't go to bed early as I was worried about Bob. Knitted on mitts until after 1 o'clock.
I know you are probably tired of mushrooms, but I think they are cool and before too long they will be gone.
Not sure what this little fellow is but he was in a neighbour's driveway.
I liked the texture and the contrast between the wood and the acorn top.
The ducks were enjoying a rest on the rock yesterday afternoon.
Something has disturbed them and they begin to head for the water.
This one is huge - almost as big as a dinner plate!
Do you ever have the feeling you are being watched? I did and he popped up and continue with me on my walk. He's Max the neighbour's cat.
Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks......I needed that I would have been 9 when she wrote that and if I remember correctly that was the year Mom said 09/09/09(nine years old on the ninth dday of the ninth month) I knew you got it, turn them upside down and you have the sign of the devil lol.....I remember that year very well and often wondered why Mom thought that :) The mushrooms are pretty cool and I am amazed at how many are in our yard and around the road this year. Each one looks diffrent kind of like a snowflake....hope you have a productive hasnt gone to badly here. I haven't killed anyone just want to go home and keep purging....I am not watching "hoarding burried alive" anymore it made me want to CLEAN!!!! Oh and thank you and Larry for the goodies are you sure he isn't shacking someone else's garden ":)