Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 254 - 10th September 2012 - Pickled Beets, Wild Mushrooms and Grasses

Woke to the sound of rain again this morning. Saw a flash of lightning, but am hoping it was the end of it. No thunder yet according to my four legged gauge [Lexi] - she's not freaking out so that's good. Suppose to end sometime today, but the weather forecast says to expect up to 100 mm by then.  That's a lot of rain, but we can use it, everything is really dry and the lake is low. The rest of the week looks peachy with nice sunny days. It's Monday again isn't it and back to work time. Exercise class this evening. See if I can struggle through another night. I just tell myself - this is a good thing and I need it.
Well Sunday was a day of rain, wind and as little as possible for me. Did the minimal amount of work around the house that was required. But my dear hubby, Larry was the workhorse. He got carrots, corn and beets done up and in the freezer and did a batch of pickled beets. Not to mention cooking a roast for supper. Do I sound like a bad wife or what? He enjoys spending time in the kitchen - pickles etc are his thing not mine. I like to bake and do the meals most of the time. Of course the humidity was high and since he had vegetables cooking all morning the kitchen was even more humid - even the ceiling looked wet. Got the dehumidifier going though and that solved the problem.
So I still had a slight urge to get out my Christmas baking notebook and that's what I spent my time doing - plotting what I would bake, starting a list of friends and families who would be recipients of tins filled with goodies. This is my favourite part of the holidays, baking and packaging it all up to give away. It's what gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
Pickled beets, tomatoes for spaghetti sauce and apples for apple crisp.
Taking a break to preen as he flew through the woods.
Lots of mushrooms in the woods these days.
One of my favourites - I like the pink color and style.
These look pretty cool - the photo is not great but they almost look like paper.
The grasses along the shore are so interesting.
Time for another coffee, check my emails and get my day in to gear! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kudos to Larry busy busy but like you say he loves doing pickles and getting veggies ready to be put down. Getting ready for work ughhhh have an awesome day ;)