Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 256 - 12th September 2012 - Sunrises, Ducks and another Squirrel

Wednesday and my day off! It will be my normal day  of baking and housework, I think. Oh, almost forgot I've got a bucket of tomatoes I need to cook up and make sauce with. I'm sure Lexi and I will get out and enjoy some of the fall flavour around too. Need to walk as I can feel a few twinges in some of my muscles from the exercise class Monday night. Once again this morning the stars and moon are still out. Guess that's going to be the way it is for the next few months.

So much cooler yesterday but with nice sunshine that would warm you up. Left some of the windows open in the morning and when we got home it was cooler inside than outside. Another sign of fall. Everything went well on the work front. Am still getting some researchers visiting. This time of year the retired folks tend to visit more so than in the summer months. Also heard from someone that I've wondered about for a while. Come to find out she had surgery last year and they didn't make their annual trip this way. But all is well and they will visit next year. Always nice to keep up with everyone.
A walk after supper - evenings are getting shorter too and dusk comes early.
Moon was still in the sky yesterday morning when I got up and went down to catch the sunrise on the lake.
A gently sunrise - soft colors nothing bright and bold.
Coming in for a landing.
Gathering up cones, getting ready for winter.
And he takes off again, didn't hang around long.
A Coast Guard Boat in the harbour yesterday morning.
It's not a rock in the foreground, it's four ducks upside down feeding in the water with their bums in the air! Love it!
But there is better stuff - time for the cracked corn!
Now they are really happy - greedily eating their corn.
Well folks almost time for the rest of the house to get up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have a great day at home.....I am so looking forward to semi retirement someday when I can be home and putter albums...declutter and maybe some house work....ughhh who am i kidding I refuse to do the house work, open the windows and let the wind blow all the dirt, dust DOG hair in the corner....I find it so much easier to pick up :
    Have an awesome day :)