Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 261 - 17th September 2012 - Sunrise, Birthday flowers and Ducks

Monday again, where does the weekend go? Maybe the week will be slower paced than the weekends have been lately but I doubt it. You could really feel fall in the air yesterday. Guess I'm soon going to have to put away the shorts and sandals. Was hoping to get another week out of them. Once they go, it's many many months before they come back out again. Soon we'll wake up to the first frost...brrr!
Larry finished picking the corn yesterday, so we had the last of the fresh for supper. I think there are still some beets and carrots left to pull and most of those will end up in the freezer. Next winter we can think about the garden while we eat those, and plan of what to plant in the spring.
Exercise class tonight - hopefully not much pain will be involved!
Super busy day yesterday. Spent most of it at the Hall, but that was ok, everything went well and there was a great turned out - of course for such a wonderful lady.
I hit the lake at sunrise in my pj's yesterday morning. Could see a glimmer of light through the trees so thought there wouldn't be much mist/fog.
Colors in the sky were beginning to change and get a little deeper.
Patiently I wait...
Finally - a burst of bright yellow is above the tree line!
It was a glorious start to the day!
The flower arrangement at the Head table of the birthday party yesterday afternoon - made my Neville of My Mother's Bloomers. As always they were beautiful.
Pretty cool looking mushroom even though some little creature has been snacking on it.
The tame ducks were hanging out on the duck before supper when I went for my walk.
 Time to get moving and start the week. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beautiful sunrise and the flowers gorgeous. Have a great day I insist!