Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dday 266 - 22nd September 2012 - Clouds, Apples and Leaves

Saturday and the first day of fall, not exactly a great day to start the new season - rain for the day.  Hopefully at the other end of the province the sun will shine for Christina and Ron's wedding - Congrats you guys, hope you have many many happy years! Our Fire Hall is having it's annual Fall Fling today - auction, bazaar, etc. A good fund raiser. Hopefully the rain won't deter people. Larry will have to go up and work, I'm taking the year off. Then we have a birthday BBQ to go to around supper time. I think I'll put together a chicken and pasta salad to take. I really dislike going to anything empty handed!
It's that time of the year when the new Christmas baking magazines are beginning to appear on the grocery store racks. I never buy magazines otherwise, but can't resist when these come out. Picked up a new one after work while grocery shopping - Better Homes & Garden Christmas Cookies. Went through it last evening and I see some recipes to try. It doesn't have just cookies, but squares/bars etc. Maybe I'll try a few out on the girls before the holidays!

Yesterday morning went along quickly with a few researchers and tidying up some things. The afternoon drug on like it would last forever, rain started again around noon time and I could have curled up and had a nap, but that's frowned upon in the workplace.
I took these a few nights ago when the skies were prettier and no rain clouds were in sight.
They look like giant cotton balls gently attached to each other.
They begin to separate more and disappear.
A tad of color. I noticed on the way home last evening along the river the leaves were beginning to turn more.
Apple trees left over from a farm years ago, still fruit each year with bright red apples.
These were awesome, nice big fungi all up the tree.
The rest of the house is still sleeping - my quiet morning, so best take my turn at Scrabble and have another cup of coffee. Enjoy your day!

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