Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 263 - 19th September 2012 - It's All About The Fog

I am getting use to this 5:30am, kind of nice to sleep in for a while. Stars are still out needless to say. Temperature is way up there at +18.4, just about the same inside and out. Rain is on it's way. Lots to do today - it's Wednesday and my day off. So I've decided to make "Death by Chocolate" for the dessert at our luncheon meeting tomorrow. First I have to make brownies for it though, then I suppose I'll have to whip up cookies for the lunch boxes. Plans are to clean some stuff off this lap top as well and all the normal stuff around the house.

Another foggy, foggy morning yesterday. As always (or at least lately) it disappeared to a sunshiny day. The next 4 days are suppose to rain - blah! Hoping it clears for Saturday as a very sweet couple are tying the knot. Finally remembered to stop to TLC Pharmacy yesterday and picked up some cod liver oil capsules for Lexi. So I had a little fun with the pharmacist - guessing not many people go in inquiring about that for their dog and how much to give her every day. You know you have the best Pharmacy when you can do this and they take a few minutes out of their day to help you. Rah TLC! Small town living - got to love it. Now problem number 2 will be to get her to take them with out a lot of issue. She did take one last night, but wasn't really happy.
The chairs look out into the fog; a few reflections of trees in the lake.

Along this side of the cove it just looked like mist rising from the water. I always like this look - kind of haunted feel to it.
Up in the trees, I can see a glimmer of the sun coming through.
Working for a living is the pits sometimes - you miss all the good stuff.
I had to leave before it poked all the way through.
A sneak peek between the trees.
Well time to drink my coffee and get the day moving forward. Enjoy your day!


  1. ha ha you slept in and I have been up since 4am....Billy didnt get home last night took all day and night to launch a boat in Digby.....the boat shop building floor collapsed and it was a one hurt and the boat is launched :) I woke up and thought hmmmm when did you get home didnt even hear ya lol then Kasey gave me a big wet kiss....she took full advantage of Billy's side of the bed :) have a good day

    1. We used to have an Irish setter that pulled that same stunt with me!LOL!! The rain for the next 5 days has begun!