Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 59 - 28th February 2015 - Chickadees, Sunflower, Redpolls and a Goldfinch

Say goodbye to February - I can't say you've been my favourite month that's for sure. Hopefully March will bring us some fairer weather and the disappearance of snow. It's sure going out with a brrr...temperature is -19 this morning. It will warm up some and once the sun comes out, who knows how much. I think I'm in need of a little trip to Cape Sable Island today. It's been almost 2 months since Big B. has been for a good run. Maybe we'll spot the Snowy Owls on our travels and perhaps some ducks or interesting gulls around the wharves. We'll do our grocery shopping in Barrington and should still be home early enough in the afternoon for Larry to put some wood in.
Friday was a gorgeous day if you didn't have to look at that white stuff on the ground! Lexi and I tried a run in the woods, but didn't get far - kept breaking through, so not much fun. I had a great experience in the afternoon. Went out to the lower feeders to take some photos of the Chickadees in the Lilac Bush and after about 10 minutes, about 50 Redpolls and Goldfinches flew in. They almost surrounded me, feeding from the ground - some barely 2 feet from me and in the feeders.
A little morning Bling through the pole bean netting.
The end of February and this poor sunflower has held on through, snow, rain and ice. Reminds me of some very strong people I know.
The gang started coming in.
The Redpolls are really photogenic.
My Phlox hedge has seen better days, but adds a little interest against the snow.
The Chickadees are great for photos if you can catch them when the stop for 2 seconds.
Goldfinch against the very blue sky.
They were so very close.  This male is really red.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 58 - 27th February 2015 - Redpolls, Chickadee and Grandmother's Journal

Friday - the week has flown by, temperature is -10. No stars out this morning. Am feeling a bit better, think I'm moving to  the other side of this cold. Fingers crossed. Maybe I'll accomplish a bit more today. I've not gotten done what I wanted to this week, that's for sure.
It was a beautiful sunrise, Thursday morning - then the day remained kind of dull and grey looking, with a temperature steadily at -7. Some snow flurries late in the afternoon - like we really need more of that! Lexi and I didn't hang around outside long - our walks were as quick as we could get along the side of the road with the shoulders coated in ice. Some spots weren't too bad and she's enjoying walking along the top of the snow banks now that they are crusted. Other than that it was mostly a wasted day spend on the sofa trying to sleep my way through this cold.
Grandmother's Journal: 
27 February 1976 - Beautiful day after early morning overcast. Very warm and mild. To shop, just had a suit on left my Hudson Bay jacket in the car. Bob, Tom up home. Scrapped the cross road today. 
28 February 1976 - Overcast all day. Snow in Bridgewater and Halifax. Very very light here. Bob, Bobbie and Tom looking snares. Two nice cats. Kim to meeting at Baptist Church. Kim still here. 
29 February 1976 - Beautiful early morning, colder. Came in cloudy, windy in late afternoon. Showers in the evening, windy. Bob, Bobbie, Mike & Tom to snares. Kim gone back home. Anne sick with flu, sore throat etc. Drug from Dr. Very mild month with little snow. The winter is gone.  I started some crochet grannie patch or squares for pillow covers. 
There was lots of activity at the feeders.
The big flock of  Redpolls, Pine Siskins and Goldfinches come several times a day and spend an hour or so.
The Chickadees are there all day.
There area  couple of stray Redpolls that are here most of the day as well.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 57 - 26th February 2015 - Tulips, Pitcher Plants and Crocus'

Stars are all out this morning, temperature is -9. I'm sure it's going to be slippery out there when people are travelling to work- so be careful folks. I'm happy to be home today, think I'll putter around, knock a few more things off the to do list and see  if Spring comes any quicker!
Wednesday was messy and a terrible day for me. My cold is getting worse - but remaining in my head so far, there was no heat most of the day in the building (furnace issues) I was in, got soaked in the rain lunch time. So that meant I was cold and wet most of the afternoon. Was very happy to get home, have some hot soup, a hot chocolate with a little additive and a hot bath.
Just a few happier photos (those without snow)!
One of my favourite wild plants - Pitcher plant. I don't see a lot of them around anymore.
The Hermit Thrush.
Common Yellow Throat - I'm waiting patiently for the Warblers to return.
Crocus' from my yard will bloom as soon as this snow disappears.
And Black-eyed Susans.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 56 - 25th February 2015 - Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Redpolls and Chickadees

Temperature is -12, little warmer than yesterday. It's suppose to be milder today with snow and rain - sounds kind of messy to me.  Maybe if we get some rain we'll lose another little layer of snow. Although I'm not thrilled with the ice that appears once the temperatures drop again. No wind or stars this morning and a little snow has come down during the night, but not a noticeable amount. I'm up way too early of course, and it's my day in town - going to be a long one!
Nothing like a sunny day to perk a person up. The only thing that could make it better is if the snow were all gone and crocus' were popping through the ground, but I suppose that will happen soon. The temperature did rise to -7, but the wind held a chill. I spent a good portion of the day in the kitchen. Made a chicken and orzo soup with lentils and lots of veggies, some apple and cheddar muffins and an Italian sausage and rice casserole that I took to the potluck supper. Not a big gathering last night, but we had a great time - lots of good food, chatter and laughs. Nice to get out.
So many of these guys around.
A few icicles, but not like they were the last few weeks.
I always scatter some seeds on the ground when it's fine so they aren't crowding in the feeders.
The Goldfinches are getting more yellow - could spring be just around the corner.
The Junco has gotten tamer, he comes up on the fence now instead of hanging at the feeders down below.
Lots of places to perch.
Including the fence it's self.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 55 - 24th February 2015 - At the Feeders - Pine Siskins, Chickadees, Redpolls and Goldfinches

I overslept this morning, probably because I was so long getting to sleep last night. Larry's been kind enough to pass on the "man cold" to me - once again! Temperature is -19, and will no doubt drop another couple degrees as daylight arrives. I've got some cooking to do today. Pot luck supper to go to this evening and I think I'll make a soup with the left over roast chicken. Other than that I'm going to work on a few more things on the list.
It was a slipper morning under foot Monday. Lexi and I decided to cut through the woods on our first outing (thinking foolishly the snow had gone down with the rain) - it was a work out that's for sure! Hard going. Second trip out some of the ice had melted on the edge of the road making it a little easier. Some manuscript  and database entry filled in my work day. Laundry and sweeping finished off my housework. I did make it out to exercise class. One thing I notice last night while waiting for the girls to pick me up for class - the days are getting much longer - it's a good sign that we are surviving winter and spring is soon within our grasp.
Lots of action at the feeders - Redpolls and Pine Siskins.
The Goldfinches are getting brighter.
I'm enjoying having the Redpolls visit this year. We missed them last winter.
And there are always lots of Chickadees.
Hanging out on the fence.
More Redpolls.
A little ruffled.
Playing cute on the top of a feeder.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 54 - 23rd February 2015 - Blue Jay, Redpolls, Pine Siskins and Ice

Here we are back to Monday and the start of the work week again. Dark out there, not a star in sight and the temperature is -2. Bound to be a slippery drive for those on the roads this morning.  Looks like the temperatures won't be quite as cold as they have been this week. Maybe we are in for a break and moving toward spring as the last week of February passes on. For me it's going to be a week of finishing things up. There are ends of odds that will only take a few hours or an afternoon to get cleaned off my to do lists. I'm sure that will perk me up and make me feel better.
A change of pace for Sunday - we woke up to rain, lots of rain. It made for a slow breakfast at our Community Hall as the rain left things rather icy and I'm sure people didn't want to come out for fear of falling. I know I had some doubts as I slid across the step going to the truck. Larry got most of the rest of the ice off the roof and all is quiet for now. Hopefully we are in the clear for the rest of this winter. I made some Quinoa Broccoli and Cheddar bites for Larry's lunch this week - healthy eating. They are definitely tasty.  If you haven't cooked with Quinoa, give it a try - it's a grain and cooked like rice but can be used in various dishes. I'll try a little experimenting with it over the next few weeks. Although it's not cheap; I picked some up at the Bulk Barn on sale. Larry's turn to cook so it was Roast Chicken with lots of veggies.
One of the many Blue Jays.
Hoping no one is tired of Redpolls.
The Pine Siskins are pretty with just a hint of yellow through their wings and tails.

The Chickadees are happy with whatever you put out.
As the icicles drip - this is what appears on the deck.

A little snow cover on the Honeysuckle bush.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 53 - 22nd February 2015 - Snow, Bling and Blue Jays

Up too early this morning, temperature is +3 and raining. Hard to believe that last Sunday this time we were in the midst of a blizzard. Oh how fickle is our weather. It's our turn to work the monthly breakfast at the Fire Hall. We'll be out the door early to finish setting up and so Larry can start cooking the bacon and sausage. I'm glad we only have to take a turn once every 3 months.  It's a good fundraiser, but I wouldn't want to do it every month, especially when summer arrives.
Saturday was a nice change once it warmed up from -20 to -2. We headed off on a quick trip to Yarmouth. Was nice to escape if only for a few hours. Think I was starting to go "shack wacky".  Would love to have done some birding, but no time, Sooner or later the weather will break and we'll get out somewhere and spend a day. Larry wanted to get home - put some wood in and do some more roof clearing. So we buzzed around and were back home by 2 pm. Just going to keep my fingers crossed that all the snow around the house doesn't melt and run to the basement. Our house is too big to dig a trench in the snow around it especially as deep as it is.
The sun lazily rose and lit bits and pieces through the woods.

A little Bling through the fence.

Larry's nemesis waits in the Honeysuckle Bush for a chance to jump in a feeder.

It's kind of cool to watch them shell seeds.

There were lots of Blue Jays yesterday. I'm sure they had cleaned the feeders while we were gone.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52 - 21st February 2015 - Blue Jays, Redpolls and Pine Siskins

It't turned colder, temperature is -14 this morning, but will warm up over the day and evening. Suppose to be a nice day, then snow this evening followed by too much rain. The big "Red Warning" Bar is up on the weather sites for rain, flooding, etc tomorrow. I'm hoping to get to Yarmouth today - just one of those very quick trips to do some shopping. There are times you really need to go out of town.
Yet another day of "flurries" or as we like to call it in the country - a blizzard with without conditions bringing 6 inches or so of additional snow. There were a few times that the sun broke out and blue skies, but they were very few and far between. I made the journey out early to the feeders in pj's and winter garb and wasn't long going up up to my thighs in places. No short jokes...please! The birds were grateful and rewarded me with lots of visits throughout the day. Did some housework and another chapter in the manuscript. Tried to come up with something creative for supper with leftover pork roast so I tossed together a fruit salsa, warmed the meat with the salsa  and served it over brown rice. Pretty tasty.
 Lexi likes to guard the feeder for the small birds from the squirrels.
 The Blue Jays were pretty wind blown, but add some bright color to the otherwise white landscape.

 Pine Siskin and Redpoll - they were pretty faithful most of the day.
 Pine Siskin.
 This Redpoll seemed to be pretty pleased with himself.
 Playing with photoshop and icicles.
 There are times I wish I had a wide angle lens when they all arrive.
 More Redpolls.

The advantage of sitting in the kitchen window - I can get so close!

Enjoy your day!