Thursday, November 30, 2017

Day 330 - 30th November 2017 - Blue Jay, Grackle and White Breasted Nuthatch

Here we are saying good bye to another month. Each day seems to fly by quickly, tomorrow will be the first day of the last month of the year. Have I accomplished everything I set out to last January, not likely, intentions are good but rarely happen. Maybe that should be next year's resolution.  It's Thursday which is my Friday - last day of the week for me. It's been one of those too early mornings, but it is what it is. Beautiful  star filled sky, temperature has taken a drop from yesterday, so the roads may be a bit slippery early this morning after last night's rain. Hoping to get myself mobile and head to exercise class tonight, really need to get back to routines. Larry's doing well, the next couple of months will be about building his strength back in that leg so he can return to work, but he's mostly self sufficient again.  A couple of things he can't quite do but they are coming along.

I see a few through the woods in the summer, but once the feeders go out the Blue Jays are daily visitors. 
 The Grackle has found a prize.
White Breasted Nuthatch - several of these guys around the yard and in the feeders. They are friendly.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Day 329 - 29th November 2017 - Red Breasted Nuthatch, Squirrel and Goldfinch

Tuesday was another chilly day, although I think we could be starting to get used to the seasonal change. Of course the temperature is popping  back up today - some rain showers on the way. The joy of weather in Nova Scotia  - wait five minutes and it changes. Good day at work - feeling like I'm may good headway with my project. This is my last week until the new year - decided to take the month of December off to get myself caught up at home. It's nice to be able to have that flexibility. There is still lots I'd love to accomplish but that will be for another project. I've switched a day around, so today I'm home. Off to the fire hall early to help  do sandwiches etc. for another funeral reception. Once again we'll say good bye this afternoon to another good person. We need to be thankful for what we have, and live each day to the fullest.
 Red-Breasted Nuthatch
 There are lots of Squirrels around.
A few Goldfinches are arriving but not steady visitors at the feeders yet.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 328 - 28th November 2017 - Chickadee, Red-Breasted Nuthatch and Woodpecker

We had the first snow fall on Monday, really just a dusting. It was cold though and windy with more "snow showers" in the afternoon. Perhaps it was  just a reminder that it is the season and I'm sure more will come  in the upcoming months. Today's Dumping Day - for all of you who don't live in the area - it's the first day of lobster season. Be safe and prosperous, it's a big part of our communities. Started cleaning in the pantry last evening and organizing my baking supplies. Somehow I think 4kg's of chocolate chips should be enough. List is made and recipes are gathered up.  Think I'm good to get started this Sunday.  Time to get moving, I'm going in earlier this week, means I can go home early.
 Seeing a lot of the Red Breasted Nuthatches around
Female Woodpecker

Monday, November 27, 2017

Day 327 - 27th November 2017 - Red Berries, Green Leaves and a Tree

We had a good outing to Yarmouth on Sunday, although I must admit I'm not the shopper I used to be. Have no patience with people that park their carts in the aisles sideways and don't pay attention to people who are trying to get through (words I most used - excuse me!). And whats with the stores - I'm sure they add another couple of shelving units in which makes it impossible to get 2 carts through an aisle. Yes my rant of the morning! Oops - 1 more - couldn't find any staff on the floors which made it frustrating to say the least when you couldn't find something.  Anyway not to sound like Scrooge, I did have a great day with the girls, we laughed and had fun. Was nice to be out with them.  My favourite part of Christmas is the baking and I'll start after this week which will put me in the mood for the rest of the holiday. Larry had a great time at camp and we finished off the weekend with Turkey Supper at the Sandy Point Community Centre.
 The red berries in our area are pretty well gone now.
 Bright green leaves add some color

Always think this is an interesting section of tree, looks like a good spot for birds or squirrels to hide out.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day 326 - 26th November 2017 - Reflections, Fungi and Hydrangea Petals

Saturday was a great day, I knuckled down and got both the living room and bowling alley cleaned - windows done, curtains washed, floors scrubbed - the full thing! Even managed a quick morning walk and a few hours off with the girls to play chase the ace (no - we didn't' win) later in the afternoon. I had forgotten how nice it was to have the house to myself once in a while. I'm off to Yarmouth this morning with a couple of my cousins, we're going to have a girls shopping day. Hoping to get a few more things crossed off my list and I'm sure we will have lots of laughs. We never seem to have time anymore to do much together so it will be a nice outing.
 One little patch of color reflects in the lake.
 Fungi grows along a tree
A few Hydrangea flower petals

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day 325 - 25th November 2017 - Flowers, Frost and Reflections

Today is going to be so much better! I've actually slept til 5:30am, a cup or two of coffee and I'll be ready to tackle some of the fall cleaning and get things whipped into place around here. Rah!  Of course what I'd really like to do is start my Christmas baking but I'm holding myself back on that one til the end of next week when I finish work. Another thing I really like to do at home on my own without the nearest and dearest under foot. Ah well, I'll figure it out. Yesterday morning I got rid of the tooth that was bothering me, hanging by a thread, quick and easy to remove. Picked up a few groceries then home, Larry grabbed his stuff and headed to camp. Margie and I did lunch, had no errands so it was an early afternoon. Caught up on the some laundry last night, etc. then a lazy evening with kobo, tv and laptop.
 After all the wind we've had these wild flowers are still holding.
Another perfect day for reflections

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 324, 24th November 2017 - Frost, a Flower and Bling

Beautiful morning out there (technically still the middle of the night s- I've been up since 3am). Heavy frost is bouncing like bling in the light from the back porch, stars are twinkling brightly in the sky. Such peace and quiet. Hopefully I'll get my tooth problem sorted this morning and that may very well help with part of the sleeping issue. Larry's heading to camp for the weekend, it's also Thelma & Louise day and then I'm planning on hitting the house with dust cloths etc. Time to get things under control. Larry has been doing some of it, but truthfully, I'm not sure what since I still see cobwebs where ever he's cleaned. Oh well good effort and he cooks meals so that makes me happy. Noticed more water in the swamps Thursday morning on my walk and the lake is beginning to rise.
 Frost and Bling
 A little frosty color
Brr... they look cold.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day 323 - 23rd November 2017 - Morning Sun, Grasses and a Flower

It's another very windy morning out there. Rain has stopped, hopefully we got enough during the night to do some good.  Another early morning but because I have a tooth that has been acting up, hopefully tomorrow morning's visit to the Dentist will fix the problem. Larry's getting ready to go to camp on Friday, he's looking forward to the outing as am I. A chance for me to have a couple days of uninterrupted purging and cleaning. Not quite the same when I have him underfoot. But for today, it's off to work, lots to do.
 Along the private road with the sun shining over the lake.
 Love the golden hues of grasses in the fall.
Once purple, it's now brown/beige but still interesting.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 322 - 22nd November 2017 - Sunrise, Reflections and Ice

Lovely starry morning and very mild. Slept this morning til about 5 instead of 4 o'clock like the last few mornings. Feels good to get some rest.  Tuesday was a long day resulting in a headache until I went to bed. Trivia last night  - we didn't win, but as always it was lots of fun and laughs.  Larry is doing well, am seeing a big improvement in his walking as he uses the cane less and less now. Hard to believe the limp and pain are gone. Rain on the way later today, we still need some before winter stays.
 Sunlight burst through the forest
 And reflects in the lake
A few ice droplets along the shoreline.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 321 - 21st November 2017 - Red Breasted Nuthatch, Ferns and Flowers

We had snow flurries off and on yesterday, cold wind - feels like winter has arrived. The Starlings on the waterfront were flying sideways, picked up by the wind and tossed around. Not a day to be a bird! Today should be a bit warmer but it's still windy out there.  The lake has come up a little but not a lot, starting to get some water in the swamps too. Good day at work, came home to leftover stew - always better the second day and did a few things around the house. Up way too early this morning, will be a long day and we have trivia tonight.
 Red Breasted Nuthatch
I wonder if these little asters have anything left this morning.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 320 - 20th November 2017 - Squirrel, Flower and Chickadee

Monday and the work week begins again.  Sunday was a wet and windy day. Didn't get out for a walk at all, Larry tried but got caught in a shower so turned around and came back. I spent a few hours at the Fire Hall in the morning then came home and got a stew underway - nothing like  a big one pot meal simmering on the back of the stove. Nothing interesting on a Sunday afternoon - just a little housework and sorted through my recipe books to find the ones I needed for Christmas baking. Trying to keep that down to a dull roar, with some easy tried and true ones, but I still like to add a few new things in. Won't have as much time this year, hopefully I'll still manage to get most of a week set aside to do it all.
 Those cheeky squirrels are cute in the woods - this one even posed for me. Just wish they'd stay away from the house and feeders.
 Still interesting texture
The faithful Chickadee

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 319 - 19th November 2017 - Chickadee, Flowers and a Tree

Raining hard this morning -we need it. An Owl is nearby, probably in one of the big pine trees at the edge of the yard. The cranberry ditch was still dry yesterday when I went for my walk, but I did notice a few puddles at the edge of the swamp.  Some snow for tomorrow they are forecasting, no great amount but not quite ready for it. We took a drive down to the Industrial Park Saturday morning between doing some errands in town - pretty quiet. Crows, Chickadees, a Yellow Rumped Warbler and a few Golden Crown Kinglets.  This morning I'm off to the Fire Hall to help get ready for a funeral reception. Been a hard year in our community. I think a stew simmering on the back burner will be good this afternoon - it's the time of year to begin cooking those warm, comfort foods.


Trees are bare now, waiting for the cold season to arrive

Spent flowers wave in the wind.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 318 - 18th November 2017 - Fungus, Red Berries and Yellow Flowers

Bit windy this morning but nothing like yesterday and it should die out some later. Looks like a fairly decent day in the forecast except the temperature will be a little cool. Well it's mid November so I guess that's what we can expect. Must check the water  levels on my walk this morning and see if the rain improved the situation. More to come tomorrow. We headed off to Yarmouth Friday to start some shopping. Gone are the days when I had the stamina and perseverance to do 14 hour days in stores. Now I'm lucky to push myself after the first store and manage 3 hours. Anyway I got a few things plus some baking items and will have to return a few more times. The big issue is not knowing what I want. Perhaps I'll get some ideas in the next week. Larry did great on his first long drive, spent his time between the stores and the car.  Not all that different since he's not interested in all the places I need to go. Made it to Friday night club in the evening and finally beat Larry's team in Aggravation. Going to indulge in another cup of coffee and then finish getting this book I've been working on forever (finally have everything I need) and hopefully track down the printing guy today and turn it over to him.
 Fungus pops up through a leaf.
 Still a few red berries around but the Robins are making them disappear quickly.
And  a pop of color along the road.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Day 317 - 17th November 2017 - Cattails, Golden Crowned Kinglet and Chickadee

Wild and Windy morning out there - rain has stopped but not sure for how long.  Looking at a container on the deck, we got some during the night but since it's still early and dark, hard to tell how much. The lake and swamps still need more so I guess we better take what Mother Nature offers. Might be over for now, just a small chance of showers for today. Think we will head off to Yarmouth - time to pick up my Christmas baking supplies and start some shopping. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration when I get there as of right now I have now idea what to get anyone.
 Cattails from another day.
 I watched this little Golden Crowned Kinglet flit around with the Chickadees.

Like acrobats, the Chickadees are upside down swinging from branches.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Day 316 - 16th November 2017 - Red Winged Blackbird, Dried Flowers and Red Breasted Nuthatch

Another morning I'm up way too early, my brain was just pumping out questions and things to do. But on the other hand it's nice out, stars fill the sky and I can hear a Duck and the Owl near by. Technically today is my Friday,nice break to have a short week or  long weekend every week. Actually I only have another couple of weeks, then I'll finish up the project in the new year. Tonight I'm hoping to finish off the book project I've been working on seemingly forever. It's had some complications so my end of it keeps getting stalled. So probably no exercise class for me. Larry says he puttered around outside some yesterday - planted his garlic, pulled the rest of the beets and cleaned out the tomato cages. I have to take his word that he's no overdoing himself.
 Female Red Winged Blackbird
 I'm not a fan of dried flowers inside but I do like them in a natural setting.
High in  a tree, a Red Breasted Nuthatch gathers food.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 315 - 15th November 2017 - Farm and Ducks

Gentle breeze is blowing this morning, although probably later it will be much stronger and colder. Tuesday after finishing the blog there was an Owl hooting right in the backyard, I've heard him once or twice that close but never get to see him. The Deer were back last evening after dark, roaming under an old apple tree in the yard. Apparently they have little fear of dogs or people. Yesterday went well at work and Larry is getting out and around more, walking in the house less with the cane and doing better.  Sometimes I forget that he's had surgery and is recovering as he's doing so well. Still needs to build up more strength in the leg though but it's coming.
 Up on the farm

The Mallards were down in the river the other day feeding.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 314 - 14th November 2017 - Grasses, Sheep and a Sugar Shack

A few rain drops this morning and very quiet. No sounds from the Owls or Ducks. Good day at work, making headway on my project and a few other things.  Sometimes I get side tracked when I find really interesting documents/photos but after a brief ponder I move on. The headache arrived around lunch time brought on by my early morning and hung all afternoon and evening. Thankfully this morning I've stayed in bed til my normal time. Larry is doing well, I'm especially happy to have someone cook supper every night. He's roaming around the house some without his cane.
Grasses have turned brown but still have some interesting texture.
 Some of Danny's sheep.
The smoke stack from the  old Sugar Shack. Maybe it will be a good spring for Maple Syrup.

Enjoy your day!