Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day 305 - 5th November 2017 - Berries, Fungi and a Robin

Chill in the breeze this morning, but other than that, looks like a pretty  good day in the making. This time change is not my friend. Set the clock back last night and got up at 4am, which of course in my mind is my normal 5am. I'll be months getting used to this and then it will be time to change it forward. Saturday was a great day, Larry and I did our walk and then of course he comes home and falls asleep. Amazing what a month of inactivity can do to a person, another few days and he'll have his stamina back again. I puttered around, didn't do half of the things I was going to do. Did up homemade pizza for supper - so good and worked on some needle felting in the evening. Trying to get a few things done for the upcoming Christmas Crawl.
 Playing around - sometimes one red berry says it all.
 An old stump covered in fungi.

A Robin tries to hide in the berry bush.

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