Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day 307 - 7th November 2017 - Lake, Pine Tree and Squirrel

Brrr..... a chilly morning, not used to that after wearing shorts and flip flops less then a week ago. Who knows another day or two and it could be warm again.  Or maybe we just get ready for the changes of season, the mild fall has been lovely. Good day at work, the rain cleared in the morning, but a bit more fell overnight. Getting up too early left me with a headache most of the day so skipped exercise class last evening. Better this morning and not quite as early rising. Takes me a while to adjust to the time change. Trivia tonight, hopefully we have our smart caps on.
 Not much color left - a few spots of red bushes and the Oak trees are holding a little gold/brown.
 The Pine on the end reminds me of a Bonsai, looking lonely right now.
If they would only stay in the woods and out of my feeders they might just be cute.

Enjoy your day!

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