Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 306 - 6th November 2017 - Red Door, Fungi and a Hatchet

Mild this morning, rain on the way, or  chance of it. By the look of the long range weather we are now moving in to our October - rainy season. Means winter will come sooner or later. Up again early this  morning but not really surprised. Monday and back to work, I'm enjoying this project, love to get my hands into old photos and documents, organize and see what story they tell. Larry and I walked a little further on Sunday, but stopped so he could have a quick rest at a cottage in the hood. He didn't fall to sleep the minute we got back, so he's building stamina. I puttered around, got a few things done and worked on some needle felting creations in the evening. The woods are mostly quiet - lots of Nuthatches, Blue Jays and Robins around.
 A little punch of color on our walk.
 Very small but bright fungi - maybe orange peel.
A nice little hatchet for splitting kindling.

Enjoy your day!

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