Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 301 - 1st November 2017 - Grasses, Spiderweb and a Junco

Good morning November - yup another month has just started, hard to believe. Time for me to start thinking about my massive fall cleaning project. Not sure how that's going to get done with working and dear husband under foot. I may just do the main drag now and the side rooms etc after January. It was a beautiful morning, Tuesday for a walk, sun was coming up over the treeline of the lake dipping behind clouds as it went. Not a breath of wind until much later in the morning then it blew a gale. The wind on the waterfront was cold, not what we've had the last few weeks. Didn't have many Trick or Treaters last evening - only three.
 Grasses were dipped in rain drops.
 Spiderwebs hang in the limbs
Juncoes are settling in for the winter.

Enjoy your day!

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