Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 310 - 10th November 2017 - Morning Light, Grasses and Pileated Woodpecker

Thursday was a great day! Larry had a good check up - he's allowed to drive again and do a whole lot of things "as he feels up to them". So the hard work with exercises and walking is paying off for his recovery. Sometime over the weekend he'll get some help and install a handrail on the basement stairs and will be able to manage the furnace while I'm at work. That's a little thing that saves the neighbours from stopping in to do it during the day. We've been so lucky with family and friends who have really gone the extra mile in these last 6 weeks to help us out. One of the many reasons that small towns and communities are so good. Today's plan - we'll go grocery shopping this morning, then it's Thelma and Louise lunch for me. And Friday Night Club will be returning to Margie's. Now if the weather would co-operate I might even get out for some photos or a little birding over the weekend - who knows!
 Morning light trickles through the trees.
 Grasses gathering rain drops.

The berry eating Pileated Woodpecker from a week or so ago.

Enjoy your day

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