Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 243 - 31st August 2015 - Red-Eyed Vireo, Sunflowers and Common Yellowthroat

Here we are at the end of another month. The year is slipping by quickly. School will soon be back in signalling the end of summer. Actually September and October can be our best months and my favourites. However, it also means the Warblers are leaving for warmer spots to winter and it doesn't feel like I've had time enough to chase them or the shorebirds. It's a work day, time to get caught up on some things from last week when I was off.
Sunday turned out fine and warm, think the humidity might have been a tad higher than the last few days, but not uncomfortable. Larry worked the breakfast in the morning. I dragged myself around the house doing a few chores then sat down to do some photo editing, etc. Most of the day I spent at the computer, but the project is done and hopefully the client is happy with the photos. The basement is beginning to get piled with wood for the upcoming season. Larry's making headway with that chore. Even though we were late getting wood this year, I think we are almost caught up - or at least close to where we would be at this time of year.
 Everyone was hiding under leaves between branches, but the Red-eyed Vireos were very vocal.

We ended up with too many Sunflowers in the garden - compliments of birds and squirrels.
Common Yellowthroated Warbler.
A glimpse of the sun through the trees.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 242 - 30th August 2015 - Footbridge, Lark Sparrow, Black-bellied Plover and Broad-winged Hawk

Sunday morning - our turn to work the Community breakfast. I've opted out - too much for me today but Larry's going. I'll putter around home and maybe later today we can go finish off the photos I'm looking for. This evening I'll have to do some editing and get them ready to go. Oh yes I have to rest too!
Morning and evenings are cooler but the days are still lovely and warm. Had a good day Saturday but really over did myself. We headed out to Sable River and went down along Louis Head Beach, on to Little Harbour and Hemeon's Head. Birding was not in my plans but I can't go to Hemeon's Head without hitting the beach. Way to beautiful there and of course there were some shorebirds that made me follow them so I went further than I should have. Larry stayed in the car. We looped up through East Jordan where I found the Lark Sparrow and headed on to Shelburne for groceries. I needed a rest so we went home for a few hours. After supper we went off to Gunning Cove and area and then back home. Too long of a day for my head but the rest of my body enjoyed the fresh air and outdoors.
The footbridge at Sable connecting the two sides of the river. Beautiful calm morning, great for reflections.

The Wheel at the Tom Tigney Mill in Sable River.
At Louis Head Beach someone had this cool wind sock.
Semipalmated Plover doing a little dance in the water.
Black Bellied Plover at Hemeon's Head.

Semi-palmated Plovers.
Lark Sparrow - Wohoo! Lifer for me.
Juvenile Male Hummingbird.
Broad-winged Hawk.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 241 - 29th August 2015 -Misty Morning, Blue-headed Vireo and Boat in the Harbour

A cool and crisp Saturday morning, temperature is + 11. Feels good and so much better for sleeping than it was last week. I'm off to do some photos for a project today - hoping I get what I want and don't wear myself out. Weather promises to be fine so I should have a successful day. Have to do some grocery shopping in there somewhere too.  I would love to get to Cape Sable Island for some shorebirds, but that's not on the agenda today.
Friday wasn't a bad day, still have pain but the itchiness seems to be subsiding. The birds are quiet in the hood these days or maybe I'm around too early for them. I did find a Blue-headed Vireo, Common Yellow-throated Warbler and a few Chickadees.

Misty morning on the lake - sun was shining and the mist was rising from the water.
More Phlox.
Blue-headed Vireo.
Boats in the Harbour.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 240 - 28th August 2015 - Clouds, Flowers and Grandmother's Journal

When I need my sleep the most I'm up at 4:30 am - oh it's going to be a long day. Stars are all out, and you can feel a chill in the air. It's so much better for sleeping at night. Summer is drifting away from us. Seems that it's been too short but I do love Fall - it could last forever in my opinion.
I made it through Thursday- barely. Might not have been one of my smartest ideas to go in, but I did and had things to get done. Took it easy and it wasn't really busy which was good. Hoping for the same today.
Grandmother's Journal:
27 August 1976: To town very early. Bob working in Barrington. Lots of Rabbits on the road this morning. Kim came back with us. Glad to have her. Gertrude over for a game of crib. Very tired tonight. Gertrude saw Jackers [Deer] 12 o'clock with big lights go past her place last night. Usually they start this month. 
28 August 1976: Up early to Yarmouth, Bob, Kim, Tom and I. Tom had stitches removed. Left here 8 o'clock home around 3 o'clock. Tired tonight. Saw 3 deer on back road on way down. Gertrude, Reggie flying to Detroit on Monday. Party over at Cubscootch today. Didn't get over. Ransom and Ena up spent the evening. Summer goes so fast. 

Lots of clouds drifting over the lake after supper.
Lois always has lovely plants in her yard.
This Phlox is a little darker pink than what I have.
Not sure what this beauty is although it reminds me of the Mallow.
Roadside Berries - either they aren't ripe enough or the birds don't care for them as their are lots of them around.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 239 - 27th August 2015 - Lake, Dragonfly, Hairy Woodpecker and Chickadee

Well it's Thursday and the rain is coming down this morning - much needed. Should clear later this afternoon. I'm going to tackle work today. Hoping it's neither too hot or busy. I truthful can't stand anymore resting or laying around and need to get out. My body may not be happy with me by the end of the day, but ...
Started off mostly fine in the morning, but turned to rain early in the afternoon. Air felt cooler and was a nice change. More pain today but then I probably did too much at one time.  I am not multi-tasking well these days. It was quiet on my morning walk, very few birds, but lots in the yard trees particularly the apple trees after supper.
The lake is really low once again.

Not a great shot but a rather interesting Dragonfly. There are a lot of big ones around these days.
Hairy Woodpecker - there were two the other evening in the yard.
Chickadee - but no way was he coming out from behind that limb.
And you can always find a duck or two in the lake.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 238 - 26th August 2015 - Clouds, Sunsets, Dragonfly and Blue Headed Vireo

The stars are out this morning and the air feels like it's cleared some. Hoping the humidity has dropped. Rain showers today, but who really knows, they forecast that every day. I need to push myself some and get a few things done around here today. I've sat way too long - will try not to overdo.
So each day I feel a little better. Went out for a short walk early while it was cool - when I get tired I find a rock or lawn chair and rest for a few minutes before moving again. Today was a treat I escaped for a couple of hours, got kidnapped to go to lunch ( my appetite has not been effected). It was lovely - some company other than my own. I realized I haven't really been out much since Saturday. But I rested when I got home!
Clouds of pink cotton candy filled the sky last evening.

12-spotted Skimmer, Dragonfly.
The Sunflowers are loaded with Bees all the time.
Black and White Warbler.
The Blue-Headed Warbler has found supper
And the evening ended with the Sun setting over West McKay Lake.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 237 - 25th August 2015 - Magnolia Warbler, Black-Throated Green Warbler and Black & White Warbler

Feels a little cooler this morning or the air has changed just a bit. It's a welcome relief for sure. I slept in some, although I was a long time getting to sleep last night - maybe it works out. With napping yesterday I'm surprised I slept at all. My body must need it.
By last evening I was feeling better than the morning. Progress is being made. The resting is driving me somewhat stir crazy but apparently is helping. I took a short walking in the morning while it was still cool, a few birds around and more in the yard after supper. Am sure I saw a Nighthawk fly over in the evening but didn't have my camera with me on the deck. Larry says he has seen them around the garden on the hill and that's where this one was headed.
Magnolia Warbler

Broad winged Hawk - he was flying high and I had to crop the pic.

I was able to get so close I wasn't sure I could focus the lens, but it worked.
Black - throated Green Warbler.
The undertail is a good way to help with identification. I seem to have a collection of these shots.
Black and White Warbler - these are so much fun, they remind me of the Nuthatches going up and down the branches and trunks.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 236 - 24th August 2015 - Black-throated Green Warbler, Blue-headed Vireo, Cone flowers and a Red Admiral

It would be nice if the humidity would break but doesn't look like any relief this week. A few showers forecast for today. Monday and another work week. Weekends go by too fast and I accomplished very little. The meds are definitely working as this bout of shingles is nothing compared to the last time. The pain level has increased somewhat but thank goodness for old fashion calamine lotion it indeed makes a big difference with the itching.
Didn't get far on Sunday, but then I tire easy so it was best to hang close to home. A very short walk yielded a few birds in the hood. Nice to still find a few Black throated Green Warblers. Would love to see a few of the fall migrants but apparently they prefer the coast line and we are just too far inland I suspect. My day was mostly made up of puttering then resting - I truly dislike resting for any amount of time but I do what my body tells me. Larry worked around outside some and helped out inside. He picked another big bag of beans, blanched and put them in the freezer for the winter. Soon there won't be anything but beans in there.
Black-throated Green Warbler.

 Blue-headed Vireo. They never want to pose, always hiding behind a branch or two!
 Red-eyed Vireo.

 Cone Flowers.

 Red Admiral on the Phlox.
Bees are everywhere.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 235 - 23rd August 2015 - Chickadee, Black-bellied Plover and a Boat

Pretty good to sleep in.. til almost 6 am. The extra sleep helped, I'm suppose to be resting which is a difficulty in itself. Still humid and is warmer inside than out. No great plans for today, the weather forecast is for more thundershowers so sounds like mostly inside. I think the antiviral meds are definitely doing the job, it's not anywhere near as bad as it was before.
Larry took me for a drive to Cape Sable Island yesterday morning, mostly in search of a little coolness - fog at the Hawk and Daniel's Head. The fog does have it's use, it was much cooler than at home and nice to have a bit of relieve if only for a short time.  We had dinner at West Head Take Out  which never disappoints us, so very good.  Did some grocery shopping and headed for home. Of course as we turned in the driveway the skies opened up and the rain came down along with thunder and lightening. Home just in time.
From Cathy's garden - looks like Chives but maybe not.
 Caught this Chickadee as well as a Magnolia Warbler and Northern Parula hanging around her apple tree.
 White breasted Nuthatch.
 Black-bellied Plover at the Guzzle in the fog.
A boat ride would be nice.
Weeds along the shoreline.

Enjoy your day!