Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 222 - 10th August 2015 - Swamp Sparrow, Grasses and Lupin Seeds

It's Monday again. Sometimes I feel like a little mouse in a cage on a wheel - first it's Monday then it's Friday and around we go. Maybe I need to figure out how to shake life up a bit. There is such thing as being in a rut. Will think on that, but for now it's back to work day. Suppose to be nicer weather - sun and warmth so hopefully I'll find something exciting on my morning walk.
Overcast skies, Sunday for my morning walk with promises of rain to come. Lots of Blue Jays around. The rain  arrived around lunch time and continued hard all afternoon and evening. Did the normal Sunday cooking for lunches and supper and a few other things around the house. After doing up a chicken, mango and broccoli dish with Quoina for Larry`s lunch this week, he informs me he does not  like Mangoes. At least it`s not for all five days. He`ll survive. Cathy provided a nice distraction for a couple of hours in the afternoon with a visit so we had coffee and hot brown bread rolls.
Young Swamp Sparrow.
The wild grasses are interesting - with lot of shapes and textures.

From a neighbour's yard - love the orange with hints of red.
Seems that only a short time ago we were waiting for the Lupins to bloom, now they are all gone to seed.
The Ducks were hunkering down on the rock against the wind.

Enjoy your day!

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