Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 241 - 29th August 2015 -Misty Morning, Blue-headed Vireo and Boat in the Harbour

A cool and crisp Saturday morning, temperature is + 11. Feels good and so much better for sleeping than it was last week. I'm off to do some photos for a project today - hoping I get what I want and don't wear myself out. Weather promises to be fine so I should have a successful day. Have to do some grocery shopping in there somewhere too.  I would love to get to Cape Sable Island for some shorebirds, but that's not on the agenda today.
Friday wasn't a bad day, still have pain but the itchiness seems to be subsiding. The birds are quiet in the hood these days or maybe I'm around too early for them. I did find a Blue-headed Vireo, Common Yellow-throated Warbler and a few Chickadees.

Misty morning on the lake - sun was shining and the mist was rising from the water.
More Phlox.
Blue-headed Vireo.
Boats in the Harbour.

Enjoy your day!

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