Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 240 - 28th August 2015 - Clouds, Flowers and Grandmother's Journal

When I need my sleep the most I'm up at 4:30 am - oh it's going to be a long day. Stars are all out, and you can feel a chill in the air. It's so much better for sleeping at night. Summer is drifting away from us. Seems that it's been too short but I do love Fall - it could last forever in my opinion.
I made it through Thursday- barely. Might not have been one of my smartest ideas to go in, but I did and had things to get done. Took it easy and it wasn't really busy which was good. Hoping for the same today.
Grandmother's Journal:
27 August 1976: To town very early. Bob working in Barrington. Lots of Rabbits on the road this morning. Kim came back with us. Glad to have her. Gertrude over for a game of crib. Very tired tonight. Gertrude saw Jackers [Deer] 12 o'clock with big lights go past her place last night. Usually they start this month. 
28 August 1976: Up early to Yarmouth, Bob, Kim, Tom and I. Tom had stitches removed. Left here 8 o'clock home around 3 o'clock. Tired tonight. Saw 3 deer on back road on way down. Gertrude, Reggie flying to Detroit on Monday. Party over at Cubscootch today. Didn't get over. Ransom and Ena up spent the evening. Summer goes so fast. 

Lots of clouds drifting over the lake after supper.
Lois always has lovely plants in her yard.
This Phlox is a little darker pink than what I have.
Not sure what this beauty is although it reminds me of the Mallow.
Roadside Berries - either they aren't ripe enough or the birds don't care for them as their are lots of them around.

Enjoy your day!

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