Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 233 - 21st August 2015 - Grandmother's Journal, Common Yellowthroat, Northern Parula and Chickadee

Friday morning, I'm up way too early ( 4am), so it's going to be a very long day. The rain has begun, the deck is wet but not much. Thundershowers forecast for today and tomorrow.
More heat and humidity. No complains about heat but really dislike the humidity. My office is just nasty with this kind of weather. I did convince a few birds to come out on my walk, but nothing new or unusual. However, I'm grateful to see those that do show up. This time of year, I know it won't be long and the Warblers will be moving. Soon enough we'll be watching the Feeder birds once again.
Grandmother's Journal:
20 August 1976 - Beautiful day at home today. Had a great day, Fran and family at her house, this afternoon Gertrude and I walked over. Beautiful fall day. Cold over night. Made Mustard Pickles this morning. Bettie bought Mike up to stay. 
21 August 1976: Real hot. Beautiful day. Bob sprayed trees. I did a bit of cooking. Bettie and Bobbie up for Mike. Gertrude and I played crib. House warm tonight. 
22 August 1976: A beautiful hot day. Hot to set records. We had a real nice day. Glad not to have to cook. Chalis and Jack, Fran, Bob & I over to Reg and Gertrude's for the day. Such a spread of goodies. Lunch and dinner, got home at 10:30 at night. Jimmie back to Saskatchewan today. Took a while to cool down. Need rain. 
First I thought the bee might have been caught in the web, but it appears he's enjoying an early morning breakfast.

Common Yellowthroat.
They were all wet from the foggy leaves that would shake and drip on them.
Northern Parula.
A very wet Chickadee, but he was finding breakfast in the webs.

Enjoy your day!

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